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Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

How can I save money during pregnancy? I know that with baby will come tons of new expenses, so I want to start saving now however possible.

Re: How can I save money during pregnancy? I know that with baby will come tons of new expenses, so I want to start saving now however possible.

The Bump Expert

The flood of emotions that come over you when you see a line on that stick usually come in this order: Wow. Is this for real? It can't be... but it is! I'm so happy, but I'm so scared. What do I do now? OMG, how in the world can we afford a baby?

Yes, having a child will definitely require some recalculating of the family budget, but being pregnant doesn't have to cost a fortune. Luckily, there are a ton of simple ways to save as you anxiously await the arrival of your little one:

Borrow, borrow, borrow
Once you announce your pregnancy to friends and co-workers, you'll likely be flooded with offers of gently used maternity clothing -- the more you can borrow, the less you'll have to buy. Nest Judy gave me a bunch of things. Since the amount of time you'll wear your maternity clothing is so short, it's not worth a lot of investment. If you do decide to splurge on some trendy belly-hugging styles, look for sales and free shipping deals online.

Skip the newsstand
By announcing your pregnancy to your doctor, your insurance company will know, and eventually, somehow, the marketers will know, too. Your mailbox will soon be flooded with free issues of all kinds of pregnancy magazines (no subscription necessary!). Many OB office waiting rooms also have stacks of free magazines you can take with you. I didn't purchase even one pregnancy magazine with my own money, yet we always seemed to have stacks of them all over the apartment.

Join product clubs
Start stocking up on diapers and supplies and you'll see that many brands offer clubs you can join for discounts and free merchandise. I had an unhealthy obsession with the Pampers "Gifts to Grow" program. By visiting the web site and entering a 15-digit code found on the inside of the product packages, we collected points and redeemed them for free toys and books in their rewards catalog. If you choose to formula feed, join the club on the web site of the brand you'll use. Formula checks, that you can use like a coupon, will arrive in the mail every few weeks or so. Big savings!

Start clipping those coupons
You know you're going to need a ton of diapers, so why wait? Use this down time before baby arrives to scour newspapers -- and your free magazines! -- for coupons. Clip them and save them in a neatly labeled, organized folder (this will be key in the first few weeks when you're searching for them on your way out the door, on little to no sleep!). Manufacturer's coupons often have an expiration date of a year or more out, so it definitely pays to start collecting early. Ask the grandparents-to-be to help, too!

Nest Lori

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Thrift stores are also a great place to look for maternity clothes. I got a great pair of maternity capris that were in wonderful condition from a thrift store. I wear them all the time.

fwdmotionx5 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

try to buy things second hand. this saves tons of money and baby doesn't use most things long. (ie swings,bouncers,playpens)

mommieto3girls |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Use disposable diapers

patricia_2179 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Someone said to use Disposable ... but I highly recomend looking at the actual cost of Cloth diapers vs Disposable!! If you really look in to it the price comparison(including utlity bills) it CAN BEmuch much cheaper than using disposabes.. and Cloth diapers are no longer what your grandma used to use, especially if you invest a tiny bit more money!! Besides they are just as easy as dispoables to use now!

Tinapie006 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

I am pregnant with my 2nd child and this time I saved alot of money on garage sales and consignment shops. I even got all of my maternity clothes at consignment shops. It is a great way to save money.

cstettler37 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Don't buy maternity bras, just buy 1 or 2 bigger ones that you can save for your next pregnancy. Don't buy a bunch of nursing bras until after you have your baby, since you won't really know which ones you will like best. Just get one and use washable nursing pads. The washable ones hold their shape better. Stock up at Target. Don't be afraid to tell your friends what you need. If they have it and they trust you will give it back for their next baby, I'm sure they will be happy to get it out of their house for a bit. Amy Mom to 3 www.sofiabean.com

AmyfromSofiaBean |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

I definetely agree with the washable nursing pads....stay away from the silicone ones, they didn't work for me. Bella band was worthless for me, it kept riding up or riding down..it never stayed put. Old navy maternity jeans fall apart in the wash and made me look like I had a big butt. we used fuzzy bunz for my son when he was a few months old, and they leaked EVERY time! I ended up selling them on e bay for the same I paid for them new. I agree with thrift stores and borrowing. At my goodwill, they have a HUGE section. also, my Ross has a great maternity section with jeans for only $12 and shirts for $4. (brand new) I bought one of those latching nursing bras....hated it...I never once did the stupid latches. I also bought a criss cross sports bra style one that I wore every single day for almost two years...I washed it in the shower and put it back on (thats what you do out of desperation when your boobs are double d's and leaking profusely) at night, built in bra camis were my best friend, because I could wedge a nursing pad in there and not have to wear my bra....if I slept without nursing pads, I would wake up soaked from my neck to my waist. And, despite what anyone says, I was pregnant in summer, and I loved it! I gave birth in late july and it was great...why? because I didn't have to buy any maternity clothes, I wore sundresses and bikinis with my husbands board shorts....my girlfriends who were preggers in winter had to buy pants, shirts, coats...they had to bend over to tie their shoes...whereas I got to wear flip flops....and it was so nice out after he was born that I walked the weight off in a month. I just went outside every day. oh, and when he was jaundiced, I just put him out in the sunshine....no lights needed. he was a happy brand new baby in nothing but a diaper for a month!

Frankiesmama |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Yardsales, consignments sales twice a year in pring and fall and freecycle in your area! It has saved me lots of money :) For baby products and diapers- "couponing" & coupon mom blogs have really helped to cut the cost of disposable diapers in half ! And then of course- borrow clothes within the circle of friends at least for the beginning 6-9 months since the clothes don't get much use...

renitaalexander |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Cloth diapers can easily save you thousands o dollars- ya that;s right. depending o what type you buy you ill spend about $700 on cloth compared to $2400 on sposies- look up the price compairison (which includes soap and water etc). Andd you can sell used diapes for nearly what you paid afterwards. Also you will save a TON of money if you breastfeed. You never know if your baby will be the one who nees special formual to the tune of $300 a month- by the time you realize it your milk will be dried up. Making your own baby food is also much healthier and cheaper- and I thin very easy- all youhave to do is have healthy food n the house and chk out wholesomebabyfoods.com. Seriously formula, disposables etc are big big business and they convince you that you jsut have to have all this stuff but your really don't.

TheSniglet |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

If you are fortunate to be pregnant this time of year, then it is much easier to find clothes in regular stores since maternity clothes are usually more expensive. . I do not plan on buying any maternity clothes b/c I plan on wearing all the long flowy tops & dresses that are in this summer in regular stores. Long or short sun dresses are all the rage this summer & they are wide enough that they can hide and support a growing belly & greatest all of, the dresses can be worn after pregnancy for greater use. Flat gladiator scandals are also in and you can pair it with a sun dress or beach dress. I've also been wearing my old yoga pants that have a stretch band & it's so comfy. You can look stylish while being comfortable and you don't have to spend money on additional maternity gear such as jeans & other pants that you migh never wear again. If you're fortunate to have friends or family that still have their old baby clothes, take advantage b/c they are only in these a short time. I also bought toys, car seat & playpen at yard sales so I can have extra equipment for my mom's house. I saved a bundle this way. She has also gone to yard sales on her own for things for her house.

Soniagirl |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Big retail box stores will turn over a lot of their inventory of baby gear at least once or twice a year to make room for new models/patterns (I know this because I work at one). My local Target was getting rid of a bunch of baby gear to make room for new models and so I only paid $15 for a very nice Evenflo highchair (the chair pad pattern is discontinued, Target still carries the same exact model just with a different pattern) and its brand new! I won't need it until next summer since I am not even due until Jan but it was sure nice to cross that item off the baby budget for a fraction of what I was budgeting for.

llc730 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Craigslist! We've found a ton of gently used items for a fraction of the retail cost. This is a great place to look for big items like swings, bouncers, rocking chairs, etc.

AmyA210 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Comparison shop for nursery/baby items online and look for coupon websites for additional savings. If you like the price of something you see online but don't want to pay shipping, call your local baby stores. They will often honor the lower price.

elisha |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

on kijiji i got my bumbo chair AND tray in great shape for only 40$ its 69+tax for the seat and 17+tax for the try in the store. with a 57$ savings i could actually get whatn i wanted! i also got my exersaucer for only 25$!!

RebeccaPellerin |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Yes, Craigslist is a great place to look. There are often MANY options, and you can find the cheapest, but best-looking product out there.

CrazyToast |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Thrift shopping is the way to go. Maternity and baby clothes are worn for a short time so they are usually in very good condition. If you must buy new, try Old Navy or Motherhood for some good prices. Try to resist the urge to purchase cute clothes for your newborn; if you have a baby shower, everyone will buy newborn clothes- many of them your child will outgrow before they have a chance to wear them. Disposables are far, far more expensive than cloth. We used bumgenius and loved them, they are just as easy as disposables. We use disposables at nighttime and when we travel; for those, the Costco brand (kirkland) are fantastic and well priced. And yes, breast feeding is the best and cheapest choice out there... but start saving ALL coupons for formula now, even if you plan to breastfeed. I breastfed my daughter but due to some complications had to supplement with formula for awhile; you never know what will be necessary. Also, if you have a local freecycle group (google it) you can get a lot of free baby stuff from people. It's worth a try!

diam5825 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Buy only what is important to you and what you will use. Try to find it for free or used first. The things you don't buy are free and require no storage space or work to maintain. The big expensive baby gear (swings, bouncy seats, exersausers), people almost pay you to take it away. Second hand or hand me down baby clothes, are 80% looks like new and 15% stains that will come out with oxyclean. We bought a few things new (stroller, mattress, cloth diapers) that we knew we were going to get a ton of use out of. I love old navy maternity, it has nicer fabrics than Motherhood, though I find it fits small. Tones of people sell their maternity clothes for pennies on the dollar, and it is particularly easy to find larger sizes. greenbabyguide.com has lots of suggestions for greener, simpler, less expensive parenting.

lpfmum |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Yes, go with second hand stores, but for larger baby items I went to my local craig's list and struck gold. I got a glider and ottoman, a crib, and a changing table all from Pottery Barn kids for $175. I also was aghast at the prices of maternity stores, shop salvation army/goodwill. Also H&M has a small selection buit really stylish and versatile cheaper offerings.

GreeneyesP |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

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rubinsteinsamuels |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

The most cost efficient way to save money during pregnancy is to sit down for two hours to write up a family budget. 30 minutes to actually write the budget and an hour and a half to find all the papers. Seriously. You can save in the short term by asking around for baby clothes and toys, clip coupons for diapers and formula, but you can literally save hundreds of dollars each month if you simply look at where your money is really going. I won't deny it is a little depressing to do, but it will save you a lot of money for the rest of your life and you will be able to teach this to your new baby. Who else is going to teach your child how to handle money? Need help? Try these websites: Budgeting tool that you can use on your smart phone or your computer: https://www.mint.com/ A private worksheet that you can print out: http://www.kiplinger.com/tools/budget/ A Microsoft product that uses Excel: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/family-monthly-budget-planner-TC001023342.aspx Tips and why the heck you should do this: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/20072930/ns/today-money/t/build-family-budget-actually-works/#.TyLE8lxSR2A Lessons on budgeting: http://money.cnn.com/magazines/moneymag/money101/ Or just search in Bing or Google the word BUDGET!

Hunny2theBunny |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Look at local pharmacies. Some in our area have free prescription prenatal vitamins. We saved several hundred dollars through pregnancy and nursing by using this program at our grocery store pharmacy.

allison8715 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

I wish I would have done this with my first pregnancy. Borrowing can often end up in drama because you have to return the items, & people expect them 2b near perfect. You want your baby things to be YOUR babies things. First go to babies r us & register for an online registry. Then go onto your local "Craigslist" website. When you see something you know you will need, put it in your babies r us registry. Then copy the name of each item, & paste it into the search box of "Craigslist", under "babies & kids". Make sure to click "has Picture". This way you can see the item for sale, so you know the condition is good. I got a $250.00 stroller for $100.00. It's flawless! The girl even threw in a bug & sun protector for free when I went to pick it up. Those go for at least $40.00. I also got a "4moms" "Mamaroo" in mint condition, for only $100.00. These go for $199.99 + tax at Babies r us. Still shopping on Craigslist for the rest of my must haves. Good deals on Baby monitors & High Chairs as well. It sure beats going to a million garage sales on the weekend. Also the items for sale are usually in much better condition. Great place to get maternity clothes as well. You can often buy a LG bag of maternity clothes for around $60.00. Hope this helps you, & your budget. :-)

BusyMum35 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

This was a great Q&A. We are a on income family and money is tight right now. I loved reading the comments about borrowing (which I plan ono doing with my uniforms) and going to thrift stores and Ross (I love Ross!) I especially liked the one about being pregnant in the summer. I didn't even think about sundresses and flip flops. I am looking forward to the summer now. Thanks for the great answers.

kimmy2002 |

Q&A: Pregnancy on a budget?

Craigslist has been great for us. A lot of people are moving or are done having kids and they need the stuff gone.you can usually work out a good deal. Just be aware of recalls, inspect thoroughly and ask why they are getting rid of items. We got a Bugaboo stroller that retails for over $900 for $250 (including accessories) it was from people in the suburbs that barely walked anywhere so it was practically brand new.

hulahothot |