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Q&A: Is a c-section more difficult if I'm overweight?

Will a c-section be more difficult if I'm overweight?

Re: Will a c-section be more difficult if I'm overweight?

The Bump Expert

Not necessarily. According to the stats, overweight women are more likely to need c-sections than those within a normal weight range -- especially if they're 20 percent or more over the recommended BMI. This happens for a few reasons, one of which is the fact that babies born to overweight moms tend to be larger-than-average in size, which means your doc may determine a vaginal birth is a little too risky.

If you do wind up needing a c-section, it's true that the procedure may be a bit trickier, since your doc will have more layers to cut through, which may complicate the surgery as well as your recovery. But if you're worried your weight might complicate your pregnancy, your best bet is to try to slim down before you conceive as much as possible. If you become pregnant before shedding the extra pounds, ask your doctor to help create a meal and exercise plan so you'll gain less than the average 25 to 35 pounds packed on during pregnancy and have the most painless delivery possible.

Colleen Canney

Q&A: Is a c-section more difficult if I'm overweight?

I don't know where you get the idea that it will hurt more if you're overweight. The pain varies. With my first, it was an emergency after complications and 24hrs of labor. Recovery was hard and incredibly painful. My son was also 2 weeks over due. With my second we had a planned c-section because of the complications with the first. Born only 3days past his due date, the surgery was smooth, no labor before hand. There were reasons I desperately wanted out of that hospital (the night nurse never once emptied my catheter bag and the morning nurse thank god listened to my description of my pain and saved my bladder from rupturing) I pushed myself and had them remove the catheter as soon as I could feel my legs. I got up and walked around soon after. Recovery was faster and less painful this time. Also your risk of infection has nothing to do with your weight. As with any wound, proper care of it will ensure your best chance of a healthy recovery.

AmyLou976 |

Q&A: Is a c-section more difficult if I'm overweight?

Recovery would be fast. Just make sure you have the support when out of the hospital.

Knottie08209572 |