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Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

Is it true that pregnancy causes memory problems?

Re: Is it true that pregnancy causes memory problems?

The Bump Expert

Yep, looks like this one's more than just an old wives' tale after all (sweet vindication!). According to a study by two Australian researchers, pregnant women tend to have trouble multitasking and are likely to have worse short-term memory than those who aren't pregnant.

While researchers aren't sure exactly why memory would take a hit during such an inconvenient time (as if you didn't have enough things to deal with right now), they believe it could be blamed on an all-too-common culprit: all those raging hormones.

Colleen Canney

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

This is good to hear, I'm not just losing my mind! One of my best friends referred to her memory loss during her pregnancy as her baby eating her brain! My baby is only 7 weeks along, and I'm already forgetting everything! By the time I get my memory back there are going to be a lot less trees in this world after all the sticky notes I have to write to myself!

CayseDeane |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

I am glad to hear this because I thought I was just loosing my mind because I have lost my car keys twice just in the past weekend and I have also misplaced my glasses and cant remember where I last had them at. Everyone in my family is giving me a hard time about losing everything lol

LannaEdwards |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

THANK GOODNESS! im normal! i've been forgetting EVERYTHING! My keys, things at the store, to defrost something for dinner..... the list goes on

citlastar |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

My 12 yr old son tells me when I get frustrated that it is just PADD!(Pregnant Attention Deficit Disorder) He has ADD and said I act like him!

newmap5 |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

My husband and I were discussing this just this afternoon... I feel soooo unfocused this last week or so... I don't know how I feel now, knowing that it's probably going to get worse... (but at least it's not just me...)

elise603 |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

This is weird for me because i always pride myself in having an excellent memory, now, nothing sticks. Sometimes i forget having the conversations. I think my husband is using the opportunity to make stuff up because i'm not sure anymore so i just say OK

kayandra |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

Im only 6 weeks along and I am a total idiot! My poor Husband!! I feel like I can't remember anything right now, I'm so glad to hear this all just isn't in my head. A friend suggested extra B Vitamins to help, but I'm already taking a good prenantal...anyone heard of this helping?

CristyNelson |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

I go out to run errands that should take about 30min-1hr and 4 hours later, I finally get home. I just can't focus and end up staying at each store for hours.

natalietucker |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

Yes, It's the baby sucking out your brains lol.. each one takes a little more until your left with nothing, I swear that memory thing never comes back even after 15 years I still feel my memory loss is still just as bad as it was with my last pregnancy. I have been trying to find out ways to stop it from happening this time, but they have to know what causes it which they don't.

over35andstartingover |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

I knew it but does it at all matter on the sex of the baby? With my first daughter I forgot little things (items at the grocery store, what I had for dinner, who called me) now with my second daughter I'm lucky if I remember to check the list at the store (I've literally had a list in my hand and just browsed shopped until I got home and realized I had nothing on the list. I know sad huh?)

nicanna |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

I hate to admit this but it is true.... I'm on my 8th week and I forget even my routine tasks. One time, I woke up thinking about what time I booked my meeting...8am or 12nn? HOLY! I called up my co-worker to be sure! good thing it was 12nn coz i couldn't pull myself off the bed.

kayeplim |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

I'm almost 12 weeks and at my job I do a lot of interviewing. I feel like such an idiot sometimes, I will be explaining somethign and then I go completely blank like I just stare at them...This one lady asked if I was going to faint....How embarassing!

acheever14 |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

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atyu2020 |

Q&A: Does pregnancy cause memory problems?

My baby is going to be a genius with how much brain power is being diverted! Seriously, there have been too many "baby brain" moments to count! Most recently, someone asked how to spell my friend's last name. I immediately took out my phone to look her up on facebook. I then proceeded to provide the spelling of MY last name! I must have gone to my page instead of searching for her. I don't even know how that happened! The other thing that I love is constantly being on the edge of tears for no good reason. Last night at rehearsal, one of our tenors was singing a solo and I immediately started sobbing...and I had a solo in like 2 bars! After rehearsal, one of my fellow altos was like "So, what commercial makes you cry?" And I sheepishly admitted the Subaru commercial where the dad is getting the daughter on the bus and then drives next to the bus to make sure she is ok. I am getting teary just thinking about it! When I first saw it, I sobbed to my husband "We need to get a Subaru!" And he gives me this weird look and is like "Ummm, hunny, we do have a Subaru..." Oh yeah!

laurenmdrn16 |