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Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm feeling dizzy a lot. Is this normal? Why is it happening, and what can I do?

Re: I'm feeling dizzy a lot. Is this normal? Why is it happening, and what can I do?

The Bump Expert

Like most of your symptoms, this one's due, in part, to hormone and blood pressure changes. As baby continues to grow, the pressure your uterus places on blood vessels can add to the dizziness. Take care of yourself in basic ways -- eat regularly and choose healthy snacks, drink lots of water, wear loose and comfortable clothing, get up slowly from sitting or lying down, try not to stand for long periods, don't lie on your back during the second half of pregnancy, and avoid getting overheated -- to keep dizziness at a minimum. If your dizziness is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately -- this might be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. It's also time to talk with your doc if things get so bad that you faint.

When you start to feel lightheaded, sit or lie down right away, and (if your belly allows it) put your head between your knees. Always lie on your left side -- this increases blood flow to the heart and brain. Since dehydration can make you dizzy, drink a glass of water. You’ve probably been told countless times since getting pregnant to just take it easy, and that’s exactly what you should do when you start to feel lightheaded.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Dealing With Dizziness?

I have vertigo and think I am pregnant and cant tell if my vertigo is acting up or if the dizziness I am feeling is from me being pregnant. They feel different but wasnt sure if anyone has experienced what I am?

Pista98001 |

re: Q: Dealing with dizziness?

I had my first ultrasound last week. It took about 20 minutes and towards the end of it I got light headed. I ended up feeling very dizzy once I sat up and got sick. I had drank plenty of water that morning in preparation for the ultrasound. My doctor said it was probably just from lying down. I hope it doesn't happen again on the next one.

imbuemeblue |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I have been very light headed when I wake up in the morning. Also if I get up too quickly, it seems worse when I lay directly on my back. I have got lightheaded before pregnancy but now it seems much worse.

loriann4472 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

In the mornings lately if I get up too fast I get very light headed and it lasts longer than it ever has. It is definatly worse and more consistent than it ever was before pregnancy. But I can handle that!

sarahlouise11 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I woke up and thought I had stood up too quickly, but it lasted all day long. My mom knew I was before anybody else did, she said it was what happened to her exactly. It did ease up but it was not pleasant.

SugnBuddha |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

The timing of this article was PERFECT... On Sunday night I woke up from the bed and the entire room was spining and I dropped back in bed. Then I have been feeling "dizzie" this week too (just a bit) so I increased my water intake and now is getting better. I'm so glad that his is part of the pregnancy and expected.

jennielopez |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

The timing of this article couldn't be any better. I was in Church this past weekend. You know, all the sitting, standing, sitting, standing parts. Well, I started to feel dizzy and I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen in. Then I started feeling really hot. I started crying because I didnt know what was happeneing. The whole "episode' lasted 3 or 4 minutes and it finally passed. I didnt feel better until we got outsuide in the fresh air. My poor step-daughter looked so scared. I had to explain to her what happened. I hope it doesnt happen again because it was really embarrasing!

mholloway949 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

All of you have good reason to be concerned and I understand all of this. I am 12 weeks pregnant, and just the other day at work I started feeling lightheaded, I work in a kitchen so it was warm in there, I sat down and when I stood back up I started to black out so I said I was going to go sit back down and I fainted and hit the floor, don't know what I hit cuz I had blacked out, it was extremely embarassing and I managed to scare my coworkers and my husband, they called my husband and he came and picked me up and took me to the clinic at the urging of my boss, they found nothing wrong with me and just told me to drink lots of water, I see my ob tomorrow and have lots to discuss with him. So be careful ladies, luckily I did not hit my stomach when I fell.

KTS0810bean |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am a physician assistant and in the OR for extended periods of time...I had my first taste of this yesterday in the middle of a case. I had been standing for a long time, holding retractors and such and all of a sudden got very very hot and started to sweat. The OR is kept very cool; like 64-66 degrees. I felt it getting worse and worse til the sweat was running down my back and face. The circulating nurse said how pale I was and then my ears started to ring and I knew I was going to hit the floor if I didn't get out soon. I did and just in time. I know my BP hit the floor and as soon as I got out of the OR I broke out in a cold sweat and was the palest white I have ever been. I laid down, drank some OJ and noshed on a couple of crackers until it passed. That's NEVER happened before and I felt like such a jerk since it looked like I couldn't do my job. Thankfully everyone knows I'm expecting and took great care of me. Scary though...EVERY email I've received thus far has given me the most ACCURATE "what to expect" during that given week. It's scary almost! Anyway, take lots of breaks if you HAVE to stand for prolonged periods of time and drink lots of fluids and have carbs. Hopefully this doesn't last too long! Blue skies!

Jrsygrl72 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am 12 weeks along and was really glad to see this question come up! For the last few days I have been dizzy ALL DAY. My DH and I were trying to do our grocery shopping last night, and I told him that I couldn't even remember what we needed. I was lightheaded and just wanted to go back home. It really makes everyday tasks seem overwhelming! I just want to be resting a great deal of the time. Before I read this q and a, I was getting nervous that something had gone wrong in the pregnancy. My queasiness was rapidly abating, and the dizziness was on full attack mode. I know that so many mothers-to-be lose their angels during the first trimester, and I thought that if I wasn't queasy then maybe I wasn't preggo anymore. After all, I'm not really showing yet and feeling sick to my stomach was what confirmed the existence of my Little Darling. (That, and exhaustion!) So, thanx for all the info!

wifeon61309 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am so happy I saw this question today. I am 12 weeks along and feeling SO sick all the time. This past two weeks I have also started to get so dizzy that I have nearly passed out a few times. This never happened with my first pregnancy and I was starting to get very nervous. At least now I know that I can try to increase my water even more and take a few more breaks during the day. Although, I feel like all I do is rest now as it is.

rsolberg |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

These comments are interesting. I am exactly 12 weeks pregnant today and just came home from my first ultrasound. I get really dizzy every time I stand up. I wasn't dizzy at all before today. Is it a coincidence that I just had the ultrasound?

lynnedil |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

If only I had read this post earlier! :) I am just over 6 weeks pregnant and took my grandmother and her dog to the vet today, all the sudden our vet asked if i was okay, (i was only feeling nausea then) i said yes he said no you're not and long story short he put me on the floor right before i hit the floor. after awhile sitting on the floor, i went to get up only to have the room go "white" on me, so i got to sit in a chair for another 10 min at the vets! I was so freaked out I started balling and shaking due to nerves, my wonderful husband took me to the doctor (not mine, an er doc) who told me i just got excited! feeling better now after reading others post and getting to talk to my doctor but i was sure there was something really wrong going on.

sonya_00 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

Today, I am 12 weeks pregnant. I woke up this morning and told my husband that something just didn't feel right. As I got out of bed, I realized that I felt very dizzy and couldn't figure out why. When I checked my email, I had a letter from thebump.com about the 12th week of pregnancy, and wouldn't you know it's talking about the dizziness setting in!

abowling09 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am 11wks today. Yesterday at church, I was feeling dizzy but also sort of short of breath. It wasn't fun and although I didn't feel the need to sit down or anything, I am wondering if the shortness of breath is normal?? I had just ate a heavy breakfast about an hour before, so not sure if that played a role or not. Any thoughts??

jscagcia1 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am 12 weeks now, but the dizziness started for me about a week ago. I hadn't read this yet and I was so worried I went to the ER where after many hours and tests I was told everything is fine. It is very aggravating because the dizziness has almost gotten me into car accidents twice now and there is nothing I can do about, since I need to drive for work.

futuremrshamel |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

Whats the difference between nausea and dizziness? I feel both ALL THE TIME and it makes me want to puke! I'm currently 12 weeks along, please tell me this feeling will go away!

sophary562 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

This came at a perfect time! I'm 12 weeks and a few days and I started feeling really dizzy, almost fainted the other day. Glad to see it's normal and alot of other mommie to bes as far along as me are feeling the same thing. Good luck ladies!

meliperez11 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I've been dizzy since week 8 and am now 11 weeks... I was hoping it would go away soon. Is there dizziness all throughout the 2nd trimester?

Animasaun923 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?



Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm so glad I got this email about dizziness. I'm just starting my 12th week and i've got dizzy a few times already. I was wondering if it was normal. :)

SillySongstress |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm starting my 12th week with Identical twins but have been having some mild dizziness for the past couple of weeks. Is this going to get worse as I move into the 2nd trimester?

ChristyB39 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I black out when I stand up. It is so annoying. I typically have low blood pressure, and my doctor suggested WATER and LOTS of it which really really does help A LOT of symptoms. I also get to give in to any and all cravings for salt...

mrsptrski |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I remember being so dizzy from week 4-30. I could hardly work it was so bad. I passed out at work a couple of times, the room would spin and everything would go black and always was made worse when I smelled gross food, vomiting too. At the ER, they suggested OJ and just relaxing. Everything was fine, I did have them check out if it was ectopic in the beginning, since there was spotting and painful cramps in addition to dizziness, all well and had a perfectly healthy baby boy, now 5. I am in my 2nd pregnancy and have no dizziness what's so ever, weird!

micaitalia |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

DIzziness was actually one of my FIRST pregnancy symptoms. The room would spin even when I was lying down or just changed sleeping positions! It was bad when I first got pregnant --- it was like being very drunk and uncoordinated -- except I hadn't had a drop of alcohol. My friend urged me to get a pregnancy test and what do you know? Now I'm 12 weeks and no dizziness at all. I guess what they say is true, every pregnancy is different.

MizLynn |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I just hit 12 weeks today. I have experienced a bad dizzy period yesterday. I was just doing my normal routine after getting out of the shower in mid morning. I had to stop doing what I was doing on numerous occasions and took an extra 20 minutes to get ready. I wasn't feeling better for at least 30-45 minutes. All I could do was lay down or sit down every time I felt another spell coming on. Sitting down seemed to really help and I put my head forward as much as I could to try and help. All I can say is rest, rest and rest when it comes to these spells acting up. It may take a while but the baby's health is worth it! :)

BCrobbins |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am also glad this topic is being covered, I was on a packed train the other day and started getting overheated, dizzy and came very close to fainting. I had no where to go and the train kept stopping and I never thought I was going to get off. As soon as the doors opened I sat down on a bench, in the rain, and put my head down. It was awful! I was told to eat a better breakfast, toast, Oj, protein, etc. I have also officially switched to the bus even though it makes a longer commute!

abster3 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

This came in my email at the perfect time! Just this morning in the shower I felt really dizzy and I had to sit down. I normally take lukewarm showers (90-99 degrees) so I know it wasn't the heat! I've passed out in the past due to a number of reasons but I'd really like to avoid that during pregnancy!

JulesyP |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

Today I came really close to fainting at work. It was so awful and embarrasing. I started getting really dizzy and started seeing white spots and all of a sudden didn't see anything. My coworker noticed so she took me to the back and had me sit down, took my pulse and waited until it passed, the whole while I was panicking even more because I was so freaked out. All the customers we had in line were just staring at me but I have never felt that bad in my life. This is my second pregnancy and though I got dizzy with my 1st son, I never came that close to passing out. Scary! I know I'll be asking my OB for some bloodwork so she can check my iron and everything else. I'd rather be safe and know it's just another pesky pregnancy symptom but make sure everything is working right.

melissa112305 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?


mapost13 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am about 4 weeks along it all. Last night my hubby and I were being intimate and I was on top. All of a sudden I felt incredibly dizzy and had to stop and lay down. After we finished and were trying to sleep, I was still very dizzy for quite a while. I was concerned about being SO dizzy, especially since it was completely dark in the room! I had to look first thing this morning to make sure dizziness is a normal symptom.

kareik01 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm glad i'm not the only one experiencing this! I'm about 12 weeks along and I take public transportation every day to get to work. During the morning rush, the trains can get crowded to standing room only, and I am forced to stand most times. So far I've gotten dizzy and lightheaded twice last week to the point where I had to get off the train and get some fresh air and sit down. I now know I need to get on trains with at least one seat I can sit in for the duration of my trip, and I will now bring a small snack and some water just in case this happens again. Sometimes this happens at home in smaller doses and I feel so lazy sitting around all the time, but there's really not much I can do about it!

Ladyhawk5283 |