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Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

What kind of iron supplements are available for pregnant women?

Re: What kind of iron supplements are available for pregnant women?

The Bump Expert

Iron can be supplemented in several ways. Ferrous sulfate (325 mg twice a day) is one of the more common regimens for the treatment of iron-deficiency anemia. If this regimen does not improve the iron deficiency anemia, taking Vitamin C with the iron supplement can improve absorption in the gastrointestinal tract. There are some prescription supplements that have both iron and Vitamin C in one pill (e.g., Chromagen).

But, keep in mind that iron is known to be associated with constipation, so a stool softener may be necessary. Also, iron may exacerbate the nausea and vomiting of early pregnancy.

Only take iron supplements under your doctor's supervision. Another point to remember is that there are some kinds of anemia that are not treated with iron supplementation. In these cases, taking iron may do more harm than good.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Iron Supplemements?

Im anemic so I've been taking Iron for quite some time. A lot of people, including myself, have trouble with stomach pains and iron is also notorious for causing constipation. I take Ironchel from GNC which is a slow release iron and it works great! Now that Im pregnant I take Prenatals without Iron and the Ironchel. Its a winning combination!!!


re: Q: Iron supplemements?

I'm anemic too. Currently I am taking prenatal vitamins, but should I be taking an iron supplement as well???

becks83 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

I've been anemic throughout the pregnancy so far. I am taking a liquid supplement (220mcg 3 tlbspoons per day) but appears that it is not improving my iron fast enough. I've been trying to take it with orange juice for the vitamin C. Any other ways to pack in some iron without killing my stomach?

a_billington616 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

My doctor told me to get Bifera. I've been on it for the past few months for anemia in pregnancy, and it is wonderful. No constipation, and you can take it at any time of day, with any food/drink, and only have to take one a day. I get it at CVS but have seen it at Walgreens too. It's a little pricey, but CVS runs it buy one get one free fairly often, so try to get it then.

broncogal |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

i have low iron and b12...i did b4 pregnancy n still do ....my dr had taken me off the iron pills for the first trimester and then back on them thereafter. i was on b12 shots the whole time.

mommy20052011 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

Also aviod calcium when taking iron for 2 hours before and after. It stops absorption. So no dairy with your iron! No one told me this and I became anemic. What did I take my prenatals with? Milk. Duh. Now I know! :)

stacylash |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

People are often talking about taking a prenatal vitamin and being fine with that, but they do NOT contain iron unless specified. Only 1 out of 7 at walmart had iron added. That is because the calcium is more important, and taking iron and calcium together is useless if you need the iron. If you have low iron or don't get enough in your diet, then you will probably need iron supplements, and you can't take them with your prenatal vitamin.

sunni15 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

Iron supplements can help a lot of people, not the pregnant women only. I work at the office all day long and you can have an anemia before you know it. I'm sure that a lot of working moms will agree that you require a lot of energy to be an employee and a good parent.

TawnyCollyn |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

I didn't have any problem while I was pregnant, but I heard from my friends that they suffered from constipation in the third trimester of pregnancy. They treat the problem with colon cleanse, which doesn't harm the baby. I can tell you that the prenatal vitamin doesn't cause constipation, but a high quantity ingested of iron can cause constipation. Take care!

lionking44 |

Q&A: Iron supplements for pregnant women?

I had anemia while I was pregnant. My doctor said that whe should treat anemia and gave some iron supplements but I don`t know what kind of supplements I took. You always should ask your doctor before taking any drugs.

ioana06 |