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Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

Should I be getting more iron during pregnancy?

Re: Should I be getting more iron during pregnancy?

The Bump Expert

Dr. Ashley Roman: In most cases, iron is prescribed in pregnancy to treat iron-deficiency anemia. Studies have shown that if the mother is anemic she is at higher risk for low birth weight and preterm birth. The goal in prescribing iron is to bring the hemoglobin level into the normal range.

Some providers prescribe pregnant women iron regardless of hemoglobin level. The rationale behind this strategy is to prevent anemia from developing as the pregnancy progresses. But, a recent study in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology found that while routine iron supplementation did marginally improve hemoglobin concentrations during the third trimester in non-anemic women, it also increased the risk of high blood pressure in pregnancy and small-for-gestational age babies.

So, for the woman who is not anemic (hemoglobin greater than 13.2 g/dL), there is minimal benefit and possible harm associated with routine iron supplementation, according to this study.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Increase iron intake?

I am taking Floradix, an all natural herbal iron supplement completely derived from plants and vegetables. Because it is natural, it does not upset your stomach and has done wonders for my energy level. It is available at your local Whole Foods Market.

lola2sing |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

I too am takinf floradix. You actually get used to the taste. It is not bad though. I had super low iron so it made me tired (even more than I should have been) and I could not eat anything at all. I literally could not swallow it or chew it. Once i started the supplement I felt a thousand times more energetic and could eat like a champ again.

kristinmcain |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

My doctor had me taking a prenatal vitamin with a HUGE amount of iron in it to prevent anemis (even though I have no history of Iron deficiency) and it caused my hemoglobin levels to skyrocket causing me to be high risk I am now seeing a perinatologist to monitor the baby, I have since switched to an over the counter prenatal vitamin that does not caontain iron, I am hoping to see my hemoglobin levels go back to the normal range on my next blood test. Iron supplementing is not for everyone during pregnancy.

VazquezGal |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

I was borderline anemic pre-pregnancy but became full fledged anemic while pregnant. I am taking 2 iron supplements. I work alot so I am still tired all the time

missdd138 |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

Just like this article above states, additional iron supplements can be dangerous. All you really need is a prenatal vitamin, (which already have more of everything, even iron, compared to regular multivitamins), and you should try to make a habit of eating healthier. Unless you're anemic, there is no need to take extra iron supplements outside of your prenatal vitamin.

RachyD |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

I had to be put on an iron supplement called Corvite FE because though my hemoglobin was in an OK range 1st trimester, she said it dropped significantly once I began my 2nd trimester (down to 9.8 I believe). I have a history of low blood count/anemia as it is, so in my case, I guess its better to be taking one.

princesa2423 |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

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Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

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snapbackone |

Q&A: Iron during pregnancy?

It is true that prenatal vitamins contain iron, but some do not. The gummy vitamins sometimes have no iron in them, so you'd need to take an iron supplement to make up for that. I take one every other day since the % daily value is like 200% on the one I take.

leishbeish |