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Q&A: How do twins develop?

It’s twins! How did they develop?

Re: It’s twins! How did they develop?

The Bump Expert

If you’re pregnant with twins, you’ve probably spent more than a few minutes wondering how planning for one baby suddenly turned into planning for two. Well, whether it’s a result of your age, genetics, or fertility treatments, having twins is something of a miracle (in fact, they make up a mere 3 percent of all pregnancies). Even if you plan to dress your babies in matching onesies (a sure way to elicit an “awwww!” from strangers), their similarities in appearance depend heavily on their development.
Identical twins develop after your fertilized egg splits in half and creates two genetically identical (aka monozygotic) embryos. If this happens a couple of weeks after conception, then each baby gets his or her own gestational sac and placenta. If they split up later, the two embryos will probably share the same sac (consider it a prebirth lesson in sharing!).
Fraternal twins (or nonidentical twins) develop when two separate sperm fertilize two separate eggs. This creates two genetically different (dizygotic) embryos. In this case, the only thing the babies will be sharing (for now) is your uterus (give them some credit -- it’s not that big!).

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By Sandra Le Plasse

re: Q: Twin development?

We really dont know my husband's family history due to lack of relationship. Twins ARE NOT in my family. But I had a dream last night that Im having them. My first appointment is in a week. Im keeping my fingers crossed.

Woohoneychild |

re: Q: Twin development?

Twins only result from a woman. If they are monozygotic your one egg split and if they are dizygotic you ovulated 2 eggs. Your ovulation has nothing toio do with your husband!

ericalee83 |

re: Q: Twin development?

Well, it happens from age too. That's how I'm getting mine. They are in my DH's family, his father was the only surviving twin, but they are way distant in mine. But, from 35-39, it's a better bet. I'm 39. Won the jackpot!

Mommapen |

re: Q: Twin development?

I read in WTEWYE today that male family history MAY have something to do with identical twins--something in the sperm that increases the likelihood of the blastocyst splitting into two.

BellaKelsey |

re: Q: Twin development?

Twins run VERY distantly (talking Great Great Grandma's on both sides) and we are having them!!!

Em&Ry |

re: Q: Twin development?

How far along do you have to be before you find out if you are having twins?

healthynut |

re: Q: Twin development?

I found out at 11 weeks...my first ultrasound actually! Talk about a shocker!

sf23annie |

re: Q: Twin development?

I found out at 7 weeks because I was having pains. Never figured out the pains but we are having two.

laurncui81 |

re: Q: Twin development?

I just found out yesterday. Twins run on neither one of our families. It's a miracle from God.

atbaroy@verizon.net |

re: Q: Twin development?

I have 9 sets of twins in my family including my mother and my fiancee has 3 sets...just found out im having one everyone keeps telling me they could be wrong and wont know for sure until 12 weeks im at 8 now..ever hear that before?


re: Q: Twin development?

At 4 wks, 2days, had very high HCG from the urine test the doc gave me. Could this mean twins?

madi'smom |

re: Q: Twin development?

We just found out we were having twins, identical! We have 4 sets of twins on my side of the family : )

nicolemarie1102 |

re: Q: Twin development?

We just saw our two little heartbeats on the sonogram today - only a little over 6 weeks along. Doesn't run in the family, gotta be the fertility drugs I took.

marjchaos |

re: Q: Twin development?

My DH and I are expecting our second set of twins now - 9w2d. We saw the heartbeats last week for the first time. The first set ended in m/c this past December. Two sets in 4 months. He has twins on his mom's and dad's side, including his father and uncle who are identical. I'm still in shock but it's a good shock!

MamaKruse |

re: Q: Twin development?

We just had our first ultrasound yesterday (9 weeks) and found out we are expecting twins. They do not run in either of our families, I'm only 29, and I didn't take any fertility drugs. I feel blessed to have been choosen to have two babies that will be born bestfriends for sure!!!

rhyssica |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

11wks 2 days. Our little one was hiding. They were moving so much!! A little nervous but very much excited. There is 1 set of twins in my family and 4 in his. They're fraternal since they are living in different sacs.

mrsacebo |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

We just found out yesterday because I was double sick and double exhausted. I couldn't understand why i felt so miserable. I was not this bad with my first. So, I called the doctor and told him, He had me come in, did the ultrasound and there we discovered i was having twins. Explains why ive been so sick. Im six weeks only and on my mother's side we have tons of twins. :-)

Marisol512 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

Here's a tricky one. I'm pregnant with twins 7w. Fetus A has a fetal pole, yolk sac but no heartbeat. Fetus B has a fetal pole, larger yolk sac and a small embryo sac and a very strong heartbeat. Has anyone had this happen to them before? My doctor seems to think the one w/o a heartbeat will pass, others tell me it may just not be visable. Thoughts?

cowgirl5181 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

I had the same thing happen cowgirll. I'm having twins thanks to IVF. 2 sacs, 2 fetal poles, only one heart beat. I was told it may still be too early to see. If not it will probably turn into a vanishing twin. Find out in 2 days. Will let you know.

gina5360 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

I am 20 a mother to 1. I recently found out i was pregnant and i was having some pains and cramping so i went to get checked and they did a ultra sound ( i was only 5w5d) and i found out i am having fraternal twins. :)


Q&A: How do twins develop?

I am 10 weeks today and found out last week we're having twins! My maternal grandfather's sister (confusing, I know) was a twin and that is the only set we know of in either of our families! We are very excited!

MamaGracie77 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

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watson012 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

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atyu2020 |

Q&A: How do twins develop?

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