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Q&A: Group or solo OB?

Is it okay to go to a clinic with rotating OBs?

Re: Is it okay to go to a clinic with rotating OBs?

The Bump Expert

There are pros and cons to both solo and group practices. Solo practitioners typically provide more personalized attention, but you run the risk of a stranger dealing with an emergency situation or delivering your baby if your doctor is unavailable when the time comes. In a group practice, you’ll probably see each doctor at least once during your pregnancy. This may not be ideal, but at least you’ll know you’ve met the person who will deliver your baby.

Ask these questions as you consider which type of practice works best for you:

[  ] How many doctors are in the group and how do they divide responsibilities?

[  ] Who will you see at regular checkups?

[  ] Who will deliver your baby if your primary OB is unavailable?

[  ] Can you request appointments with a particular doctor?

The Bump Editors

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

I have done both with my first pregnancy. I left a solo OB to go to a group. I was getting a lot of cancellations with the solo OB because of "emergencies." I switched to a practice with OB's and midwives and I really like the personal attention from the midwives. I am now 10 weeks and I am going to the "group" again. I love it! I would recommend seeing 3 people in the group in rotation so you will be very comfortable with whoever ends up delivering you. Good Luck!

MamaLara |

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

I enjoyed having my first child with my group practictioners. There is one OB/GYN and two midwives. Even the RNs get in on the appointments so I recognize EVERYONE in the practice come birth day. I had a wonderful pregnancy and actually only saw the OB twice. The ob only takes care of the emergency and high risk pregnancies; the midwives handle the others. I liked both of the midwives and the OB and I am now seeing the the same practice for my second child.

mamafoxX2 |

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

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Paulajutt |

Q&A: Group or solo OB?

coming from a problem with my wedding (where only one person had my pics... and it took forever to get them) I decided having a rotating set of "on call" doctors (all of whom will have at least 2-4 appointments with me prebirth) was a wonderful idea

katiebenes |