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Finding a Plus-Sized-Friendly OB?

I’m overweight. Should I find a doctor with experience seeing patients like me?


I’m overweight. Should I find a doctor with experience seeing patients like me?

The Bump Expert

You probably already know that being overweight carries some risks to your pregnancy. So you want someone who’s aware of and knows how to manage those risks, but you also don’t want a doctor who focuses so much on your weight and forgets about everything else. You don’t need lectures about how you should have lost weight before you got pregnant. You just want positive advice about what you should do now.

Start by getting recommendations from friends. Or scan your insurance benefits book or website to see which docs are covered by your health insurance. Then schedule an appointment to meet the prospective doctor and get a feel for their personality and practice.

During the interview, ask pointed questions about their experience and approach to caring for plus-sized pregnant women. “Ask the OB/GYN if they are comfortable with managing plus- size women, and whether the facility they’re using is,” says Debra Goldman, MD, ob/gyn at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island. “You want a provider who knows how to identify, reduce and manage the risk that can come with a plus-sized pregnancy.”

Pay attention to how the doctor interacts with you. She should treat you with respect and make you feel comfortable and positive. “I don’t want my overweight patients to get discouraged. They shouldn’t feel that the cards are stacked against them to have a successful pregnancy. They’re not,” says Goldman. “They may have some extra challenges, but those challenges are not insurmountable.” That’s the kind of attitude you want to look for in your own doctor.

“Just because a plus- sized woman is at an increased risk of complications, it doesn’t mean that she will have complications,” says Goldman.

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Debra Goldman, MD and ob-gyn at Women & Infants Hospital of Rhode Island

Finding a Plus-Sized-Friendly OB?

I totally agree that you need to interview different doctors to find one that treats you with respect. The first doctor I met with was very rude and condescending both about my weight and age (I was 40). He kept repeating over and over that I was at risk and made me feel like having a baby with issues was very likely. I know that the odds are higher, but didn't need the stress of that for nine months. I went on to find a terrific doctor that put me at ease while keeping me and my baby healthy. I now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I've lost 30 lbs from from my pre-baby weight.

Ctrmom |

Finding a Plus-Sized-Friendly OB?

My sister got pregnant with this, and I did too! I guess it's your turn.. http://www.quickconception.com

Jennypressman |