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Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Can pregnant women do Pilates?

Re: Can pregnant women do Pilates?

The Bump Expert

Yes! Pilates is a non-impact workout that increases flexibility, strength, and muscle tone. Because it focuses on your core, practicing Pilates on a regular basis can improve posture, alleviate backaches, and ultimately help with labor and delivery. Plus, it will boost your mood and energy level. Choose a prenatal class if you can. Otherwise, let the instructor know you're pregnant so she can help you modify or skip any risky moves.

Remember, once you’re in your second trimester, avoid exercising on your back. The weight of your uterus can press on the vena cava, which is the main vein that carries blood from your lower body to your heart. Compressing it can interfere with the circulation of both you and baby.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I have been teaching Pilates for 8 years and have had many women come in to the studio all during their pregnancies. They were all very happy with their post-natal recovery...mostly because of that strong pelvic floor! Your teacher should definitely know the modifications as your pregnancy progresses and as always...listen to your body. Now that I am 17 weeks into my first pregnancy its great (though not easy) to feel the changes in your body and truly have an understanding of what my pre-natal clients need. Stay strong!

mrscasaltobe |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

YES! Absolutely!

skarymop |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Is there any reason to buy pregnancy pilates tapes or can i just do the regular Pilates?

TxFamily |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I've been doing cardio pilates regularly since the beginning of my pregnancy via DVD at home. So, far the only thing I can't do - or had to stop doing - are back extensions (had to stop that when the belly started growing). I tried one of the prenatal pilates dvds but, all they did was sit there and breathe. I'm pregnant, not 90. lol. I'd say go for it. I'm energized, toned and feeling great.

ktjane31381 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Pilates was the best thing for me during my 1st pregnancy, I did Pilates all the way up til one week before my baby was born!!

carovababy |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Any insight on pregnancy and the Pilates Reformer/Cadillac machines? I'm a member of a studio that does both the mat and the equipment, and I'm a little concerned about the tension on the equipment.

CC76 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I have scoliosis and have been experiencing a TON of back pain since about 10-12 weeks. I found that being active helped more than anything. I started SLOW with my pilates DVD and only did the moves I was comfortable with. Many I was no able to do. I am now able to do all the moves, the pilates has helped my back to strengthen and I couldn't be happier! I am noticing big changes and so thankful I don't have to go see a chiro. My Dr. said he fully supports me doing pilates! Go for it!

Rizzosbride |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Any insight on pregnancy and the Pilates Reformer/Cadillac machines? I'm a member of a studio that does both the mat and the equipment, and I'm a little concerned about the tension on the equipment. Yes, I'm also a Pilates Instructor (17 wks along). You can absolutely do work on the Reformer while you are pregnant! You shouldn't be adjusting your spring load so your Reformer work is too heavy or taxing, but you do want some weight resistance so you can keep those muscles toned. Make SURE your instructor knows you are pregnant...we've had people not tell us until their second trimester...we need to know ASAP so you don't do too much low abdominal work and weight work while you're still early in your pregnancy. You'll be fine; just let your instructor know & trust your instincts. Your body (and your baby!) will thank you for it :) Enjoy!

emrahe |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

Can someone recommend a good prenatal pilates or yoga dvd to do at home? I've called around in my town and no one seems to be offering a class right now. Thanks for your help!

meganschlabs |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

i'm in the same boat, i've checked for prenatal classes, but none in my area. can someone please recommend a dvd?

aztiay |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I've been doing Lizbeth Garcia's prenatal pilates DVD for the past 4 months or so (I'm 28 weeks now). She is 34 weeks pregnant as she guides you through the exercises. I always feel more relaxed and stretched after I do this. She uses 3 lb weights for some exercises, so you can tone your muscles a bit as well. 10 Minute Solution: Prenatal Pilates, Lizbeth Garcia.

kschaefer46 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I've been doing pilates on the reformer and cadillac with an instructor my entire pregnancy and I'm 36 weeks. I haven't had any back pain except for my first few weeks of pregnancy. My instructor isn't afraid to work me hard as long as there is no pregnancy related discomfort. She'll get my muscles burning. Everyone is so amazed at how well I get around for how big I am (I am about average size not one of those cute petit pregant women) and for how far along in my pregnancy I am. I think the pilates have a lot to do with how good I feel along with just staying active in general. I also hear it's one of the best things you can do for recovery.

Lorrenda |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I bought Suzanne Bowen's Long and Lean prenatal workout (which is basically pilates) via Amazon and absolutely love it. Unlike other pregnancy workouts that I find way too easy, this one is quite challenging for both the upper and lower body. I've been doing it for about 5 weeks now (and I'm now at 17 weeks). I also still do some regular pilates workout videos. Everyone says that "some modifications" might be necessary during pregnancy. Could you be more specific? Are there any typical pilates moves that I should avoid doing while I'm pregnant?

wennerc |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

10 minute solutions has a great prenatal pilates video. Also, Crucnh has a good yoga dvd for pregnancy called Yoga Mama

cld6224 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I am confused! The 1st post by "The Bump Expert" tells you that pilates are a great idea, but then advises you to "avoid exercising on your back." What!??????? Half of pilates is on your back! Can anyone clarify this?

icequeen32 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

To clarify, you can still do all the laying on your back ones, but supported by a large/thick pillow. In the Garcia video, she uses one or two king sized pillows. The point is just not to allow all the weight of the uterus on that vein. Personally, I'm 17 weeks and I don't have any problem laying on my back. But if at any point you feel your heart racing or trouble breathing or light headed, then you should stop.

odlaram7 |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I found a promotion on Facebook at facebook.com/healthnews where they're giving away Jennifer Gianni's Fusion Pilates. In your experience, is this a good solution and does my friend need another person there for support or can she does this on her own relatively easily? I'm trying to win this prize, but I'm curious if they're worth buying if I don't win.

njoneshn |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I joined a pilates studio in my second month and work out there 6 times a week when I'm not working. I spent the last month there, taking cardio ballet three times a week, and the other 3-4 times I took a tower class or a reformer class. It's helpful if there are instructors there who have had children or have worked with pregnant women before. I love it! I think every woman is different and I listen to my body and keep modifying..a rolled towel in the low back when I'm supine, and lowering my legs to create an easier lever. When I'm on my belly, I place a rolled towel on my hip bones, just around my hip crease. And I focus on isometric glute and hamstring exercises plus I work my spinal muscles without going into a sharp backbend. Then, if I feel I've had enough and the class is still doing prone work, I roll over and do bridge exercises...one legged or two..to get my back arching without compromising the baby. I'm 17 weeks, and feel I can lay on my back for short periods and as long as I'm moving around, I'm fine. Every so often. I'll just get a feeling I need to modify, and my instructor encourages that, and often will come over to give me a hand. When I return to pilates next week, I'll start privates, and go to only a few group classes, and keep up with the cardio ballet...which is low impact barre work. So far I haven't had any back pain, which was a concern of mine due to an old sacroiliac injury. Oh and I check for the diastatsis rectify, but so far so good, and I feel as long as I keep mindfully toning the abdominal muscles I'll be just fine. I think you need to be more concerned with abdominal exercises where your body moves from hyper extension to hyper flexion....as in laying on your back on a n exercise ball and doing full crunches...it's a lot of pressure on your rectus muscle. I hope that helps. Happy healthy pregnancy! Fit momma.

Taraf1rma |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I have the 10 minute solutions Pre-Natal Pilates from Amazon.com and I LOVE it. It has 5 different 10 minute workouts so you can combine anyway you want to do them all or just a few, depending on your schedule. I've noticed a significant difference in my posture and my growing pains have eased quite a bit. I'm 17 weeks and needed a more intense workout as my normal workout, roller derby, is not allowed lol. I seriously recommned the 10 min solutions dvd, its a good workout and really gets your blood pumping without being too draining to do regularly.

mrspepe |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

I have been doing pilates for several years and am about 15 weeks now. This afternoon I went to a class and some in of the abdominal series, once they were done I could feel the muscles tighten around where the baby is. It didn't hurt but it definitely felt strange. My teacher is great but is not prenatal certified. I'm not sure if it is bad to do those exercises or if it just feels funny because I have a little human in me that wasn't there before. Any words of wisdom?

Davizohn |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

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snapbackone |

Q&A: Doing pilates during pregnancy?

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