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Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

Is it true that mosquitoes are more likely to bite pregnant women?

Re: Is it true that mosquitoes are more likely to bite pregnant women?

The Bump Expert

We’ve heard this one too. And while nothing’s been proven on the subject yet, there are definitely lots of theories floating around out there as to why. Here are two of the biggest:

Theory 1: Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide. Later on in pregnancy, you’ll tend to breathe more heavily, releasing more air (21 percent to be exact) than non-pregnant women do. Some think the mosquitoes are drawn to the fact that you’re giving off more CO2.

Theory 2: When you’re pregnant, your body temperature rises. This increase in body heat means that your skin releases more volatile substances, which make it easier for mosquitoes to find you.

The larger amounts of carbon dioxide, mixed with the rise in body temperature, make pregnant women a feast for mosquitoes. Be sure to take precautions when you’re outside -- mosquitoes can carry diseases that could be harmful to you and baby.

Kerry Dougherty

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

oh, that's just peachy! i'm a mosquito magnet anyway! i'm hypoglycemic and they are attracted to me because i usually have higher blood-sugar than anybody else. they can smell that. now i get to look forward to yet another neon sign over my head saying "eat here!" my summer is gonna be so much fun! :-P

meran |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

I'm a mesquito magnet too! Oh well, guess i'm going to spend more time inside during the rainy seasons!!

jj10108 |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

Is bug spray safe then? What kind should you use?

an.watts |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

Aw, poo. I'm allergic to mosquito-bites! I second the above question. What bug spray is safe to use? It seems logical that you'd want to stay away from deet and aerosol.

WeaksEnd |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

My physician (not ob) told me that you are not supposed to use bug spray....said she read it in "what to expect" with her first. but she said that avon might sell a type that is ok, but she was not sure! also, i would look into the new bug repellent that you wear on your belt loop, just saw a commercial for it the other day!

amacor |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

I have been using the off fan. it doesn't go directly on your skin and you can have it fan away from you. Really, I am not sure which is worse, getting sick/a disease from a mosquito or using a spray. However, I think the fan has to be the best bet, since it doesn't touch you. Also, on Independence weekend, I was attacked more than anyone else by mosquitoes and I was the only one who was pregnant. I usually get bitten a lot, but this was absolutely ridiculous.

kbgregoire |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

I use a natural bug spray that I found at Target. It smells like citronella/lemongrass. Unfortunately I don't know the name of it. There are also some natural ways of repelling mosquitos that works most of the time, like using lavender oil. Apparently they hate the smell and avoid it just like citronella.

curriekana |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

I was just thinking this question to myself this morning... I woke up a few weeks ago with two mosquito bites on my leg a few inches apart. I thought really nothing of it because it was still so warm out and such... This morning I was taking a shower and scrubbed my side and saw three bites along my rib cage... I am usually a magnet to mosquitos but its freezing in NY I thought I would have a little reprieve right now with the weather being a bit chillier. I guess not. :)

mrscheese15 |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

for the record, at the very beginning of my pregnancy (one of the first signs I had, aside from serious tenderness in my breasts) was a HUGE craving for garlic. I'm talking, Peeling a clove, sauteing and then eating the whole thing. This went on for about a week, until I realized I smelled like an italian restaurant ;] anyway, during that garlic consuming week, I had gone for a walk in a wooded area. Wouldn't you know, a friend of mine who always gets bit had absolutely no bites whatsoever. I shortly learned that I, apparently, was the magnet that day. I've heard a lot about garlic fending off mosquitos...but as for being pregnant and consuming the amount of garlic I had, I assume they had to know I was prego ;]

lturpak |

Q&A: Do mosquitoes bite pregnant women more?

I can certainly see that mosquitoes are biting me more. I live in Texas, and my husband & I were sitting out on the deck, and the little buggers forced me inside, while my husband only got 1 bite. Out chemistry is normally pretty similar, in that mosquitoes usually bite us equally, but not anymore...I've read in a few places that bug repellents are safe, so long as you don't inhale the fumes in ingest it. I'm going to try some methods that don't involve sprays...here's hoping they work!

Haley.Beth |