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Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

Can fibroids affect my pregnancy? 

Re: Can fibroids affect my pregnancy? 

The Bump Expert The effect of fibroids -- benign growths on the uterine wall -- on pregnancy depends on their size and location. But fibroids may affect pregnancy in several ways. Fibroids may increase the risk of preterm labor and preterm birth. Additionally, they may affect the fetus' growth and lead to a small baby. A small percentage of women with fibroids (5 to 15 percent) may experience significant pain associated with the fibroids due to a process called degeneration. This can happen when fibroids enlarge due to pregnancy-related hormones, outgrowing their blood supply and becoming painful. But, the good news is that the majority of women with fibroids experience no problems during pregnancy.

Dr. Ashley Roman

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I have fibroids & luckily I haven't experienced any problems. I am 24 weeks and they haven't grown in size or anything.

april1bride |

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I had 16 fibroids and 13 removed prior to my pregnancy. I am in my 25th week and my fibroids are growing but I have not had any problems. It appears that the baby is out growing the fibroids.

veechimes@msn.com |

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

This is very comforting to read as I had a scare today due to my discovering I have fibroids. I am 7 weeks and praying all will go great. Thanks.

Babyluv09 |

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?


thenewmans3 |

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I have two fibroids that are growing painfully :(Can't work and all I can do is rest, rest, rest.I feel very discouraged because I fear I will loose my job.

calieli75 |

re: Q: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I had a large fibroid on the outside of my uterus and I had no problems. I could tell where it was once my belly started protruding but it was really only noticable to me. I just wanted to let others know that I personally had not problems

stw_77 |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I have fibroids that reared their ugly little heads during my first pregnancy. For a week solid I was in constant pain that had me on vicodin and morphine. After that everything was fine. Firboids can be painful, but they didn't stop me from having a beautiful healthy baby boy!

robyntlee |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

i have on the outside o fmy uterus and i have had 2 miscarriage so my dr. put on lupron shots for 6 months to see if they would go down.I'm now pregnant about 7 weeks so i will see if this will work and i'm hoping for a healhty baby. don't have any pain and never have that way i don't know i had fibroid until i had an ultrasound for my first pregnancy.

kragulen |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I found out I have a fibroid the size of a grapefruit at my 20 week ultrasound. I had never had any problems until about 24 weeks pregnant. I thought I had pulled a stomach muscle, but the doctor says it's the fibroid causing horrible pain. I deal with the pain almost constantly everyday. I do have relief some mornings and occasionally after resting. If I walk more than a few steps, stand, or lean over it feels like a knife is jabbing me over and over. It is painful, but it is bearable. When the pain starts to get unbearable, it doesn't usually last more than a minute before it just becomes a pain again.

messydawn |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

i have a large fibroid outside my uterus. i went through four weeks of excruciating pain. All i could take was tylenol. the pain hit me probably around week 14 or so. It's gone now (21 weeks) but i just found out that my fibroid has continued to grow. I hope this doesn't mean i'm in for some more degeneration pain further down the road. I ended up just taking tylenol every 6 hours consistently or the pain would come back. My doc said i can take different drugs administered by the hospital further along in my pregnancy to alleviate the pain. Going in for an MRI so they can see exactly how big the fibroid is soon. Hoping and praying for the best.

cwhitloc |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I have a fibroid which has grown since becoming pregnant (at 21 weeks, it is now 7cm by 7cm). It hasn't caused any problems, and my midwife said that because of it's location I shouldn't have any problem with a natural delivery. She thinks that it will shrink once the baby is born, if not, then it will be removed. I'm not to worried, but still praying that it won't grow anymore and that it will shrink after baby arrives!

skbann |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

This situation sounds familiar to me, as my sister had fibroids during her pregnancy, but hopefully she didn’t experience any problems and the baby is fine. Unfortunately, my sister had other issues as well, such as heart and digestive ones, that’s why she needed a colon irrigation procedure in order to get rid of one problem at least. I remember those really hard months for her, when she didn’t know what to expect because doctors weren’t very optimistic, anyway she is better now and I hope her health status is going to improve day by day.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

Fibroids can affect pregnancy as they increase the risk of preterm labor.There are many women who take different drugs in order to Increase in Muscle Mass and loose weight and these drugs can cause fibroids.

suniscomming |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?


azee1122 |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

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jonsan111 |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and for a couple of days now I have been experiencing sharp pain on my lower left abdomen due to a fibroid that was 5 cm about 10 weeks ago... I have the feeling it grew and if I'm standing, laying or sitting it hurts for many seconds sharply, then it goes away for a few minutes and then it begins again constantly... I want to cry I don't know what to do. I am calling my Dr. tomorrow to see if I can come in for an appointment and figure out if the pain can stop. I too hope it doesn't affect my baby... So scared!!

CindyandPieter |

Q&A: Do fibroids affect pregnancy?

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