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Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I'm going to have prenatal diagnostic testing, but I'm not sure which kind. How do I decide between CVS and amnio?

Re: I'm going to have prenatal diagnostic testing, but I'm not sure which kind. How do I decide between CVS and amnio?

The Bump Expert

Both have benefits. CVS is done earlier, which means (hopefully) putting your worries to rest sooner, or alternatively, an earlier termination or more time to plan and prepare for your child’s condition. CVS results also come back quicker than amnio’s. It may be difficult to find an experienced provider to do the test, though, because fewer doctors perform CVS than amnio. But, if you’re at particular risk for neural tube defects, amnio is the clear choice -- CVS won’t detect these. Amnio also allows you to postpone making your decision (to test, or not to test) until after you’ve seen the results of your second trimester screenings.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. Your pregnancy and birth. 4th ed. Washington, DC: ACOG; 2005.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

A new procedure can dramatically lessen the risk involved in invasive types of prenatal testing. There are some techniques of collecting sampling material that carry a risk when testing for genetic irregularities of a gestating fetus. Little risk if any is posed to mom or child in a new technique that is hyper accurate. Millions of moms would take out a huge short term installment loan to be able to cut these risks, and now they won’t have to.

AllanD |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

My OB won't (or prefers not to) do either... he said its not worth the potential risks. He does offer nuchal translucency test. It is more common for women 35yrs & older, but he makes it available to all his patients. Its generally performed @11-14wks.

jessicajstrey |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

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watson012 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I am having the CVS testing done, but its taking forever to get me in and then to have to wait 2 weeks to get the test results is very testing of my patients.

MeghanM09 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

Had an amino on Thursday risk for ds was 1 in 167 and risk for spina bifida was 1 in 71. Was terrified but went to a very experienced doctor which can lower your risks for miscarriage. Received preliminary results and happy to say everything is fine.


Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I had both. It really depends on the timing and what you exactly want to find out. a CVS can be done at 12 weeks where an Amnio is done approx at 16 weeks. I had a high risk of DS and so I had the CVS. The CVS then found a chromosomal mosiacism so I had to wait to have an amnio - they tell me the baby is absolutely fine and the chromosome issue was confined to my placenta only. That is a risk you run w/ at CVS... they find things sometimes in the placenta that are not truly representative of what the baby's make up is. But both rule our DS for sure and can tell you the sex of the baby with certainty.

Jennifer Gallo |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

Not planning on getting either. Going to a certified nurse midwife and I don't think she does them, but if she did I wouldn't plan on getting them done. Sounds like a lot of stress and possibly endangering little one to find out if there's a chance of something going wrong so that I spend more time worrying. As if we preggos need anything else to worry about!

Pinkrumor |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

My husband is really freaking out about there being something wrong with the baby, so I am planning on having the CVS done for his piece of mind more than anything.

hystia11 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

There's a NEW test, called Harmony, it uses cell free DNA from your blood, which means its just a blood test so no risk for miscarriage. They just came out with it this year and I used it. Ask your dr or genetic counselor about it. http://www.ariosadx.com/

9fraulein |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I was told my baby had a 1 in 14 chance of having Downs... so i had am Amnio done...the doctor said their was a 1 in 400 chance of miscarriage...procedure went well, however the hole did not heal correctly, its now 3 weeks later and i am leaking fluid still... i now have to go for a weekly fluid check, to see how the baby is progressing. my test came back the next day and i was told my baby is perfectly healthy...but i dont recommend either test!!!

babypieracci |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

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atyu2020 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

i did the amnio i wish i never did it. the specialists who preformed it told me if anything is wrong with the baby he will be the one who will help during the pregnancy and so on well the tests came back my baby was diagnosed with trisomy 13 and the doctor and genentics counselor wanted me to have an abortion and i couldnt do it.so the doctor wont help my regular doctor had to turn me away and now im fighting to find someone to help me. this happened in january 2013 im now 29 weeks and no one has helped or my baby hasnt been monitored since. i wouldnt recommend either one to anyone after my experience!

jenniferpardo1 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

My husband and I found out we were pregnant and that was one of the first questions that came to mind. I am 40 yrs old and of course chances of Down's and other abnormalities go up tremendously. When I visited my OB/GYN I was only given an option of CVS or amniocentesis, but thankfully, a wonderful ex-co-worker who is 13 1/2 weeks and 39 yrs old informed me of new testing which can be done now by a simple blood draw. There are actually three tests, but the Panorama test is the one in which I am pursuing. There accuracy is >99% and it is completed by a simple blood draw. The DNA from your fetus will circulate and mix with mom's blood so the genetic abnormalities can by detected via the blood sampling. In addition, nuchal translucency or nuchal fold scan is also measured at 3 mos. If any doubts after that, then an amnio may be warranted. I have to say my heart skipped a beat as I was so relieved to know that I would not necessarilly have to go thru CVS or amniocentesis. I felt as though my chances for miscarriage were high enough as it was without any other risk factors being introduced. I hope this helps and best of luck in whatever you and your doctor decide.

mommyelijah |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

We live in the metro NYC area and I have had 2 CVS's. I was 35 when our first was born and am pregnant now. My hubby and I both felt that it was advantage to rule out the most common genetic issues as early at 10-13 weeks. It helped put our mind at rest and enjoy the remainder of the pregnancy. I definitely recommend that you only go to a an experienced practitioner or opt for other tests if you can't locate one in your area.

jdklein |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

I had neither test done which does not mean that I do not worry constantly about if my child will has DS or any other chromosomal abnormalities but that's when you have to ask yourself is it really worth the risk? Either way I would have beat myself up about the situation so I guess I will know soon enough. All I can do is pray for a healthy boy <3

TopFlight07 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

My understanding is that the Panorama and other Fetal DNA testing that currently exists is so new that the accuracy claims are not yet substantiated by research. If anyone has links to published papers that show accuracy of Panorama or other fetal DNA blood tests, I'd love to hear more about those resources.

Kirstin123 |

Q&A: CVS vs. amniocentesis?

Hi, new here and 14w6d along... Tested for ds and the others, and everything else came back very well, except for the ds which i have 1 in 260 or so chance of having ds with the baby. I am really stressed out and panicky and it's taking a huge toll... My husband is very worried too because of my stress level, and we just saw our Genetic Counselor today and scheduled a CVS for Friday... Really nervous but just want some definitive answers as to yes or no if ds is going to be an issue. Thoughts????? #extremelynervous

aminski |