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Q&A: Chromosomal disorder testing?

Do I also need chromosomal disorder testing?

Re: Do I also need chromosomal disorder testing?

The Bump Expert Your doctor will ask you questions at your first prenatal visit or at your preconception appointment to see if you’re at risk for having a baby with a genetic disorder. The older a woman is, the higher risk she has of having a baby with genetic abnormalities, such as Down syndrome. Other risk factors include having a family member who’s a carrier or has an inherited disorder. Depending on the risk level of you and your partner, you’ll undergo certain tests like ultrasoundography (part of routine prenatal care), chorionic villus sampling, or amniocentesis. While this process can cause a lot of anxiety, some couples find that the benefits of early detection outweigh the cons. Either way, it’s absolutely your choice to get tested.

Bump Kaitlin

Q&A: Chromosomal disorder testing?

I am only 4 weeks and just so anxious to get my testing done, as there is a disorder being past along on one of our side. I cannot seem to get myself to the joy part untill the testing has been done, wich is not done till the 11 week, any advise on how to get my mind set in happy not waiting for the other foot to drop???

MeghanM09 |