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Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

What kind of expenses is our baby going to incur once she's born? How much should we budget for her?

Re: What kind of expenses is our baby going to incur once she's born? How much should we budget for her?

The Bump Expert

One-Time expenses:

[ ] Nursery decorating/remodeling:
[ ] Crib:

[ ] Crib mattress:

[ ] Bedding and accessories:

[ ] Dresser:

[ ] Rocking chair:

[ ] Changing table:

[ ] Baby monitor:

[ ] Playpen, bouncy chair or walker:

[ ] Safety gates:

[ ] Baby bathtub:

[ ] High chair:

[ ] Bottles:

[ ] Pump:

[ ] Nursing clothes:

[ ] Medicine kit:

[ ] Stroller:

[ ] Baby carrier/sling:

[ ] Car seat:

[ ] Diaper bag:

[ ] Maternity leave salary loss:
[ ] Writing/rewriting will:

Monthly expenses:

[ ] Diapers:

[ ] Formula and food:

[ ] Clothes:

[ ] Toys:

[ ] Photo film and developing:

[ ] Extra laundry costs (water, electricity, detergent):

[ ] Child care:

[ ] Life insurance for you and your partner:

[ ] Medical insurance:

[ ] Disability insurance:

[ ] Medical bills (uncovered and co-pays):

[ ] College/education savings:

[ ] Contribution to savings:

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Cost of Baby?

Why dont you have a budget like you do on the Knot?

LuvSunshine23 |

re: Q: Cost of baby?

I agree with LuvSunshine23. I clicked on this budget expecting it to be like the Knot which allows you to actually enter monetary figures.

mrsotob |

re: Q: Cost of baby?

At www.babycenter.com they have a baby cost calculator similar to the one on the Knot, but I don't know if you can actually save the amount. I am a very visual person so it does help to see the amount. I really liked it and it was very helpful when I got married.

Nancy & Adan |

re: Q: Cost of baby?

okay I pushed enter too soon. Once we figured ours up it came to our baby's first year costing 6100.00. This works out to roughly 500 a month so we put 25 dollars a day into a baby savings account that we created on INGdirect.com

newguysgirl |

re: Q: Cost of baby?

babycenter.com has a great baby cost calculator

newguysgirl |

re: Q: Cost of baby?

I agree.. there should be a worksheet where we enter amounts.

obressy |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

supplies, stroller, insurance, formula, larger car

shidemants |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

how much is the budget

shellmag777@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


jfoy3 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Those who have mentioned the Baby Center Budget Claculator, I totally agree. It helps put into perspective how many times you will buy an item such as diapers and wipes... and also differentiates between ongoing costs as well as first year costs. Here is the link http://www.babycenter.com/babyCostCalculator.htm

Georgia Peach 87 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

a baby's budget can be very expensive. I don't like to look at the total cost because it begins to be stressful for me. My plan for this pregnancy is to purchase a store (probably target) gift card 2-3 times a month of $50 that way I can begin to grab stuff when I see a sale price.

got3boysneedagirl |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


Meg D. |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


rachelhood1011 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

if having a boy some insurances don't cover circumcisions... i had to pay for both my lil boys.. 375.00 each

nrw4u |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

What about the cost for the birth itself? That's a doozy right there.

yelcat2 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


stljme |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


Marshallbabygirl |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

hey guys, remember that you dont NEED all those items and if you have great friends adn family yiou may not have to buy it all :)

brianadg |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Yeah I definately wish this was like the knot.....disappointing...

Mrhineha |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Most items on that one time list typically comes from showers. I am only 14 wks pregnant and my friends and family are driving me crazy wanting to buy me stuff. Luckily I will have a stay at home daddy (I know that sounds untraditional, but that is how it financially works for us) so child care is not an extra expense, I was strolling through the diaper aisle the other day....WOW, those things are pricey and from I understand we will be goign through about 5 a day.

tbartek |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I figured it out on one of the site you all provided. I am looking at $5582 for the first year. That is of course including all of the nursery things, because I am not the type of person to assume that everyone around me is going to buy the big stuff... Of course both sets of mom and dad's will but I do not like to assume. I like to see what the worst could be and then be surprised if/when it is much lower <3

mrscheese15 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


DeborahLily |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

About 40 people came to my shower, I was registered at two places. All I got was clothes and a couple of blankets. So I ended up with a rediculous amount of newborn sized clothing. Considering I am a student on very limited means I expected to recieve some items that were a little more necessary, maybe not the bigger stuff, but atleast bottles, boppy, safety items, etc. Luckily I had my baby shower early and had time to save for all of the items I still needed. Dont count on the baby shower, have a back up plan and hey if you get what you register for youll have that money already that can be spent on the cute stuff!

AliciaCN |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

While it's kind of romantic to buy fancy matching furniture and the latest/greatest stroller, etc. you really have to find a balance of what you need and the things that are most important to you to spend more on. (And I'm sorry, but you really don't need a changing table.)

cellovega |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I've started saving by getting gift cards for stores I shop at like target and babies r us and I add money to them every month. This way I dont look like a crazy person buying all this stuff for no baby lol and I can do it secretly by just adding money to the gift cards. just make sure like target they have no expiration date and no fees.

shellcsmith |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Just sharing... the cheapest place that I've found diapers... I'm doing lots of research these days. lol. Diapers.com And they offer free shipping. Also, and this probably sounds crazy, but Amazon.com. Just like with your favorite books and movies, orders over that specific amount (can't remember off the top of my head) are free shipping. Also... what will sound ABSOLUTELY INSANE: EBAY. I've found brand new in package with a starting bid of only $5.99. Occasionally people have too many pkgs in one size and try to sell the unneeded vs giving them away or tossing them. :-D

JessieM08 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Also... remember for furniture and things (like cribs) you can usually find good deals through 2nd hand stores, Craigslist, etc. I reccommend getting a NEW matress (unless from trusted family or friend) but you can get some great deals on 2nd hand baby furniture. Also... i do NOT reccommend getting a used carseat unless you know that the carseat had never been in an auto accident as they reccommend you replace a car seat after a collision as they may not be safe anymore.

JessieM08 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

If you have Microsoft Excel, you could create your own personalized budget. It's a little more work, but I've actually found it to put my mind at ease more since I'm not just plugging in numbers (I'm only 6 weeks and I'm worried about everything and nothing all the time!) I did that with my wedding budget too...I liked the budget tool on theknot.com, but it didn't give me as much freedom as my own creation did. I plan on using this list here to make another budget for Baby.

gilby92 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I am an AVID yard saler, and I just want to say TRY IT!!! I owned a second hand store and love buying things second hand. Clothes are often a quarter a piece, and you can find furniture, books, toys, games, maternity clothes, even diapers for a fraction of what you'd pay new. If not, try freecycle.com!

missanna811 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I used to think a changing table was not needed either so i never got one, and i regret it. i end up running around the house finding the diapers and stuff and where to change my baby. its much easier to have everything in one spot and organized plus that way baby knows that when u lay them there thats because they are getting changed. much easier when they start moving and rolling and kicking while u change them.

missdaisie04 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I'm almost 34 weeks. I've had 2 showers and have gotten a nice variety of items....always tons of clothes, though. Don't register for clothes and try to hold off on buying too many til after showers. It has been suggested to me to lay out all the clothes and when you're done with showers if you have duplicates or maybe too much of one size, you can take it back to the stores and exchange sizes or items. Also, check your town for a store called "Once Upon a Child." It's kind of like a consignment shop. You can sell them your items (after the baby) or by lightly used quality items. I got a bassinet for $40, a bouncer for $25 and a boppy for $10. I recommend seeing what you get and then bargain shopping for the rest. Yard sales can be great places for bargain shopping as well. Good luck!

alstew19 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


fiori fiori |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

My budget is very small only about 100 a month and government assistance. I feel it not money that makes everything go smoothly, its the love, compassion and well being that you & your partner bring to the nursery. Our ancestors didnt have a dime to their names and they multiplied like rabbit! I think we'll be alright lol ;O}

jetadore77 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

The monthly expenses are what expecting parents should be more concerned with. Hopefully most items you need to get started are gifted at your shower and if not there are some great consignment stores and websites like craigslist where you can get items for a steal. Also if you expect to have a tight budget when baby comes, cutting out items such as eating out and entertainment will help (however this usually happens anyway since you stay at home more with a newborn and don't get to go on dates). Nursing also saves so much money rather than buying expensive formula and bottles.

csmittyrun |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Look into cloth diapering your baby. It is much more cost effective then disposables, even with the extra laundry, and it's not as time consuming or gross as you would think. It's also great for baby's sensitive skin; a lot less diaper rash and fewer blow outs.

demofea01 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I did the cost calculator on babycenter.com - after cutting out the stuff I know were not going to use/need and adjusting the prices back down to real world costs : Your baby's first year will cost: $3,641 . That's if we buy everything else we need for the baby ourselves (but, I already know somethings in our "budget" people have purchased for baby gifts). We also are avid yard sale / thrift shop / craigslist / freecycle shoppers - So I know it will end up even cheaper for our baby's first year.

farmergirl73 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I am grateful to be getting a crib given to me. It's a great money saver considering this is my 4th child....I am all for hand me downs :)

butterlfy2007 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


lemon1996 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


artgibson |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

http://www.babycenter.com/baby-cost-calculator This has a basic breakdown of possible costs. And it's nice because you can customize it.

beccac252 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Using cloth diapers will save around $5000 over the first three years your baby's life when they're in diapers. And that takes into account initial investment, water and electric bills and detergent. Definitely a wise investment. At least that's our hope. Plus it's good for the environment. The first disposable diaper ever made still has yet to decompose and is still sitting in a landfill somewhere. Just think of how many more diapers you can keep out of a dump by switching to cloth diapers.

meganpcross |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I love spending what i have have and what i don't have (credit cards). As long as it is for the best cause ever: a baby!

livilusu |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

I looked to my friends for many items. If you have those that have children or their children are still young, you may be able to borrow a bassinet (you only use it a few months) or get used strollers, cribs, and baby clothes. My friend's crib had been recalled, but after I took the appropriate action- it only cost me $40 for a brand new crib! I also asked that a request for NO CLOTHES OR BLANKETS be added to all shower invites. And anything I received that I didn't need (duplicates or not), I TOOK BACK for store credit! Most store will allow you to do this. I used the store credit for all the items I DID actually need. Don't be shy about it--this isn't Christmas- baby showers are for getting what you NEED over what you want- even if you have to go after it yourself.

ok2bway2 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

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Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

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Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

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snapbackone |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

We spent about $1000 total. Crib, car seat, disposable diapers (newborn & size 1), g-diaper system (medium) plus disposable inserts, half a dozen sleep sacks and onesies (plus a couple cute outfits), baby bath for the sink, a dozen bottles. Plus some extra goodies to make pumping at work easier; the pump itself was provided by insurance, but a good pumping/nursing bra and better flanges make life much easier. Babies don't have to be expensive. It depends on your choices.

baisleac |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

800 a month

slbrann72 |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?


marissagioglio |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

Expecting a baby is an exciting time for a family. Planning for the financial impact of a baby is an important part of your preparations here Catering Bandung. Start your planning with our free Budget for Baby workshop.

AnnisaLala |

Q&A: Budgeting for baby?

We are very fortunate that we were gifted a crib and a glider, so those two large expenses are already checked off. We made sure that the crib is convertible as well, so it should last quite a while for baby. For clothes, we are looking at mainly purchasing or obtaining hand-me-downs, since I have a number of coworkers who also had boys and looking to get rid of clothes and toys. To fill in what we don't have clothes-wise, we have a kids resale store close to our home, and Goodwill warehouse in the area as well. Diapers we will likely get at Costco, unless we go the route of cloth diapers. I'm also starting to tell family (who are excited to spoil this baby rotten) that we are opening a 529 account and that we'd rather take contributions to that than more toys or clothes to support the child's future, since I think in many cases we'll find toys/clothes for cheap or for free!

lizj12 |