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Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

Is it really bad that I had four drinks before I knew I was pregnant?


Is it really bad that I had four drinks before I knew I was pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Chances are good that you did no harm -- tons of us have been in your shoes and had very healthy babies. But, now that you know you're pregnant, cut out alcoholic drinks. There's a risk of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which can cause abnormal facial features, growth problems and developmental and various learning disabilities.

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I didn't know i was pregnant till 8 weeks and i drank once is that gonna Hutt my baby

ash2042279 |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

you shouldn't drink alcohol at all during pregnancy. But if you cannot hold yourself back then you should treat yourself of alcoholism.

deanjohnson |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

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atyu2020 |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most delicate phase that every woman faces in her life. During pregnancy, you need to know what you can do to protect your child and your own body from harm. In your pregnancy days you automatically have to start living differently in many different aspects, including what you eat, drink, and certain activities that are important to avoid. Generally drinking alcohol is prohibited during pregnancy as it is beneficial for child's health. Alcohol can harm to your new born baby, but there are some non-alcoholic wine and beer which you can take during pregnancy. In these non alcoholic wines, there is small number - about 0.5% alcohol exists. Non-alcoholic beer is subjected to double filtration and as a result the alcohol disappears. Today there are so many wine making kits come in the market so you can also make healthy wine or beer easily at your home. In my pregnancy days I used to make beer at my home with Home Brew West beer making kits. Homemade wine is free from alcohol so it is not harmful for your health during pregnancy.

rosewinslet410 |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

You can call 1-800-733-4727 for free and confident information. I call them weekly with questions about things I can and cannot use while pregnant and they don't get annoyed. :)

hockeymom27 |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

Studies show that having one or two glasses a week through your pregnancy is perfectly fine and does not correlate to birth defects or abnormalities. The Harvard study I'll link below references the fact that the United Kingdom's Department of Health indicates 2 alcoholic beverages per week is ok. As long as you're not going on massive benders, you should be fine. http://www.health.harvard.edu/blog/study-no-connection-between-drinking-alcohol-early-in-pregnancy-and-birth-problems-201309106667

tlcierny |

Alcohol in Early Pregnancy?

Actually the study mentioned above shows that there is not necessarily a link between low birth weight or preeclampsia and alcohol consumption. The article STILL suggests women abstain from alcohol while pregnant. No truly comprehensive study has shown the effects of low to moderate consumption either way. The bottom line is WHY RISK IT? Have something else to drink.

JeannaKayeCook |