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Q&A: Is it normal to have abdominal pressure?

Is it normal to have abdominal pressure in the first trimester?

Re: Is it normal to have abdominal pressure in the first trimester?

The Bump Expert

Pressure in the groin isn't a common complaint from women early in their pregnancy -- it's much less likely than cramps and nausea. It's definitely worth mentioning to your doctor since it could be a warning sign of miscarriage, especially if it's severe or accompanied by cramping or bleeding. But if it's mild and you don't have any other scary symptoms, it's probably nothing serious.

Ashley S. Roman, MD, ob-gyn and clinical assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine


I am 7wks along and have been experiencing abdominal pressure along with, what I have just recently found to be, uteral stretching. I became a little worried when a nutritionist gave a strange look and started asking me questions about miscarriages when I mentioned this pressure. She assured me it shouldn't be anything to worry about and advised me to let my Dr. know during my first visit and to get into the Dr's office sooner or even E.R. if the pressure became painful. I have a feeling this is more common with some women but isn't heard of very often.

beelynn312 |