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10 Things Not to Give Up During Pregnancy

Here are 10 things you might think you need to give up while expecting -- but they’re perfectly safe for you to enjoy. (Of course, every pregnancy is a little different, so it’s best to talk to your doctor if something’s worrying you.)

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Remember Lea-Ann Ellison, the woman snapped doing Olympic-style barbell lifts at nine months pregnant? When those photos went viral, she caught a lot of heat for “overdoing it” while expecting. But Ms. Ellison -- who had been lifting for more than two years already -- pointed out she was experienced enough to know what her body could handle.

The same holds true for you. “The general rule is that whatever you were doing before you were pregnant -- running, swimming, lifting weights -- is fine,” says Bland. “If you can talk while working out, then you’re exercising at the right pace. And even if a woman never worked out before getting pregnant, she should start some type of routine once she is expecting -- even if it’s just walking.”

Kristin Mallon, a mom of three and a board-certified nurse-midwife in Hackensack, NJ, says that working out releases endorphins, increases circulation and aids in beating fatigue. “It's all essential to ease labor and prevent cesarean section and birth complications,” she adds.

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