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“I Knew I Was Pregnant When…”

Strange cravings, hormonal meltdowns, extreme fatigue and other ways Bumpies first suspected they were expecting.

Wacky cravings

“I woke up my husband for a late-night run to get Sour Patch Kids!” -- Heather B.*

“I had a new affection for dunking French fries in milkshakes. Yum!” -- Nicole R.

“I found myself craving Cheetos. I almost started crying standing at the vending machine because it was all out!” -- Hannah W.

“I craved beans every day. Every. Day.” -- Jennifer B.

Rollercoaster emotions

“I freaked out on my husband for interrupting the last five minutes of When Harry Met Sally.” -- Rachel S.

“Frosty the Snowman made my cry hysterically!” -- Kayla R.

“I got emotional and cried to ‘Love You Like a Love Song,’ by Selena Gomez.” -- Britnie L.

Major fatigue

“I could no longer keep my eyes open past 8 p.m.” -- Kristy T.

“I became an instant narcoleptic.” -- Mya J.

The urge to pee

“I practically moved into the bathroom.” -- Lauren G.

“I ran a full marathon and had to stop and pee at every porta-potty (every mile).” -- Simi M.

Pregnancy dreams

“I had a dream that I went to my car and found a car seat in the back!” -- Arina O.

More surprising symptoms

“I looked like I had a boob job overnight.” -- Erin S.

“I couldn’t stop burping.” -- Kristen G.

“I gained 10 pounds for no reason (or so I thought).” -- Grace B.

“I started cleaning everything. “ -- Krisha H.

“I walked down the laundry-detergent aisle at the store and was overwhelmed by how strongly I could smell the fragrances.” -- Kelly V.

“My husband started to have morning sickness.” -- Clinstine C.

“I hadn’t gotten my period, and it was about two weeks after my wedding!” -- Nina J.

*Some names have been changed.

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