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Celebrate Your Pregnancy!

Tips, tricks and advice for the biggest sparkling-cider-worthy moments of the next nine months

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Spreading the Word at Work

When It Happens Many women wait until the end of their first trimester -- or later -- to tell their work they’re expecting. The news should come to your boss straight from you, not through office gossip. You also don’t want her to figure it out before you tell her, so try to do it by the time your bump is showing.

The Traditional Way Try to break the news after you’ve completed an assignment -- this sends the message that your condition hasn’t affected your productivity so far, and that you have every intention of doing your job (and doing it well) for the remainder of your pregnancy. Another smart move: Before you talk, put together a plan outlining how your duties will be covered during your leave. Your boss is much more likely to greet the news with enthusiasm if she knows you’ve got the situation covered.

Some New Ideas Actually, stick to the tried and true here. It works.

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