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Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

What exactly is the mucus plug, and what does it mean if I see it?

Re: What exactly is the mucus plug, and what does it mean if I see it?

The Bump Expert

The mucus plug is just what it sounds like -- a thick plug of mucus that builds up at your cervix over the course of pregnancy and covers the opening of your uterus. It's there to prevent bacteria from entering your uterus. When your cervix starts to efface or dilate in preparation for labor, the "plug" is pushed out into your vagina, meaning you may see it plop on out into the toilet. Heard of the "show" or "bloody show" that comes as you move towards labor? This is part of it, along with some lovely mucusy discharge and maybe a little blood. Don't worry if you don't see your mucus plug, though -- not everyone notices it.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists. Your pregnancy and birth. 4th ed. Washington, DC: ACOG; 2005.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Mucus plug?

you may not always have blood associated with losing your plug!

6307bride |

re: Q: Mucus plug?

Many women often don't see the plug pass, especially if they are experiencing a lot of white discharge late in the pregnancy, which is common.

Melanie0 |

re: Q: Mucus plug?

When I lost my mucus plug at 39 weeks, "bloody show" couldn't have described it any better! Where it may be not so obvious for some, it is VERY obvious for others.

dkids99 |

re: Q: Mucus plug?

So not everyone loses theirs before giving birth or just some people don't notice it?

stormi glam |

Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

people lose theirs during labor too...it's not a sign to go to the hospital i lost mine 2 weeks before giving birth so...

steph_despatie321 |

Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

ive been getting my membranes swept eveyday now since friday the 15th, and for two days have been loosing my plug some women have it come right out all at once some have it come out slowly in clumps and some dont notice it because it looks like normal discharge, oh and not all women will have a bloody show some may only have a tinge but if you see blood and its bright red i suggest going to your doctor because it could be your placenta dislodging itself from your uterin wall.... or something more seriouse...

Tiffany.Dawn |

Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

I lost mine this morning and i'm 4 days overdue, and have irregular contractions. baby's been moving a lot today but i hate how losing the plug or having irregular contractions doesn't necessarily mean that labour is starting soon...i'm getting so anxious!!!!

darlenefearon |

Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

I lost my plug during labour, then at 5cm I got my bloody show - so every woman's different. The mucous plug came out over a long period of time, and was super, super gross.

jp03 |

Q&A: What is the mucus plug?

Hi, 40 wks pregnant on thursday I have an appointment with my ob and he checked to see if i was dialated and I wasnt but today i went to the bathroom and when i whiped there was a big glob of a yellowish greenish slimie looking discharge, is that my mucus plug?

Shayyy |