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Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

Should I preregister for giving birth with my hospital?

Re: Should I preregister for giving birth with my hospital?

The Bump Expert

Why not? Basically, preregistering just gets most of your hospital paperwork out of the way before you come in to deliver. This way, the docs and nurses have your info (employment info, insurance documents and the like), and your file will be all ready to go when baby decides it’s time to make an appearance. It shouldn't take too long, and you might even be able to do it over the telephone or Internet.

If your hospital allows preregistering, we say go for it -- you probably won’t be too excited about signing forms and digging for your insurance card once you’re in active labor. (Think your partner can simply deal with the forms? Maybe so, but that means you'll be missing his support while he's busy with the paperwork. It can also save you from potential insurance headaches down the road -- mistakes are more likely if you register at that last (crazy) minute.

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Preregister with hospital?

The hospital I am delivering at requires pre-registration. Make sure to check whether or not you have to.

MrsD_111106 |

re: Q: Preregister with hospital?

The hospital we go to has nothing but private rooms and you usually stay in the same room to deliver atleast we were able to with our first.Well when it was time for our second child to come into the world we were bumped from our room because they didn't expect us...our doctor's office was handeling the pre-registration and the hospital never recieved our paperwork! We ended up in a birthing room and waited about 4 more hours after our son was born for our own room. This time around I'll be sure we are pre-registered. I highly advise checking into wether or not you need to pre-register. It's no fun walking the halls before your about to give burth because your rooms not ready or having to move everything from three different places before your setteled in when you could have just been in one spot all along.

CVermette |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

Yes. preregister. It means that you or your husband won't have to deal with paperwork while you're in labor. You won't be in any mental position to be signing and filling out forms, so absolutely preregister. I preregistered with my son, and when I was in labor, I went straight to a room with very little bureaucratic red tape.

Momtoericplus1 |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

We went to pre-register at the hospital and filled out 2 pages of insurance and contact information. When we were leaving she let us know that we will have to come back to registration and fill something else out when we actually check in. I found this a little annoying because we made a special trip to avoid having to do paperwork and are going to have to anyhow...

KylieErber@hotmail.com |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

Deffinately it saves so much time and then u get a chance to c wer ur child will be born and u can mak sure its up to ur standards

arielptrs@yahoo.com |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

I went in for my 38 week appt and had to go to the hospital to do blood work and urine analysis. We went ahead and preregistered. I'm glad I did, because I was able to put myself in the directory, that way our family and friends can come see us and look up what room we are in. Also, getting all the paperwork outta the way was a relief!

LydiaMM |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

At the childbirth class we took at the hospital this past weekend, they strongly recommend pre-registering just to get you in their system. Speeds up the process. You want paperwork to be the least of your worries when you go to the hospital!

babyblue211281@aol.com |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

I say yes, its a great idea. when i went into labor with my twins they did it while i was in the room and it drove me crazy. it was the last thing i wanted to be doing at that moment. if you pre-register then you will be able to focus on what your there for witch is YOU and YOUR BABY.

young28 |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

My friend (who just had her baby) and I work for the hospital so we got all pre-registered like good little patients. However she told me afte delivery that this was totally pointless because they made her go through everything all over again. And there is still information you have to fill out for admitting. Pre-registering was basically just to get our names in the system. She had to stand in the lobby of the ER for over 20 minutes registering and filling out admission papers all over again. Meanwhile she was in terrible pain! So check on your hospital's policies. If you have a smarter hospital than we do, it's definitely a good idea.

prettysoldier |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

I preregistered today! I found the process to be very easy. I was on the phone for about 10 minutes tops. My hospital offered an online preregister, however it was down at the time I went to register. I feel so relieved knowing that i will not have to wait in pain while my husband fills out paperwork!

conniemccallister |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

Now I don't mean to sound completely stupid but how does preregistering even work? Babies rarely come one your due date and my doc and the ultra sound tech keep giving me dates like 5 to 6 days apart... So how does preregistering ensure your going to have a room ready and open?

clizh |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

My doctor told me i didnt have to and they gave me a form to fill out to have reasy for when i do go to the hospital. But it definantly never hurts to go ahead and pre-register so you can get a room faster.

rylanjames2011 |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

Definately! Our hospital had an online form initially, and then we came in for the other peperwork to sign, birth certificate info, safety and security info, etc... It was definately worth it because all I had to do was fill in the name on thebirth certificate when she was born -- nothing else to worry about or sign when you are in labo or after!

bugmagnt |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

We are registering at the end of our childbirth classes at the hospital. They give you a tour of L & D and then get you all registered up!

LaurenandMike13 |

Q&A: Should I preregister with the hospital?

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santa22 |