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Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

My baby is breech. What are my delivery options?

Re: My baby is breech. What are my delivery options?

The Bump Expert

Doctors often recommend a cesarean birth, but vaginal birth may be an option if version is successful. When you’re close to your delivery date, you and your doctor will inevitably discuss the risks and benefits of your options.

Vaginal birth is pretty tough when baby is breech. (Ok, birth is always pretty touch. With a breech baby, it’s even tougher. Not to scare you.) Since baby’s head is the largest body part at birth, when it comes out first (when baby is in the normal position), it’s relatively easy to guide the rest of the body out after. With breech babies, the body comes out first, and may not stretch the cervix enough for the larger head to come out after. A prolapsed umbilical cord -- when the cord goes through the birth canal before baby -- is also more likely in a vaginal breech birth. A prolapsed cord can become pinched, which cuts off blood flow.

For these reasons, breech babies are usually delivered via cesarean section. The risks -- rare and usually easy to treat -- are similar to any major surgery and include infection, bleeding and complications from pain medication.

The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

I was born a breech baby, and My mother was given 2 options C-Section or forceps (this was in 1989). I was delivered C-section. I was also born pigeon-toed, but that was fixed.

kthomasgregorio |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

I had a vaginal breech delivery (frank breech position baby). You should research vaginal breech deliveries and talk to your doctor/midwives b/c it is often not taught so many OBs are not familiar and/or comfortable with vaginal delivery. However, if you find an OB that is skilled in delivery, there are often very few complications for a vaginal frank breech delivery.

MTbridess |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

I was born a breech baby in 1984 (frank position) I was born vaginally but have had lots of problems with my legs and hips. My first baby is also breech (complete or feet first). My doctor has been delivering babies for over 40 years. He said that he used to deliver breech babies all the time because they did what the mother wanted, but now they do not do them because of the high risk of brain damage. They do not try adversion for first time babies due to the risk of seperating the placenta; however, they can do this with 2nd and so on babies since the uterus will be more streched out. Believe me I do not want a c-section either and it is possible the baby might turn, but if your doctor is experienced and says you need a c-section...I would go with the advice from the educated professional.

JBVsgirl |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

My baby was breech and they told me all of the complications that can happen when delivering a breech baby. They also told me that they could try and turn the baby manually but that it was not definite and that even if they got the baby to turn she could go right back the way she was. I also heard that doing that can be very painful. I was pretty upset about having to have the C-section but realized given my situation it really was the better route to go and we both got through. In fact because she was born c-section there was no trauma to her going through the birth canal.

cynth1 |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

I was in a breech position when my mother went into labor with me. I wanted to come out butt first. The doctors turned me three times and then decided that c-section was the best option. While they were prepping my mom for the surgery, I turned and came out head first. I had problems with my hips because of the doctors turning me. I had to wear a brace for the first year of my life. However, that was 27 years ago and the medical field has made many advances since then. I think you need to discuss with your doctor what the best option will be for you and your baby.

brendak611 |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

My baby is breech and I have done just about everything to turn my little one. Radio between the legs and right above the pelvic bone (lullaby or orchestra). A chiropractor can perform th "webster's technique" wich has a 98% success rate with babies. Laying on an incline, and also a few yoga positions help. I'm very determined to have a natural child birth and the way its looking I have to opt for a c-section. Im going to wait to go into labor before I go in, just so I can at least experience the hormonal exchange with the baby. BUT, remember your baby can still flip while your in labor! Both my birthing coach and friends mothers babies turned durning labor, so dont rush it! Hope this helps anyone...

keepswimming1984@yahoo.com |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

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watson012 |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

keepswimmiing, how did the birth go, did the baby turn? I am 37 weeks so far and very determined to have natural childbirth. However, so far, yoga, Webster technique, inversion, music and lights between the legs, even a cold pack don't seem to budge my little one. My OB is going to try version next, but if all else fails I think I will follow your route and wait to go into labor and giving him every chance to turn before having a c-section. What can I say, he is determined to be the " 3 percent"

mns001 |

Q&A: Delivering a breech baby?

GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR! They can help with breech babies. I've been going to a chiropractor for about 2 years and it has improved my life. They have this wall of success with stars filled out stating "freedom from ____", and quite a few are breech baby deliveries. Personally, I'm free of acid reflux and my immune system is a lot stronger. They also help with kids' ear infections, asthma, ADD, and even bedwetting. I plan on getting adjusted regularly during my pregnancy and having my baby adjusted as well when the time comes.

SandyJ311 |


Midwives deliver breech babies if the baby is healthy, women have been delivering babies breech for thousands of years. As to the comment about baby avoiding trauma going through the birth canal, that is supposed to happen! Doctors don't want to deal with laboring women, so they opt for c sections and etc. there are so many benefits to natural labor, and when you have the support of a doctor or midwife, vaginally breech delivery is definitely possible.

madisonbradford94 |