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Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

What should I keep in mind in terms of safety and practicality as I set up the nursery?

Re: What should I keep in mind in terms of safety and practicality as I set up the nursery?

The Bump Expert

Good question -- there's definitely a lot to think about as you put the nursery together. Some important things to consider:

[   ] Finish all painting and wallpapering at least eight weeks before baby is expected, and leave windows open for aeration until the actual arrival. These activities release potentially harmful fumes, but finishing them early should eliminate any risk to baby.

[   ] Notice where light enters the room. Don't put the crib somewhere that receives direct sunlight in the morning or is under a streetlight all night.

[   ] Check that none of the crib slats are more than two and 3/8 inches apart, and that all the bolts and screws are tight. Make sure there are no gaps between the mattress and crib, and look out for any small parts or plastic coverings.

[   ] Keep comforters and pillows out of the crib -- they could suffocate baby. If a pretty blanket came with the crib set, try hanging it on the wall or using it on the rocking chair.

[   ] Make sure there's room to replace the crib with a bed once baby is ready.

[   ] Use wood or cork floor or area rugs rather than wall-to-wall carpet if you can. They're all easier to clean, and don't harbor as much allergy-inducing dust.

[   ] Secure rugs to the floor with double-side tape. Wouldn't want one to slip while baby's in your arms!

[   ] Figure out how much storage space you'll need... then put in more. Almost without fail, parents underestimate the amount of stuff they'll acquire.

[   ] Don't forget somewhere for you to sit, and make it comfy. You'll spend lots of time reading and rocking in that chair.

[   ] Keep all diaper supplies close to the changing table, so you don't have to move far from baby to reach anything.

[   ] Place furniture away from the windows, and use window guards. Also, cut off any blind or curtain cords, or put them up out of reach.

[   ] Anchor all heavy furniture to the wall so it won't fall over if accidentally bumped.

The Bump Editors

Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

I changed the nursery after I found out I was pregnant, I had an agreement with my husband to let me choose all the furniture for the nursery while he had to discuss with the Bathroom Remodel Columbia MD specialists about the new design of our bathroom. I have chosen bamboo flooring instead of traditional wood flooring, it is a highly renewable resource and it looks better.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

There are a lot of things you need to take into consideration when remodeling the nursery, the most important is to use only natural paints that contains no chemicals or your baby could have breathing problems. The only thing I changed in the nursery was new seersucker bedding from http://www.danieldrygoods.com/bedding/seersucker-bedding-duvet-covers-and-pillows after my son took a homeless cat with him in his, I remodeled the nursery one year ago and it does not needs any changes.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

Leaving the windows open for aeration after painting is very important, my niece did not do this and she suffered from Oil-based paint poisoning. Recently I painted the nursery and tried some home improvement remodel ideas I saw on http://www.theremodelersinc.com/ website. The design is awesome and I am sure my kids will love it.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

It is very easy to create a safe nursery if you have a little help and a little inspiration. Usually choosing the right color is the hardest thing for the future-to-be parents. Nobody is using the classic blue and pink anymore and you can check with an interior painting company in San Diego a few ideas that you can adopt. Another idea is to use pieces of furniture that you can re-use when the baby grows.

siedna |

Q&A: Creating a safe nursery?

The best thing that you can do is to choose colors and interior design pieces that the child will still use when he will grow. There is a company called Moduform which has amazing furniture pieces that are suitable for every age. You will like them especially if you are into the classic trend. The child won't realize much until he or she is a few years old.

siedna |