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Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

How do I know if I’m taking a good childbirth class? What should I be learning?

Re: How do I know if I’m taking a good childbirth class? What should I be learning?

The Bump Expert

No matter what style of class you choose, check the instructor’s certification and credentials in advance. Look for a class with three to ten students, and go for one that meets for short sessions over several weeks -- you’ll learn and retain more than from one marathon session. Find reviews of specific classes from local parents on lilaguide.com.

Before you sign up, find out what topics the class will cover. These should include instruction on comfort, support, relaxation and positioning for labor, epidurals and other pain meds, possible complications and interventions during delivery, and birth plan options. Also look for postpartum topics like breastfeeding, parenting and your own recovery. Good luck!

Paula Kashtan

re: Q: Childbirth classes already

I was just wondering when other expectant mom's start going to childbirth classes. I was told that I should wait until 6months... is that too long?

babybumpjoy |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

My friend waited until around 6mos. She ended up being totally fine, because her baby was 3.5 weeks late! (He's born now, and is totally beautiful.) I hear that six months is a good time, but maybe a little earlier if your mom or sisters have a history of delivering early. You'll want to make sure you have enough time to finish your class before the Big Day!

shoshigana@yahoo.com |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

i just started my second trimester and the checklist is already telling me to look into these classes... i guess it depends on how many weeks the classes run for?

gummybearsong |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

I'm 14 weeks now. I called the hospital where I'll be delivering and asked one of the nurses when people usually take the childbirth classes. She said I should be finished with the class about 4-5 weeks before my due date. That way it's still fresh in my mind and I still have plenty of time between the end of the class and my due date. But I already signed up for it since they fill up super fast. Hope this helps!

TheRashkins |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

ok so this is my 7th baby (dont judge, I've only given birth to ONE of my own!! I was a surrogate!) that I've given birth to, HOWEVER, this is my husbands first child, do you think we should take classes?? Or is it only for first time moms??

ZachnLoriahn |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

Does anyone take lamaze classes anymore?

mrs crone |

re: Q: Childbirth class curriculum?

I called to get signed up for classes around four months so they didn't fill up before I could get in. The lady that I talked to on the phone asked me if I wanted to do them in July or August (I'm due Sept. 29). I took the July classes because I am going on a trip in August and I didn't want to miss my first class! So, we'll start them at 27 weeks and end them at 30 weeks. I would say anything past 25 weeks is ok. To ZachnLoriahn, if you and your husband want to go, then go!! There is nothing that says you can't, so why not??

dizzzy_chik99 |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

they usually tell you to wait until 5weeks before your due date..but i ended up only making one class because my water broke at 35 weeks...so i suggest you go a little earlier..you never know! better to be reay then to be clueless like i was ! :)

autumninhale |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

There is also an online degree program if you have a busy schedule at work and you can only attend from home. Maybe it will help you out. I know quite a few couples that are struggling with time management.

DebbieJenkins |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

Maybe you should try and learn something about public health. That could help you in a lot of situations. With a young child you do have to visit the doctor periodically, right?

DolceM |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

I think it is like learning business, you need to try different places to see how you feel about them and after that the answer is simple.

maxis21 |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

When she was pregnant with my brother, my mother was eager to learn every new method. I didn't have a clue about why she was doing that, only after high school I understood that a mother should be cautious over and over, no mater how many kids she already has.

TawnyCollyn |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

My doctor recommends that women take the class at about 26-28 weeks. The class meets once a week for 4 weeks. She says that this is a good time to go to the class because it's early enough where you most likely will not deliver prior to finishing the classes, and it's late enough that you will still remember the information once it's time to deliver.

jayelis |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

There are a lot of opportunities if you want to take childbirth classes, my niece told me that learning online is great and she will try doing on-line courses. Taking these classes at 24 weeks is optimal, my doctor suggested this and he was right.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

The hospital where I'm having the baby has several different classes on varying topics. They all have recommended start times. The first one is at 24 weeks, with the last being started at around 32 weeks. You definitely want to be sure you've finished before having the baby!

Chicajacks24 |

Q&A: Childbirth class curriculum?

Good childbirth classes, just like any other class you take, should hold your attention and I think you should be generally excited about going each week. I think that most people would assume that you should be taking a class that teaches you the basics about labor and anatomy and relaxation, and while those things are great to learn, I feel that some of the most important things you should learn from a childbirth class, are things about yourself. The more open and exploratory you are with yourself during this time, the more comfortable you will be during the labor process and in parenting. I would recommend looking for a class that pushes you to look beyond the physical process and includes topics involving your mental and spiritual state. In regards to the timing...I don't think that you can take the class to early. You might come to learn that are things that you want to change regarding your plans for birth and by taking it earlier rather than later you have some time to make adjustments.

NineBirths |