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Q&A: Can I eat or drink during labor?

Can I eat or drink during labor?

Re: Can I eat or drink during labor?

The Bump Expert

For the most part, yes. If you have a low-risk pregnancy and a normal labor, you can typically eat and drink anything, as long as it's nutritious (docs recommend snacks with complex carbs and vitamin B so you have plenty of energy). That said, you might not want to. Labor can bring on some unpleasant side effects like nausea and vomiting, so if you're going to eat, keep it light. And once you have an epidural, you'll probably be required to stick to liquids or nothing at all.

Ashley S. Roman, MD, ob-gyn and clinical assistant professor at New York University School of Medicine

Q&A: Can I eat or drink during labor?

Most of the aliments can be eaten during pregnancy. While I was selling donper frozen yogurt machines I learned that there are several things that a mother should be careful about. When she was pregnant, my wife ate fish with moderation and she didn't drink alcohol at all.

RonAbner56 |

Q&A: Can I eat or drink during labor?

For vaginal births, yes. If you are given an epidural the hospital may say you are only allowed to consume ice chips, nothing else.... but when the nurses are not looking, you can totally eat. They are not going to kick out or refuse service to a woman in labor!

Rachallkins |