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APGAR Score?

What is an APGAR score?


What is an APGAR score?

The Bump Expert

At one minute and again at five minutes after birth, the medical staff will evaluate your baby's activity and muscle tone, pulse, grimace response (ability to get mad), appearance (skin color) and respiration. They'll give each of these a score from 0 to 2 (with 2 being the best score) and then add those numbers together. The point of the APGAR scores is to check whether baby needs immediate medical care. Generally, a score over 7 is considered healthy. A lower score means baby might need special attention -- or she may just need a little time. No need to mention baby's APGARs on her chic birth announcements -- the test is a tool for your doctors and isn't meant to have anything to do with baby's future health, intelligence, or behavior. Your doctor will let you know if there is any cause for concern.

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