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Q&A: Always a C-Section with Multiples?

I’m having twins. Is it inevitable that I’ll need a c-section?

Re: I’m having twins. Is it inevitable that I’ll need a c-section?

The Bump Expert

Not necessarily. It depends on your babies’ size and position. If they are both head-down, then you can deliver vaginally, and many twin moms do. There is a higher risk of complications, so you’ll need to be in a hospital and have a doctor skilled in twin deliveries. When you arrive, you’ll probably have an ultrasound to confirm that your babies are head-down and ready to go. Your labor will proceed much like a singleton mom’s, but when it’s time for delivery, you’ll probably be wheeled into an operating room instead of a regular delivery room. This is in case an emergency c-section becomes necessary for one or both twins (sometimes the first twin can be born vaginally but the second one has to come by cesarean). After your first twin arrives -- congratulations! -- your doctor will check on your second to see if he’s positioned well for delivery. If so, the doctor may break your water to encourage #2 to move along. Your contractions will restart soon (or you’ll get some Pitocin to help them along), and you can then start pushing, just the same way as before. It may only be matter of minutes before you greet your second child!

Q&A: Always a C-Section with Multiples?

My sister had twins vaginally. She nor the babies had any problems.

christinakprice |

Q&A: Always a C-Section with Multiples?

My mother in law gave birth to full term 40 triplets vaginally. 1st baby head first, 2nd baby arm/head first, 3rd baby breech. Quite amazing

brittanygerth89 |

Q&A: Always a C-Section with Multiples?

I am a triplet and 29 years old. My mom had us three vaginally, first two were in the normal position, and I was breech. The doc actually turned me around so I could be born! We were the first set of triplets born at the hospital! And now that I'm pregnant, I just thank God that I'm having only one baby, I don't think I could have done all that. Thanks Mom!!

tripletfeb |