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Celeb bump alert! Which celebrity is due for a stork visit next? Will it be Kate Middleton? Or Jennifer Aniston? Will it be a boy? Or a girl? Twins? Get the latest celebrity pregnancy news here and get loads of other fun stuff like our favorite celebrity baby names of all time. The names on our A-list include Harlow, Gideon, and Willow Sage. Pop quiz – who are the proud parents of these cleverly named kids? Harlow is Nichole Richie’s and Joel Madden’s daughter, Gideon is the son of Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka, and Willow Sage is the daughter of pop star, Pink and her hubby, Carey Hart. How about the craziest celebrity names of all time? We can’t stop scratching our heads over Buddy Bear Maurice (son of Jamie Oliver), Banjo Patrick (son of Rachel Griffiths), and Moroccan and Monroe (son and daughter of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon). Celebrity pregnancies are just like regular pregnancies except that stars spend their entire pregnancy being chased by the paparazzi and after delivery, celebs drop the baby weight before a normal mom has even made it back home from the hospital. How do they do it?! From first-time mamas to super-star couples expanding their broods, we have the latest celebrity pregnancy news, baby announcements, maternity fashion, tot styles, and baby names here. And if you really don’t want to miss a thing in the world of celebrity pregnancy, sign up for our celeb birth announcements.

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Is Tina Fey Having A Boy or Girl?

Vote now!

Photo: Getty Images

Tina Fey is no newbie to pregnancy, but this time around, she's keeping baby's gender a surprise. Think you can guess if Tina's having another girl or a baby boy? Vote now!

Tina Fey is pregnant with baby number two. Will she have a boy or girl?

Thanks for weighing in.

Tina Fey is pregnant with baby number two. Will she have a boy or girl?

Definitely a boy.

Another girl to join sister Alice.

Wonder if you’d have a boy or girl? See what the experts say by using our Chinese Gender Predictor -- its 90% accurate. After all, we always knew Tina's first baby was going to be a girl!

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