From games everyone will love to tips on registering for baby, here's your guide to planning the perfect baby shower.

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30+ Baby Shower Game Ideas

Our guide to some of the most crowd-pleasing baby shower games out there.

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Mommy-to-Be Themed Games

Game: How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be
What you need: Paper and pens
How to play: Have the host find out as much about the mother-to-be as a child and write the questions and answers down. Ask the questions to all guests and have them write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the most answers right wins.

Game: Guess Her Age
What you need: Several pictures of the mother-to-be, all at different ages, pens, paper
How to play: Have the guests look at the pictures of the mother-to-be and guess how old she was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins.
Game: Watch What You Say
What you need: Paper and pen
How to play: Write down everything the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. Once she is done, tell everyone this is what she said the night the baby was conceived and have her read it aloud to all the guests.

Game: Guess The Baby Pictures
What you need: Baby pictures of all the guests
How to play: Ask for baby pictures before the shower. Arrange pictures in a collage. Guests must guess which picture belongs to the guests at the shower. Whoever gets the most correct wins.

Game: Baby Bucket List
What you need: Tin (or bucket), pens, notecards
How to play: Ask all of your guests to write down one thing you need to do in baby's first year. It can be things they wish they did with their kids, things they want to do when they have a baby, or things they think you and your partner will enjoy doing with baby. The bucket list suggestions can range from trips to take, moments to make sure you remember, to general advice you might forget you need. Save it for baby's birth and once you're able to, keep track of all the bucket list items you complete! It's a fun way to scrapbook baby's first year!

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