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30+ Baby Shower Game Ideas

Our guide to some of the most crowd-pleasing baby shower games out there.

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baby socks

Baby Gear Themed Games

Game: Baby Sock Game
What you need: 14 pairs of baby socks, timer
How to play: Put all the socks, unpaired, in a pile on the floor. Each guest must match as many socks as they can in one minute. The person who matches the most socks is the winner.

Game: Do You Know What It Is?
What you need: 10-15 paper bags, 10-15 baby items, paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Put one baby item into the bags and number them 1-10, or 15. Randomly pass them out to the guests. The guests must try to figure out what is in each bag without opening them. Once everyone has guessed all bags, the mother-to-be will open each bag and reveal what is inside. Whoever guessed the most right is the winner.

Game: How Many Baby Items Can You Name?
What you need: Paper and pen for each guest
How to play: Each guest must write down any baby items (bottle, pacifier, blanket, etc.) they can think of in 5 minutes.

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