baby showers

Throwing a baby shower for a pregnant pal or relative? Get tons of creative baby shower ideas here in our comprehensive guide to baby showers. We’ll help you get creative with suggestions for fun baby shower themes, from all sorts of animal ideas to parties with exotic and international inspiration. Need a one-of-a-kind baby shower cake? We have great baby shower cakes for almost any theme you can think of. We’ll also get you set with the perfect baby shower invitations, baby shower favors, and baby shower decorations. And most important, we’ll help you make sure your baby shower is not just another one of those boring baby ga-ga fests. Our ideas for free baby shower games will make your baby shower the one everyone’s talking about for months to come. We’ll help you out with all the baby shower basics, too, like when to schedule the shower, who should host it, and all the other important etiquette you need to know. If you’re on a budget, no need to worry -- you can throw a killer shower without breaking the bank, and we’ll show you how. (Moms to be: Pass these tips along to your friends and family.)

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baby showers

Planning a baby shower or going to be the guest of honor at one? Check out our creative baby shower themes and game ideas. Find out how to stay on a budget and get an etiquette lesson on who should host it, when to schedule it, and more.

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baby showers
baby shower themes
From games everyone will love to tips on registering for baby, here's your guide to planning the perfect baby shower.

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