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Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

Is it rude to register for gifts?

Re: Is it rude to register for gifts?

The Bump Expert

Just the opposite: The registry is simply a wish list--a convenience to help guide friends and family to the goods you want and need, if they want the help. Shower guests aren't required to buy off your registry (or to buy you anything at all). Now even if you do register, you should never expect to receive only the gifts on your list, or diss a friend who goes off the registry. It probably means they were putting extra thought and effort into searching for the perfect gift!

Carley Roney

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

No it's not rude but also don't go and list the most expensive thing you can find either. That is just playing it safe in case someone can't buy that big ticket item it's within your budget to purchase it. But it's a nice thing to have in case someone wants to buy you something they have a general idea of a theme or necessity that you are going for.

nicanna |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

I think it's rude NOT TO. Look at it from the point of view of the buyer. It is a great way for me to know that my money is not being wasted on something you (your baby) will never use or even hate. I love knowing that you love (and USE) the gift that I bought you. When you register, I don't have to spend hours PONDERING over what type of binkie, burp cloth, sterilizer, etc. that you desire. So register with joy! It's a Win Win for us all.

Fall89 |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

It depends of the situation.I recently was at Pageant Dresses For Girls and my friend asked me to buy for her little girl a dress from their and It was ok and very expansive.

ioana06 |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

I've worked in children's stores for over 10 years. Alot of my time was spent registering expectant parents. Answer: Not at all!:D You can always use your registry as a personal shopping list for you and your partner. Or when you have excited friends or family members asking what you need, you can always casually let them know that you started a registry (at such and such a store) as a shopping list for yourselves and that they could look at it online or in-store if they'd like. When you register make sure to add a highchair, feeding items- bottles, spoons, bowls, etc., carseat for newborn and toddler and so on. You wouldn't believe how critical some people can be if they have to choose from only 3 items left on a list and they don't like any of their choices. Lol. Never mind you hand picked these items yourself! So give them variety, and remember you can usually return items for store credit, and you can always use more diapers:P

Steakburger |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

This is so commonplace these days I can't imagine anyone thinks it's rude. It's their choice whether to buy you something or not, they might as well get you something you like and/or need in any case. http://www.babygearlab.com/baby-shower-gift

nikkibs |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

I don't see why it would be to register for gift. After all gifts are meant to be given. Best, Zomick's

zomicks |

Q&A: Is it rude to register for gifts?

I think it makes life easier for those who aren't sure what to get. I think it is perfectly acceptable. Goodbye Monsters is a really awesome product that helps children with their bedtime fears. It would be a great addition for your little one or a really cute baby shower gift. https://www.goodbyemonsters.com/

Susanne33180 |