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Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I'm not sure if I'm going to breastfeed or not yet... if I decide to bottle feed, what supplies should I buy?

Re: I'm not sure if I'm going to breastfeed or not yet... if I decide to bottle feed, what supplies should I buy?

The Bump Expert

Actually, even if you do decide to breastfeed, keep bottles and nipples on hand for pumping. This will give your partner a chance to feed and bond with the baby, and enable you to take a break if necessary. (Items with a * are must-haves.)

[   ] 10-16 bottles and nipples, both four and eight ounce (if fed strictly by the bottle, baby will go through about ten in the four ounce size per day)*

[   ] Liners, for disposable bottles

[   ] Bottle warmer (cuts down on nighttime trips to and from the kitchen)

[   ] Bottle sterilizer (if your dishwasher doesn’t have one)

[   ] Bottle brush

[   ] Dishwasher basket for small items

[   ] 4-8 bibs

[   ] Burp cloths (or cloth diapers)*

[   ] High chair

[  ] 2-4 pacifiers

[   ] Formula (if not nursing)*

For nursing moms:

[   ] 1-3 nursing bras (Breasts swell following birth, so start with one size larger than your maternity bra. Wait until size settles down -- about twoweeks after birth -- to purchase additional bras.)

[   ] Nursing pads

[   ] Nipple cream

[ ]   Nursing pillow

[   ] Pump (even if you plan only to nurse, a pump will allow you to leave milk for baby if you want or need to separate)*

[   ] Milk storage bags*

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

Hi... The list from the previous poster covers just about everything. I would also recommend a milk storage/cooler bag. This is for taking bottles on the go. And, for nursing moms: milk storage *bottles. I breastfeed my son, and decided to pump when I went back to work. You will need to start storing your milk and freezing it about 2-3 weeks before returning to work. The bottle take up more room in the freezer than the storage bags, but you can re-use the bottles. If you plan on taking your baby to daycare, something helpful for the bottles, so you don't mix them up is an InchBug label. You personalize them with your baby's name. It's one of those: "why didn't I think of that" products. They're reusable, rubber bands that you slip on the bottle or sippy cup. They're dishwasher safe. I would say a must-have item. I know, you still have several months before you start thinking about daycare, but I wrote an article on preparing your baby for the transition... http://tinyurl.com/nh9l9m I also have a coupon code for 15% off inchbug baby products. Let me know what you think.

aidan'smomma |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

you don't really need a bottle warmer if you get the distilled water you can give his bottles to him at room temp that's what I do. I don't use a bottle sanitizer I use a big pot sometimes I wish i had the sanitizer but a pot does the same thing...I have no idea why you would need pacifiers for feeding truthfully I don't like them and I'm very grateful my kid hates them. As for nursing that's pretty much all you need...storage bags are awesome I pumped and only pumped for the first little bit...why are they showing a post from last year :( lol whats the point of re posting it well obviously you had your baby by now and all this is useless to you

Caleb201088 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

for freezing your milk, look into milk trays. they are similuar to ice cube trays, but are made to freeze breast milk in 1oz sizes. so when you feed baby if you need 2oz, you take out two sticks and thaw. they are great. take up very little room, and are resuable. you can get them at target and BRU online.

dot382005 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I received PLENTY of bottles from my baby shower but soon found that I could get by with 2. You should always clean the bottle soon after a feeding to avoid staining. I rotate between both my Dr. Browns while the other dries. The rest of Maddy's brand new bottles sit in our storage closet untouched. I am exclusively BFing and found no need for a bottle warmer. Warming breast milk at high temperatures kill essential vitamins, etc. Avent bottle brush I've found to be the best bottle brush on the market. Bibs: Go ahead & purchase the ones with pockets for the long run (= Dr. Brown has introduced a new line of pacifiers that promotes proper tongue placement and reduces jaw pressure. I feel that a high chair is not necessary until the little one reaches solid foods. For now, purchase a Bumbo. They help teach infants now to sit upright. "The first years" bottle drying rack

nguyenhkathy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I hate when people say "I'm not sure if I'm going to breastfeed or not." Are you serious? It shouldn't be something you decide on...you DO it, and if for some reason you are unable to, THEN you go to formula.

mammaitalia |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

You can do it, girl! Breastfeeding is so healthy and comforting to your baby -- he/she will get so much joy and comfort from being close to you. I think it is a wonderful gift you can give your child. Let me tell you -- the first 2 weeks are the HARD part. Like, crazy hard! You will want to give up probably because it's crazy painful. But know that if you can make it through that somehow, it will be totally easier pretty soon, and really worth it. Things that helped me: * Lactation Consultant -- I had to see one at least 3 times. Beg if you have to. Cal La Leche League. Get help. * My Breast Friend pillow -- awesome! You can use that to help support the baby when you are too tired. I love the buckle latch especially. It's better than Boppy Pillow. * Medela Hydrogel Pads -- expensive, but heal your nipple pain quick. * Sleep bra and disposable pads-- you need the sleep bra or else you will leak all over the bed at night. * A really great pump and bottles - even if you breastfeed, you'll still want to pump occasionally. It gives you a break, and helps keep your milk supply up when baby doesn't finish nursing. * Lactation supplements if your milk supply is low. I love Gaia brand "Lactate Support". I hope you choose to breastfeed. You will be sooo happy you did, and your baby will be healthier. Plus-- you'll save money!

atomicemmy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I wanted to try breastfeeding. So I just got a few bottles, I acutally got these Adiri ones online they are just like a breast and worked amazing since I had a hard time with supply at first we used these bottles and he transistioned to the breast great once all my milk came in and the mastitus cleared up. (yeah it was awfull) But if I could do it anyone can. The warmer saved my life. I would get up and pump what I could every three hours. Then go get him if he was awke and hungry which he always was. I would pop it in the warmer for just like a min and it was ready. We didn't have one the first few weeks and once I caved I was a much happier mom. I remeber I was at the store getting formula and a warmer.. I was crying in the isle. I was such a mess sad I couldn't breastfeed. But I overcame it. Now we only use it some cuase he breastfeeds amazingly. So you might think its a waist and some point but when you are in the moment that 30 bucks seems like the best money you ever spent. I only got a set of 3 bottles, and a set of the breast flow ones.. I hate! A dry rack and a bottle brush. Don't need much. Get lots of samples from your dr. I use those storage bottles with the cap to store my milk till I have time to bag and freeze it. Give breastfeeding a shot take your time and it will come naturally. I really is best for you and baby! You will see, I thought it wouldn't matter either way. Once I reallized I might not be albe to it devistated me. But here we are three months going strong.

carissawatson |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

@mamaitalia: Instead of being judgmental, perhaps people should realize a)it's a mothers decision what and how to feed her baby and b)maybe she can't for some reason. I won't be able to because I had to have surgery on my breasts during my teen's and I'm so sick of people making me feel like i'm going to kill my baby because I have to bottle feed. It's really a personal thing, and to catch an attitude is inexcusable. Helpful FRIENDLY advice about why it's good to do one thing or the other is perfectly fine, but the "are you serious" line of argument is juvenile and inappropriate. Let's be supportive of each other on these sites, we're all in this together!

KirstenGray |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I agree with KirtsenGray, Its a choice, I highly dout I will be breastfeeding... I wasn't breastfed bc my mother was posioned when she was younger and didn't want to take anymore chances of giving to me and I turned out just fine... Its a choice so all the selfrightious breastfeeding fanatics can just get off everyone elses back.

amber murphy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

i don't know but i would breast feed because it's way better for the baby

bigsister2018 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I probably will be pumping and feeding from the bottle mostly. I won't get very much time off from work due to the nature of my job so our baby will need to be comfortable feeding with a bottle right away. I might stick to certain time of day breastfeedings and bottles the rest of the time. If I have supply issues then I will supplement with formula. I can't believe that there are women on a message board on a website like this, designed to inform and support, that would be so harsh and judgmental. You can't fault someone for feeling the way that they do and it's every mothers choice. Most women my age (31) weren't breastfed because it was uncommon in the late 70's/early 80's and all of us seem to have turned out fine, healthy, bonded, etc.

melonhead |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

People like mammaitalia make me not want to ask any questions on this site.

awalsh4982 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I was allergic to my mother's milk and was a very very colic baby, they had to put me on a soy based formula...there is nothing wrong with a mother wanting to feed her baby-how ever that may be, I turned out perfectly healthy and so did my other three breast fed sisters. I believe every mother on this site would have the best intentions for their child no matter the method it is given.

feistyirishquinn |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I would strongly suggest you think for a long time about breastfeeding. Your baby will be much healthier if you do, both as an infant and as he or she grows older. Your child's risk of autism, MS, diabetes and childhood obesity could all potentially be reduced if vitamin D levels in the mother are healthy. There are new article coming out each week it seems talking about why mothers should take plenty of vitamin D.

paigee1983 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I think you should try it the connection you get with them is so amaze n but my son didnt end up breast feeding because he would latch on but it would hurt me and the nurse had told me that the roof of his mouth doesnt allow him to latch on right! who knew? you know but anyways i think you should give it a try ;)

Marisaisdope |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

Breastfeeding is far superior. No baby formula can compare to what your body makes-the perfect nutrition for your baby. Also, nursing is like having your pregnancy fat sucked out of you, and you'll get into post-baby shape much faster. And it's such great bonding time. You are the only person in the world that gets that privilege.

megbal |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I kind of think that is sad that so many people feel the right to step on others toes about breastfeeding...it is a mother's personal choice. I think you can state the facts if you like but please do not be judgemental or ugly about it...this should be more of a support group for all.

hharrrell26 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

breastfeeding may not superior if mom's super uncomfortable with it. baby knows if mom is anxious. baby will then associate these anxious feelings with moments meant for bonding and love. i areee, let's just stick to supporting instead of judging :]

SweetAsPie314 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

i would rather bottle feed so that i can clean or cook while my baby is eatinq n yes breast feedinq is qood for the baby bcuz the baby willl be healthy butt whoz to say the baby wont be healthy either way

vanessap16 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

All you really need for the first few months, is 6-7 5 ounce bottles, bottle brush and drying rack. That should about do it until your baby eat more than 5 ounces at a time. A great thing to use is bottle baggies. You just stick them in the bottle, put it the formula and water, and place on the top just like you regularly would, except its less clean up! =)

ashleyreadnower |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

It sounds dumb but if you buy bottles (or someone else buys them for you as a gift), make sure that they are all the same kind. Same with sippy cups later on. That way all the caps, nipples and rings are interchangeable and you don't have to match anything up. If you try different styles you will be amazed at how quickly the parts you need for that particular style will disappear when you need them. And don't let the breast-nazi crowd bully you into breast feeding if you aren't really wanting to do it. It is YOUR decision and you should feel NO guilt if you choose to bottle feed. Despite what the propaganda would have you believe there are plenty of bottle and formula fed babies with high IQs and no mental or physical deficits.

littledishchick |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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tareelolo |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I have a list here that may help you.. http://www.ohsoamelia.com/2012/12/baby-feeding-essentials_30.html

ohsoamelia |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

Playtex Nurser Drop-Ins. Best bottle out there - hands down.

MommyMiaMonologues |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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elva197411 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I am personally choosing not to breastfeed my first child. It is a personal choice and I don't believe it makes me a horrible mother. There is nothing wrong with baby formula, I was not breastfed and turned out just fine. If you choose to breastfeed or not, no one has any right to tell you either is wrong. It is a choice, and both are perfectly healthy for baby. Please stop making new mothers feel forced to do something they are uncomfortable with for whatever reason. Its bad enough some hospitals feel the need to force you to breastfeed regardless of your decision, we don't need to listen to it here. This is a site for support and help, not judgement.

brele0703 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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tukarluison |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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Mark2018 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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aliyawilson54 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

Make sure you do lots of homework before you make this decision and first ask yourself WHY WOULDN'T you breastfeed?

CarKar0615 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

That list is quite long, for me a much shorter list works. When I was exclusively breastfeeding I only needed 1. a nursing bra, one was enough, threw it in the wash twice a weak, dried fast. 29 $ in my hospital's boutique. 2.nursing pads - 6 $ for a whole box and I got enough for a lifetime at baby shower anyway. 3. occasional pumping single electric evenflo for when I pumped in the passenger's seat, for a mom working full time I'd go with asking for a pump in style medela with a pumping bra so you can pump in the car or at work no problem and discretely. That's it! I got lanoline from my lactation consultant so I didnt have to buy it AND I quit using it after 2 weeks as she gave me a much better advice - air nipples out, sleep topless, the small sores I had went away in 2 days, never had a problem since. Can let baby latch on w/o even looking. (Unfortunately I was diagnosed with low milk supply and had to buy bottles, a little bit of formula, bibs - got at baby shower, bottle brush - 1 $, rent a medela 50 $ a month so I can squeeze out as much as I can, I pump twice when she's asleep at night.She's 80- 90 % breastfed, now at almost 4 months old.) never needed a bottle warmer, I just put the milk in a cup of hot water - 2 mins voila.

monikatommy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

and in response to the pro-formula people, 1.thinking logically - cow milk was made for baby cows, not baby humans, 2. poops aren't supposed to look like playdough and they do ivery often f you , formula feed ( I know cus I have to supplement and I hate it, she has some bf poops and some formula poops, asked doc about it). 3. breastmilk reflects what you eat so you're much less likely to have a fussy eater. 4. Breastfed babies fight the common cold, (I attended a bf support group and I honestly never heard of the other women's babies ever having a cold), proving that the statistics about formula fed babies getting sick more often is true. 5. babies get quite often allergic to formula (mine had a rash) as their system wasn't designed to digest cow's milk I thought about soy milk but was advised against it, can cause real problems if baby gets allergic to that kind of formula as well). 6. formula is expensive, breast milk is free and iall you really need to ask for a baby shower is a good pump if you work full time. Now let us see how many good things can be said about formula : it's easy to prepare = saves you time. Umm that's it

monikatommy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

I hate when people say "I'm not sure if I'm going to breastfeed or not." Are you serious? It shouldn't be something you decide on...you DO it, and if for some reason you are unable to, THEN you go to formula - take a look at the guidance on the MotorTradeGal |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

While I can see why some women would not want to breastfeed (uncomfortable or painful, feelings of embarrassment, initial difficulty etc.) I would like to put something out there that really resonated with me: It's not about you. While it is great that we, as women, have more choices today with all the innovation in our world, it doesn't mean that biology gets to take a backseat because it's more convenient. There is no judgement to this but the simple fact is that formula does not carry natural immunity. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do but as a parent, the choice should always come down to what's optimal for your child. Passing on your hard-earned immunities and antibodies can only be a positive thing. For centuries some women even shared that duty (which in my opinion may have contributed to the survival of the human species). If you cannot physically do that, then of course you would move on to the next best option. So yes, it's every woman's "choice" but really, it's just not about you. I've been in the same position on home birth. I really wanted to do it for a more natural, private experience but then realized that MY experience is worthless if things were to go seriously wrong (even though we live 3 miles from the nearest hospital). It just isn't worth the risk to my baby for me to have my preferred choice. No judgements, no criticism. It's a bottom-line that I think every parent needs to face up to at some point.

HNRomance |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

Always breastfeed if you can. It's best for your baby. Adam Gottbetter

adameto |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

do it

xpennja1 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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yogesh123 |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

My obgyn and my lactation nurse hgave both told me not to breast feed, so if you don't bf, then hey, I'm with right there with you, besides, it can be a pain.

Heathernewmommy |

Q&A: Feeding supplies for a newborn?

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jasonspark |