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Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I'm so excited to start putting together the nursery, but I'm afraid I'll forget to include something important. What exactly goes in a nursery?


I'm so excited to start putting together the nursery, but I'm afraid I'll forget to include something important. What exactly goes in a nursery?

The Bump Expert

Whether creating a nursery is a treat or a trial (or both!) for you, this checklist will guide you through the process. (Items with a * are must-haves.)

[ ] Crib, cradle or bassinet*
- Slats no more than 2 and 3/8 inches apart
- Corner posts no more than 1/16 of an inch above frame
- No cutouts in headboard or footboard
- Top rails at least 26 inches above mattress

[ ] Firm, flat mattress fit snugly in crib (less than two fingers should fit between mattress and crib)*

[ ] 1-3 washable crib mattress pads

[ ] 2-4 fitted crib sheets*

[ ] 4-6 soft, light receiving blankets*

[ ] 1-2 heavier blankets (for colder climates)

[ ] Rocking or arm chair

[ ] Music box, sound machine or CD player

[ ] Crib mobile with black and white images (remove when baby can support self on hands and knees)

[ ] Baby monitor

[ ] Nightlight

[ ] Dresser

[ ] Toy basket

[ ] Swing or bouncy chair

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

and a changing table.

megonious |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I completely disagree to the: "[ ] Bumper pads covering inside perimeter (secured by at least six ties or snaps, with all extra length removed)" My infant safety class and all of the books I've read say that they are dangerous for baby and to put nothing inside the crib except for the child. Just some food for thought

hvanthoogt |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

The best advice for what you will need in the nursery will come from close friends and family that have or had small children. Also, you will drive yourself crazy if you read all the parenting books about what is and is not safe. There is NOTHING wrong with the bumper pads as long as they are properly attached. If they were dangerous the government would make the makers be recalled.

colorguardgirl |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

as to the bumper pads.. you should nt use them right away.. you can use them when the baby is a little older like when they start rolling around.. i work at a daycare and all the classes say not to use them early on... i wont be using mine at least until they are mobile in the crib so that they dnt smack their head on the crib.. same goes for pillows and blankets

hawaiiangurl88 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Yes, babies only need the bumper pad when they are rolling around. There are completely safe versions out there, I saw one at Babies R Us that was sort of a spandex-y type thing. Also, don't forget something to put your feet on to ease the tension on the lower back for those many hours in the rocking chair.

acrlyhed |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I used bumper pads in the begining and I am going to use them again. I don't see anything wrong with them. I don't won't my little baby to hurt it's head. Also there is a monitor called "Angel monitor" I think. It monitors the baby's breathing and will go off it he or she stops breathing so you can go in there and wake them. It was a big help to me.

magtag89 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Classes, classes. You can't raise or prepare for a child with classes. You have to get in there and do it. I've never heard of anyone with a problem from bumper pads. They aren't under them. And at the age where they are at risk, they won't be able to roll into them either.

Emjay221 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

We bought so much stuff with my first son that we thought we needed but found that we didn't actually use most of it. It's hard to resist buying a lot of things before the baby comes but it can be a huge waste of money until you meet that baby, see what they like and what works for your family. I found an Ergo baby carrier the most valuable baby thing we had. My son loved it right up until he was around 2. The post about the angel monitor is probably old but I was reading recently that they are very unreliable.

Lily1123 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Emjay221: I totally disagree! You do not have to have classes! I have never had a parenting class my whole life and I have raised my siblings on pure instint! Every mother has them! Besides, I know someone that took classes with her husband, all they are is about nutrition! Everyone knows not to give a baby hard food of sugary sodas and drinks! Its common sinse!!!

leeannapugh |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I think the point of classes is to stay current on safe practices, especially for daycare staff who need to protect themselves in case of an incident. Of course, bumpers are great for babies who move around in their cribs. The reason some people prefer not to use them in the first month or so is because SIDS in links to the lack of air circulation and babies breathing in too much of their exhaled air. Of course- air flow is good, and of course protecting the baby's head is good, so if in doubt try getting a thin, breathable bumper instead of the thick bulky ones! Just a thought for those stuck on making a decision. Ikea has some that are meant to be 'breathable' fabrics and not dangerous. As for changing tables, many moms are putting changing pads in the bathroom to do all potty activities in the bathroom, supposedly to help baby connect potty with the bathroom. I noticed laundry hamper/diaper pails were not listed, along with outlet covers and other safety supplies.

RoseRich |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I didn't see it on there but have heard many doctors, books, forums the shebang recommend a ceiling fan or any fan really. This is supposed to help with white noise and also with the air flow problem often linked to SIDS. Perhaps not a necessity but I will have one in my nursery for sure!

hdp12 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

i have heard similar things about those bumper pads and all the excess crap people try to stuff into the cribs. most people aren't aware until after they've already bought all the stuff but there is risk of suffocation with those items so it is best to keep all the excess stuff out of the crib until the baby is older. also, a bassinet is not necessary. once the baby becomes a few months old they start tugging on the drapings. bassinets are so flimsly and because you only use them for a couple of months they are a waste of money.

RachyD |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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Toddler101 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I'm glad to see a checklist that doesn't tell you to buy the expensive crib bedding set. You can't put a cute comforter in the crib until baby is a year old or so, those puffy bumper pads are a suffocation risk and you still need to buy extra fitted sheets. For the cost of most crib bedding sets, you can get several fitted sheets, a matching crib skirt and one of those safety bumper pads. It's nice to have the baby sleeping beside your bed for the first few months so you don't have to walk across your house for feedings every few hours, but try a play yard with a bassinet feature. The bassinet has only one use and baby will outgrow it very quickly, the play yard is nice to have for a crib on vacations or even just taking to the baby sitter's house (depending how portable of one you get) plus you can use it as a play yard for a year or two.

ces25c |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I have a question about a changing table, is it absolutely necessary? I know people who just use like a changing pad instead of a table, but I'm not to sure as this is my first baby and I don't want to leave any necessary items out.

nel2012 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Most of my friends and family have told me to forget about the change table. It rarely gets used for more than just storage. If you think you might want one, buy a low dresser (you'll probably get a dresser anyways) and get a change pad for on top. Save yourself space and money.

Slavers |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Bumpers in cribs aren't an issues and don't cause SIDS! SIDS is related to sleep apnea in babies. Like Emjay221 said, at the age they are vulnerable they can't even roll over into the bumper. The problem is in loose bulky items like blankets and stuffed animals. Those are the things that cause suffocation. I don't see any harm in taking classes as some can be very informative. However, don't get caught up in all the craziness and drama about stupid stuff that causes you to freak out and stress. Everyone I know that bought a changing table said it was a waste of money. Are you really going to carry the baby across the house to change him/her. Maybe only the first few times before you decide any flat surface in whatever room you are in at the time will work. If you do want something like that, the low dresser and changing pad is a great idea. The dresser will be useful later but a changing table not so much. A fan is a good idea as long as the setting is low as not to cause a chill for the baby. The idea behind the air circulation is the same as when the babies are born. Babies are obligate nose breathers. That's why you suction the mouth before the nose. Oxygen is gently waved in front of the babies nose to encourage them to breathe. So, some air circulation would be fine. Common sense is the key.

poconc |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

The American Academy of Pediatrics just came out with a recommendation that bumpers, no matter what type, should never be used in an infant crib. I think I will stick with their recommendation and forgo the bumper.

conrad100 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

I've just finished putting together the nursery and I'm quite proud of myself. It looks lovely and I followed all the safety rules, although that took a lot of time to prepare. I installed a desk for me to read at from www.adjustableheightdesk.com while watching the baby and I hope that doesn't endanger the baby's safety, because I haven't found any info on that.

Melisa Stryker |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Some necessities... [ ] 2-3 fitted crib sheets [ ] waterproof mattress pad [ ] 2-3 swaddling blankets [ ] 2-3 receiving blankets [ ] 2-3 wearable sleep blankets [ ] crib, crib mattress [ ] changing table and or/ dresser (changing pad is a need) [ ] chair, glider or rocker (something comfy) [ ] mobile or soother [ ] 10-12 burp cloths (they work for feeding and clean-up) [ ] diapers and wipes (always good to have some in stock) [ ] baby monitor [ ] nightlight (not to bright, but bright enough for you to see and get to the crib) [ ] smoke and carbon monoxide detector [ ] cabinet locks and outlet caps

LAmother2012 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

This is a good question!When I was three months pregnant I've started to create the nursery and I've put everything on the list from diapers to Baby Headbands.I gave the list to my friends and family and they bought me everything.

suniscomming |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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robert038 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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sanpatrick81 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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tukarluison |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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Mark2018 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

There are many printable nursery checklists with the pure essentials. I have mine hanging so these last 9 weeks, I can finish it off. I am using the unoriginalmom.com checklist and it is very basic. You can add any extras you wish when you have the essentials. Happy decorating!

DiaperCake2014 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

Keep your nursery germ free by having sanitation supplies ready. Health comes first - Penina Mezei

peniname |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

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Susanne33180 |

Q&A: Creating a nursery?

some people are suggesting a changing table... honestly we went with one for our first child and it was a total waste of money for the amount of times we actually used it in the first 6-8 months. This time around we bought the galley rail from Pali that is sooo easy to install on the top of the dresser and you can remove it when you're done with it. It saves space and comes in many different colors to match your room. Mom advice: skip the change table and save the money.

Karenf77 |