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For some soon-to-be parents, putting together a baby registry is one of the most exciting parts of getting ready for baby to come. For others, the baby gift registry is an overwhelming source of stress and confusion. Either way, we have the ultimate guide to all the ins and outs of baby registries right here. Start with our registry 101 guide, where we’ll walk you through every item you need and let you know which ones you really don’t. There are the big-ticket items, like your stroller, crib, baby monitor, car seat, and carrier. Then there’s all the little stuff, which can be even more daunting -- what size baby clothes should you get? How many of those little onesies do you need? What goes in a first aid kit? What kind of soap is safe for baby? And what’s that layette thing, anyway? Get the answer to these questions and more in our comprehensive guide to your baby gift registry. Then, check out our gear suggestions, where we’ll help you sort through the roughly ten hundred million products on the market and pick out the ones that are best for you. Plus, get tips for putting together a great nursery for baby, no matter what your budget. And try to remember -- no matter how overwhelming things may feel at times, this is fun. Really.

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baby registry

Time to get yourself and your home prepped for baby's arrival. Consider this your Registry 101 crash course, with plenty of info on how to choose the best gear for your wishlist.

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