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Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm feeling dizzy a lot. Is this normal? Why is it happening, and what can I do?

Re: I'm feeling dizzy a lot. Is this normal? Why is it happening, and what can I do?

The Bump Expert

Like most of your symptoms, this one's due, in part, to hormone and blood pressure changes. As baby continues to grow, the pressure your uterus places on blood vessels can add to the dizziness. Take care of yourself in basic ways -- eat regularly and choose healthy snacks, drink lots of water, wear loose and comfortable clothing, get up slowly from sitting or lying down, try not to stand for long periods, don't lie on your back during the second half of pregnancy, and avoid getting overheated -- to keep dizziness at a minimum. If your dizziness is accompanied by vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal pain, call your doctor immediately -- this might be a sign of ectopic pregnancy. It's also time to talk with your doc if things get so bad that you faint.

When you start to feel lightheaded, sit or lie down right away, and (if your belly allows it) put your head between your knees. Always lie on your left side -- this increases blood flow to the heart and brain. Since dehydration can make you dizzy, drink a glass of water. You’ve probably been told countless times since getting pregnant to just take it easy, and that’s exactly what you should do when you start to feel lightheaded.

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am nine weeks and I have had the lightheaded and dizziness the whole time. It only happens if I do not eat enough or get overheated. I have found as long as I keep a lot of snacks around it does not effect me as much.

jochambers14 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am experiencing the same thing and I am 9 weeks pregnant. What seems to help is munching on a few saltine cracker slowly, and prop myself up with pillows. If I lay down the diziness gets worse and then I start feeling nauseous.

missbumblebee84 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

Glad to see I am not the only one. I am 9 weeks as well. The dizziness started a week ago and having the room spin on you while already nauseated is a terrible feeling! Drinking a lot of water has helped. Thanks for the advice!

phillips657 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm 9 weeks, and I get dizzy too. Mostly when I am stressed or haven't eaten in a bit. Always munch on little snacks, because even if you aren't hungry you still need it!

Jojo793 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

Hello! This is my first post on TheBump but I have been reading fo a while now. I am 9 weeks pregnant and I also feel a little dizzy somedays. It first started a few days before Christmas, when I tryed fasting, but as soon as my doctor herd abot that he said that I should stop it until after birth. Now I am getting dizzy only if I am not eating properly of if I stay in a room with cigar smoke (and this one is hard for me to avoid as all my co-workers smoke inside.. I know is bad, but I can't prohibit them from smoking nor can I make them stop smoking)

oana_alexandra13 |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I'm coming up on 9 weeks and have periodic dizziness. Just a wave here and there but I do find that getting up slowly, and making sure I have snacks ready is a huge help! Good luck!

jsamwil |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

oh boy, i have had a high risk pregnancy in the past, and i thought the 9 week dizziness was a bad omen. glad to see im not the only one. and stress does tend to make it worse.

stefnshane |

Q&A: Is dizziness a pregnancy symptom?

I am 9 weeks today. I felt dizzy for the last couple weeks, but I haven't felt it this week. I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was really worried, but I'm glad to know this is normal. I've been trying to eat more regularly and drink plenty of water.

MSS32714 |


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