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Get a window on what’s happening in your pregnancy, week by week. From week four to week 42, your baby is experiencing a miraculous transformation from a clump of cells to a fully formed (and totally cute) newborn. Just imagine, as early as five weeks, your baby is already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous). By eight weeks, your raspberry-sized womb-mate is moving her arms and legs. At the beginning of your second trimester (week 14), your wee one is sucking his thumb. By week 28, the first week of the third trimester, baby (now as big as an eggplant) is prepping for breathing, developing his eyesight and packing on pounds in anticipation of life outside the womb. Each week is a new miracle. Less miraculous is how a mom-to-be may feel. Pregnancy Week-by-Week charts your baby’s development but also lets mom know what she might be feeling during each week of her pregnancy. Pregnancy week by Week includes everything mom needs to know to feel a sense of control over her pregnancy. Each week offers a complete guide to what you might feel, your must-do’s, your nice-to do’s, and answers and advice on everything pregnancy-related. Plus each week’s guide offers tips on maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy from strategies on coping with pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness anyone?) to ideas for healthy eating, and pointers on talking to your OB. Let us guide you along your pregnancy, week by week.

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Is getting an early ultrasound okay?

It seems OBs want moms-to-be to get their first ultrasound as early as eight weeks, but I have read about the sound waves possibly disrupting the baby's growth process at that early stage. Is this true?


It seems OBs want moms-to-be to get their first ultrasound as early as eight weeks, but I have read about the sound waves possibly disrupting the baby's growth process at that early stage. Is this true?

The Bump Expert

An ultrasound during the first trimester appears to be not only safe but, in many cases, essential to confirming a normal pregnancy. Furthermore, the most accurate screening test available for Down syndrome involves a first trimester ultrasound.

But, an ultrasound does involve energy that can theoretically lead to temperature increases when the fetus is exposed to it for a long time. Certain types of ultrasound tests expose the fetus to more energy (and potential temperature increases) than others. The bottom line is that an ultrasound can be an important diagnostic tool and during all trimesters should be performed by an experienced technician or physician.

Dr. Ashley Roman

Q&A: Are early ultrasound okay?

I am having enough spotting that my doctor is concerned. We are doing an 8 week ultrasound tomorrow. I would much rather have a slight obscure chance that it may affect my baby than to risk it and find out too late that something major is wrong...

dawnrood |

Q&A: Are early ultrasound okay?

I had an ultrasound at 9 weeks and found out my baby did not have a heartbeat. I am now 8 weeks along and had one done already. So far, so good.

BoricuaHunnie |

Is getting an early ultrasound okay?

i am 7weeks and 5 days along and i've already had 2, one at 5 weeks when i found out that i was pregnant and then another one because i was spotting and i was worried it turns out i was it just implantation bleeding and ive gotten to see the heart beat twice now, on the first one was 5 weeks 2 days along and the baby had a heart beat, i have another one tomorrow and the US's dont last long and its essential to proper observation of growth

bmp1819 |


As tempting as it is to monitor every step of development, it's really not safe to have ultrasounds every few weeks. Stick w the u/s at 12 weeks for the quad screen and at 20 weeks... Safest for baby's developing neurons and organs... Unless you are high risk. why risk over imaging as we are now learning its potential effects!?

izzythebridetobe |


I've had 3 us so far. I'm only 8 weeks. I had a mc. With this pregnancy I've been put on progesterone and I've had on/off bleeding spotting. I'm super excited every time I see my baby and I know he/she is fine.

Lul12 |


As a dad to be I would recommend against early ultrasound. We caught our babys picture when there was only a sac and yolk and no fetal pole at 6 weeks 3 days. Started reading all the bad news possible and got worked up. Wife was totally sure nothing was wrong but sent me into a tailspin worrying and researching why we didn't see anything. A week later we found the heartbeat and finally some relief. Worst and longest 7 days of my life. The first misleading u/s was abdominal. The second abdominal also showed maybe something was there but not 100% sure. More panic! Then the doc went in right with the transvaginal and had to fish around for awhile but we found it and it measured perfectly and had a hb. Bunch of uneecessary panic. We are leaving it alone until absolutely necessary to do again!

jrcheller |

Is getting an early ultrasound okay?

I had crazy bad cramps at 6 wks and after attempting to conceive for 7 years via every possible way except IVF I was extremely worried and so was my obgyn so we did a ultrasound at 6 wks and baby was fine even had a strong healthy heartbeat of 100 beats per min. I'm 8 wks Wednesday and we are having another ultrasound and most likely will every two wks until I'm out of my first trimester. My doc said no hard will come to my baby by doing these ultrasounds.

cgroves1021 |


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