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Get a window on what’s happening in your pregnancy, week by week. From week four to week 42, your baby is experiencing a miraculous transformation from a clump of cells to a fully formed (and totally cute) newborn. Just imagine, as early as five weeks, your baby is already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous). By eight weeks, your raspberry-sized womb-mate is moving her arms and legs. At the beginning of your second trimester (week 14), your wee one is sucking his thumb. By week 28, the first week of the third trimester, baby (now as big as an eggplant) is prepping for breathing, developing his eyesight and packing on pounds in anticipation of life outside the womb. Each week is a new miracle. Less miraculous is how a mom-to-be may feel. Pregnancy Week-by-Week charts your baby’s development but also lets mom know what she might be feeling during each week of her pregnancy. Pregnancy week by Week includes everything mom needs to know to feel a sense of control over her pregnancy. Each week offers a complete guide to what you might feel, your must-do’s, your nice-to do’s, and answers and advice on everything pregnancy-related. Plus each week’s guide offers tips on maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy from strategies on coping with pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness anyone?) to ideas for healthy eating, and pointers on talking to your OB. Let us guide you along your pregnancy, week by week.

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Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I am eating pickles straight out of the jar right now. Why do we get these weird cravings? Is it okay to indulge?

Re: I am eating pickles straight out of the jar right now. Why do we get these weird cravings? Is it okay to indulge?

The Bump Expert

Studies show about 90% of expecting women have cravings, particularly in the first trimester. Experts aren’t sure why, but one theory is that your body is simply asking for what it needs. The boost in blood volume increases your need for sodium -- hence, you crave pickles. Why the sudden change in food preferences? Blame it on raging hormones, which are messing with your senses of taste and smell. Hunger, restlessness and difficult emotions can intensify cravings, so make sure to eat breakfast, exercise regularly, and ask for support when you need it.

Moderate indulgence is fine (and totally inevitable), but watch your intake of empty calories -- especially if they start to replace important nutrients. Here are some healthy alternatives to common junk cravings.

Instead of ice cream
Try sorbet, popsicles, low-fat fro-yo

Instead of donuts, pastries
Try whole grain toast with jam

Instead of cookies, cake, pie
Try angel food cake, graham crackers and peanut butter, low-fat banana, zucchini or pumpkin bread, oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon, low-fat pudding

Instead of candy
Try trail mix

Instead of chocolate
Try low-fat chocolate milk, low-sugar hot cocoa

Instead of chips
Try popcorn (air-popped or light microwave), pretzels, whole grain cereal

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I indulge at least once a can only substitute certain foods for so long until you absolutely HAVE to have them! If you give in before it gets out of hand you will be less likely to just go get everything in sight and therefore feel pretty yucky that you let yourself eat that much junk.

pinitbaby |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

I have been craving all kinds of things but nothing consistant and it changes from day to day.  BabyFruit Ticker

draeray |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

Pickles is normal, Im craving BBQ sauce.... i swear i could drink it if people would let me.

taylawlove20 |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

i have a question,what if i don`t know what I want..I`m in japan right now, and now everytime my mother in law cooks japanese food and I already smell it, i feel sick..i don`t want to be rude or be misinterpreted..what should I do?what can I do? if i cannot eat there food what should i do? is there any tips or advice you can give me pls..?

moonlytmiko |

Q&A: Crazy pregnancy cravings?

My cravings change day-to-day... one day I'll want mac n cheese with salsa, the next I'll want guacamole on EVERYTHING! One craving that has been consistently on my mind is any type of pasta... yum!

kmarnik |


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