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Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I know the standard time to tell people you're pregnant is 12 weeks, but I really just want to let the cat out of the bag! Is it incredibly irresponsible of me to tell just about everyone I encounter as soon as I know?

Re: I know the standard time to tell people you're pregnant is 12 weeks, but I really just want to let the cat out of the bag! Is it incredibly irresponsible of me to tell just about everyone I encounter as soon as I know?

The Bump Expert

Personally, I'm not embarrassed to share anything that happens in my life with anyone, and miscarriage—the threat of which causes many women to wait to spill the beans—is a heck of a lot more common than most of us girls know. Just bring it up with friends and you'll be surprised at how many of them will confide that they've had one, or more.

Do what feels right for you, but if you can stomach it, tell at least one mommy girlfriend you are pregnant so that you can complain, wonder, rant, and marvel to someone who can truly empathize.

Also, think carefully about how and when you want to break the news to your boss and coworkers before you let the status slip at the water cooler.

Erika Lenkert

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

Don't do it! I made this mistake and then the worst happened. Having lots of people know about a miscarriage doesn't get you extra "support and prayers", just the horrible job of explaining your loss to people that you normally wouldn't discuss anything so personal with. I've even had people ask me about my "new baby" after more than a year of being out of touch. My husband and I have a (dark) joke about how it sucks telling people because it makes them feel embarrassed and ruins their day!

foxie131 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I was so excited with my first pregnancy and told everyone. Then I miscarried and had to tell them that too... The people I work closely with knew, however those that didn't know would come up and ask how things were going with the baby and so forth. When I would tell them I miscarried, they felt terrible and then the awkward silence ensued. I am 5 weeks pregnant now and will be waiting this time!

sbworsham |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

My opinion is to tell only the closest friends and family. For me, these are the people that I would want to know if I did have a miscarraige. Even then I would wait until after my first ultrasound to tell them. I would tell everyone else at the twelve week mark or maybe a little after.

kayleet2008 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I agree with all these answers. I had 2 children and then misscarried my 3rd on Easter day of 2011. I am now about 4 weeks pregnant and I am waiting to tell many of my friends and family. Only my immediate family know right now. I just dont want to go through all the excitement and then something happen again and then have to tell everyone again that there is no baby. I havent even told my 5 year old son yet because he still talks about the baby that was in mommy's belly that died and went to heaven. That is the hardest thing for me. I am going to wait till after my next ultrasound to tell everyone.

braisonkl26 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I would wait until you see the heartbeat. I was pregnant last year and due on December 25th, miscarried at 9 weeks. I told my family and close friends only, but my mom told a lot more people (she was very excited). It made the miscarriage more difficult. Anyway, I am pregnant again (4 weeks 3 days, conceived on December 25th this time) and we are not telling anyone until after 12 weeks, maybe even 16. One more thing, I had two friends that were due a couple of weeks after me (one is due today) and they felt uncomfortable talking to me about their pregnancies because of my miscarriage. If I could do it all over again (and I am right now!!!), I would keep it between you two. That is what we are doing.

W4LT3R |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I agree with most people, The same thing happened to me last month. I found out I was pregnant and told our parents a few close friends. I miscarried a wk later. It is awfullyt hard and the more people know the harder and more embarrassing it is to get over it when it happens. I would wait until you are pretty much 12-14 wks. So they say. Im waiting this time...

jennipage024 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

You have to do what is best for you. Maybe if you just tell your closest friend just to let some excitement out! My husband and I started trying last August (2011) and we got pregnant right away. I was so excited that I told everyone and even made a FB announcement! 1 month later, I went for an ultrasound and there was no heartbeat. So I had to make another FB announcement letting people know so they didn't ask how my pregnancy was going! I even told a bunch of people at work so I had to inform them as well. I am normally a private person so I guess I just let the excitement take over. My own sister in law made inappropriate comments to me about making my announcement so early and then my choice to have a D&C. I took a test this morning and it was positive...this time, we aren't even telling close family! I told my best friend and my husband will tell his close friend...other than that, we are waiting. I don't like attention and in the event of another miscarriage, we will only have to tell 2 people! But really, it depends on what you think is right and what you want to do!

gwen_hartrum |


So very sad stories

babygirl3577 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

You need to do what is best for you. I am currently 5 weeks pregnant and cant imagine containing my excitement for another 7 weeks before telling anyone. I told my close friends and family so that they can share in my excitement, and also so that I will have their support should something go wrong. I am planning to wait for my 12 week scan before announcing my pregancy to the entire world though. I know that a lot of women have miscarriages but dont be afraid to celebrate your pregnancy, it is such a special time in your life!

ChristineKingham |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I told only close family and friends when I first found out, I'm waiting to tell everyone else til after my first doctors visit. I told people who I knew would be supporting if I did miscarry. I also told my boss because we are going on a cruise, we planned on going in sept but I will be 8 months then so we had to change it and I had to explain why I needed to change my time off :) I dont think it is irresponsible to tell everyone tho, I want to tell everyone too!! Its an exciting time and I want the world to know!

almostmoore2012 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

You have to do what feels right to you. My first pregnancy I miscarried two weeks in. My immediate family knew and were able to provide me with emotional support. I got pregnant two months later and waited until my first ultrasound. Fast forward 8 years and we're pregnant again after TTC for 2 years. We got lucky with IVF. I'm scared to say anything because I'm told IVF pregnancies carry a higher miscarriage risk, but there's no way I'm waiting 12 weeks to let my immediate family know!

gemijoy |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I think everyone has extremely valid points, many women wait at least 12 weeks before announcing it, that's what I did with my first pregnancy and will be doing it again, miscarriages are fairly common the first trimester unfortunately and you don't want to have to answer to people about something so personal.

ghanagal35 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I am about 5 weeks and we are not telling anyone until I am about 12 weeks. I got pregnant last year but my hcg levels were never high enough and continued to decrease until I was no longer pregnant. We didn't tell anyone then and I'm glad we didn't. I can't imagine having to tell everyone there won't be a baby. The threat of miscarriage scares me and I'm just too paranoid to have such disappointment. I am praying that this is a healthy pregnancy and can't wait to hear my baby's heartbeat!

beachbum1043 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

It is absolute personal preference,but what everyone is saying here is right. You do need to realize that 25% of the time! miscarriage will occur, even in a healthy person. One point I will add is that if you decide to share the news at just 4 weeks, people will not always respond the way that you want to hear. I personally am waiting, but my sister announced it to the extended family at our little nephews birthday party at the dinner table by placing cards under everyone's plates, describing a baby at 4 weeks. I was not there, as I live out of town, but the report is that it was awkward. Not only was it a strange time to do it , but it confused all the little kids, and she ended up with tons of, "why are you telling people already?" "This better not be on Facebook!" "You know, most people go to the doctor before they announce it." She deserved a big congratulations, but sharing early apparently rubbed some people wrong! Out of concern, of course, just be aware!

nicolinab |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

well they said that my twins baby boy is going to be on week 2

dakotabraden11 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I would have to agree with waiting until your first ultrasound. My husband and I told family and close friends on our first pregnancy, and then I miscarried at 6 weeks. Although many were supportive it was traumatic to have to tell everyone that we lost the joyful event we so recently told them about. When we became pregnant our second time we only told my mother and one close friend. Unfortunately we miscarried again, but we seemed to heal a little more swiftly because I believe we didn't have to tell everyone that we lost the pregnancy. We are now pregnant again, and as we did last time we have only told my mother and close friend. We have a very positive feeling this time.

ewhitney01 |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

I completely understand what everyone here is saying BUT... FORGET IT I'M A TELLER! My kids are 13 and 6 and I ran around with pregnancy tests with both of them. I just found out I am pregnant again at 4:30 this morning and the most waiting I did was for my husband to wake up at 6:01. Haha! Then we woke up the kids, told them and then I texted everyone I know (including co-workers). I can't imagine waiting, even a day! I already adore this little zygote, no tip toeing here! If, heaven forbid, the pregnancy doesn't keep, I will share that too. Maybe I just don't know that many people, but I can't imagine anyone being anything other than supportive on both fronts. Anyhoo, congratulations to all the parents!

JeannaKayeCook |

Q&A: When to tell people I'm pregnant?

Personally, we told family and very close friends almost immediately as we have struggled to get pregnant for almost 3 years now. We also very much want their support in the event of another miscarriage... I am, however, waiting to tell everyone at work as the beans got spilled in the last pregnancy because me and my coworker found out on the same day... lately its been pretty rough being months down the road and everyone wondering if I "found out what I'm having yet". :( However, that being said, who cares if it makes others feel awkward and embarrassed that they asked. It's my life and my grief and my business and how they feel about what happens in my life is their business... I am who I am and I can't keep secrets, so for me... telling people has already occurred! Should i miscarry (GOD forbid please) - i'm not going to hide it as if in shame - its a loss and its devastating and I want the support of my loved ones!

melissaNbrad |


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