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Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

How can I safely treat heartburn while pregnant?

Re: How can I safely treat heartburn while pregnant?

The Bump Expert

Oh, one of the many joys of pregnancy: heartburn. But that burning sensation in your chest and the acid reflux in your throat don’t have to be a given. Check out over-the-counter medicines like Tums and Rolaids--just be sure you look at the labels. Avoid antacids that contain sodium citrate, sodium bicarbonate, aluminum, and aspirin (which may be listed as salicylate or acetylsalicylic acid) because they increase constipation and swelling. Make sure you check with your doctor before you take any other type of antacid. It’s always better to be overly cautious than an OTC renegade when you’re pregnant.

If you’d rather go the homeopathic route, try a tablespoon of honey in warm milk, a handful of almonds, or some fresh or dried papaya. Some find that chewing gum after meals also helps reduce acid.

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

I have DAILY heartburn. Even though I try to eat bland foods, nothing spicy or acidy, something always makes me have it. I take TUMS. I have contacted the company and talked to my doctor and they are safe for me to take during pregnancy. Also, I found that drinking milk really helps. I gave up all juices and switched to just water and milk and that has really made a difference.

pezaholic |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

The best thing I have found is Gaviscon (sp?) its by the Tums but for me, worked way better and faster!! Get the cherry flavor! It doesn't taste bad to me at all. Tums are so chalky and kinda nasty. These foam up when you chew them and work so fast! It's like you swallow and heart burn is gone! Even though you will feel like a rabid dog for a minute while you are foaming at the mouth!! I tried everything and these were the only thing that worked!!! Good luck!

jesslewis84 |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

If your heartburn is really bad, you can take any of the acid reducers like Zantac, Prevacid, etc. And if those don't work, your doctor can prescribe Nexium. Easier than all the chewables and liquids. It takes a couple of days to kick in, but works soooo much better.

noracwood |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

I was reading online from googling about heartburn and tried this but eating a tablespoon of mustard followed by a ton of water will actually take care of it pretty quick!

bethlauver |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

The first time I was pregnant, I suffered for like six months with horrible, awful heartburn and even resorted to long-term acid reduction medicine for it because it was just making me so very uncomfortable all the time. At points, even water would make me sick. This time, I've been using an organic food-based vitamin instead of a prescription prenatal and feeling better, when I ran out of it and took a prescription one I got very bad heartburn again. I also tried a heartburn tea, there is one for pregnancy made by Earth Mama Angel Baby. It works very well for me, I can even eat pizza. :)

katierivers |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

I tried to get by with tums and pepcid and not changing my diet but it just didn't seem to be working. Now I try to eat foods listed for neutralizing stomach acids -- yogurt, sweet potato, beans/lentils, fresh whole fruits and veg, and finishing with several raw almonds after I eat. In additional, I've taken to drinking a teaspoon of raw cider vinegar (with "the mother") mixed in a glass of water with honey. I usually drink it while making dinner. It's not terrible and really seems to help. They say the vinegar convinces your stomach that you don't need to produce more acid. On the days that I have that drink I don't usually need to take any antacids. Hoooray! (I've also ordered the Earth Mama Angel Baby Heartburn Tea -- should be here this week!)

SchuBeDo |

Q&A: Treating heartburn while pregnant?

While I enjoy going the natural route, I have to disagree with Bump here. My MD who is ayuervedic trained specifically said not to eat Papaya as it is know to cause uterine contractions. Honey, if not pasteurized, is also dangerous during pregnancy and for new borns.

ptriffic |


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