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Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

How far into my pregnancy should I keep working?

Re: How far into my pregnancy should I keep working?

The Bump Expert

This is one of those (yep, another one) “everybody’s different” situations. Some moms choose to work up until the very last minute in order to save up their maternity leave days for after baby arrives. Others choose a “last day” in advance in order to have a break before their due date, or make arrangements to work from home in the final days. We asked the new moms on our message boards for their take on leaving the office, and here’s what they had to say:

"I worked until the very end. My water started to leak while I was at work!" --
"I set a specific day. My last day was at 37.5 weeks. I had about a week and a half to run errands, do last minute shopping, and relax before I went into labor." -- mrsbilodeau
"I will definately work up until the last minute next time. I had an amazing pregnancy and I think its because I stayed moving." -- kbv
"My last day at work was my due date. I went into labor the next day and didn't go in. I didn't want to lose a single day with my baby!" -- dnagal
"I worked from home the week I was due, so I didn't have to drive to and from work and it was just easier all together." -- jomar
"Personally, if I'd had a week or month off before my EDD, I would have been bored out of my mind." -- krub
"I think that it is great to leave work a week or two early. Get a pedi and mani for goodness sake while you still can!" -- GigaGal
"I quit at the six month mark, knowing that I would not be returning to work and needing some time to myself before the baby came. It was the best decision I ever made." -- MLE21707
"I was due on 11/7 and my last day was 11/8 (overdue). It was VERY uncomfortable for me, but I'm glad I made it through and didn't use up more time than I had to. I saved it all up to be home with my baby before returning to work." -- Blushing051505

"I am glad I worked up until he arrived. I felt good, never had time to sit and think about how uncomfortable I was, and I think it has helped me jump back much quicker." -- Laroogirl

Paula Kashtan

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

7 weeks before my due date. The best thing I could have done. I was able to relax and get everything in order.

samandjohanna |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

Initially I took a week and a half off before my due date but later figured I rather have more time with my baby so im working until 2 days before be due date.

krissy52 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I'm in Canada, so I have a year off for maternity leave, and I'm leaving work 3 weeks before my due date.

reason00 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

The first time around, I worked until the very end...well, almost. This time, I'm leaving work 5 weeks before my due date. We're moving, and I want to have more time to relax and get the new house together before getting anxious about giving birth! :)

definitely |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I'm taking off the last month before my expected due date. As a teacher, I don't need the added end-of-year stress. It will also give me time to spend with my son (3 1/2) before baby arrives and time to get things better organized.

KareBear273 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

7 weeks until my due date now. So far my my pregnancy has been super easy and i've been able to get everything done around the house on nights and weekends, so I plan on working up until I go into labor. Also, my hospital is right across the street from my office, so worse case scenario I could be there in about 2 minutes.

natjay4ever |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

1 week before my due date.

Shamiekakirksey |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I don't have a planned end date for work. I'm waiting to see how I feel. I'm 33 weeks so my boss and I are planning on the end of July beginning of Aug just incase. I'm due Aug 15th. I'm training people to do my duties while I'm out and working on getting as much as I can done and in order before I go. I'm having trouble getting through full days right now so we'll see how long I can last. I spend more time in the bathroom and getting up going for walks then working lol

BrandiLCarey |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I work in women's retail full-time and am currently 33 weeks. I have absolutely no idea when to take off. I get 12 weeks of FMLA and short term disability, but with it being the Holiday season in retail, I am under stress to stay on as long as possible by my boss. I have had Braxton Hicks contractions starting up more and more as well as daily morning sickness mostly caused from allergies (Rhinitis). Anyone else in this same situation? Any ideas out there? I would like to be done the week before Christmas to relax, but like I said, my boss is wanting me to play it by ear and go as far as I can. My official due date is Jan. 2, but I have this strong feeling I will not make it to that due date.

Bmswang |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I would say that it depends on your job. I'm a RN on a busy unit & work 12 hr shifts but am hoping to work right up until the baby is here. I'm 33 weeks & feel fine other than the back pain after having a day where I barely get to sit down. I'm scheduling myself Monday, Wednesday, Friday and have a wonderful husband who helps out at home so I rest when I get home and on days off. Some days I wish I had a job where I could sit most of the time during my pregnancy but nursing is for sure not one of those!

NiNi823 |


My goal was to work until 36 weeks but i work 12 hr shifts as a nurse on the nightshift. Needless to say, it was so busy and hectic at work, and the baby was so heavy that in the end, my body determined when it was time to go on maternity leave. I started having painful contractions and when i went for my 32 week checkup, i had dilated 2.5cm. Talk about scarry. So i was placed on bedrest and early maternity leave.

lizzyb530 |


I'm 33 weeks and I'm working until I absolutely have to go. I don't get paid maternity leave and I only get 6 weeks off so I'll need all the time off I can get with baby. Wish I could take off earlier!

lolatotalus |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I'm a waitress so I am taking 3 weeks off before my due date. My job is physically exhausting right now.... Especially with super swollen feet!

MissStephaloo |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

im 33 weeks and im still working my 2 jobs. I'm giving up 1 job at 36 weeks and going to work til the end with my other job.Gotta save that money!

ghores13 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I plan on working until my water breaks

TopFlight07 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I have worked, worked and worked myself like crazy through my pregnancy (I'm 33 weeks with my first). I work part time at 3 different jobs, all totaling about 45-48 hrs/wk not to mention juggling step children, a tramatic crisis in early pregnancy AND my husband & I buying our first home! I am planning to take off work 5 weeks before my due date because I have NOHTHING ready for this little one & need the time to move, prepare & idk maybe relax? lol My boss didn't love the idea when I initially mentioned it to her, but I've been staying firm on what feels right for me & my body. ONLY 8 more work days until my leave!

jezas1 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I have 4 children and another one on the way and I have worked all the way up until I went into labor. However, I do wish that I could take off a little sooner to have more time to get things into order. With so many kids, you don't have much time to get anything done, especially when you are working full time.

butterlfy2007 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

I am 33 weeks today with twin boys. My last day of work is 7/31 and my 40w due date is 9/8. I will most likely deliver sometime during the middle to end of August since my doctor doesn't want me carrying past 38 weeks. So she wrote me a note to stop working next week. I am huge and getting uncomfortable. I currently work from home most days but having those last few weeks to rest, keep my feet up and do a few last minute things for my two little ones while not having to think about work will be so nice. Not sure how late other moms with twins worked but most that I know, stopped working around 28-30 weeks.

queenbee771 |

Q&A: When to stop working during pregnancy?

My doctor told me that in the state of California, you are eligible for disability at 36 weeks. I am debating on going out on leave at 36 weeks, or work an additional 2 weeks for another full paycheck before taking leave and only getting the 55% paid by disability...after a week waiting period. I told my supervisor I would play it by ear and if I keep feeling ok, I'll work until 38 weeks. Luckily, she is understanding and supportive although she would like me to stay until my due date :)

heywheresgina |

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