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Get a window on what’s happening in your pregnancy, week by week. From week four to week 42, your baby is experiencing a miraculous transformation from a clump of cells to a fully formed (and totally cute) newborn. Just imagine, as early as five weeks, your baby is already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous). By eight weeks, your raspberry-sized womb-mate is moving her arms and legs. At the beginning of your second trimester (week 14), your wee one is sucking his thumb. By week 28, the first week of the third trimester, baby (now as big as an eggplant) is prepping for breathing, developing his eyesight and packing on pounds in anticipation of life outside the womb. Each week is a new miracle. Less miraculous is how a mom-to-be may feel. Pregnancy Week-by-Week charts your baby’s development but also lets mom know what she might be feeling during each week of her pregnancy. Pregnancy week by Week includes everything mom needs to know to feel a sense of control over her pregnancy. Each week offers a complete guide to what you might feel, your must-do’s, your nice-to do’s, and answers and advice on everything pregnancy-related. Plus each week’s guide offers tips on maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy from strategies on coping with pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness anyone?) to ideas for healthy eating, and pointers on talking to your OB. Let us guide you along your pregnancy, week by week.

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What is a lactation consultant?

I’m nervous about breastfeeding for the first time and heard a lactation consultant could help. What will she do, exactly?


I’m nervous about breastfeeding for the first time and heard a lactation consultant could help. What will she do, exactly?

The Bump Expert

Breastfeeding isn’t always easy, but a lactation consultant can guide a new mom through the process. Lactation consultants can work in a hospital, clinic or pediatric office, or have their own private practice in which they visit moms in their homes.

Lactation consultants help moms get comfortable about breastfeeding and prepare them for successful nursing by teaching them certain techniques, like how to position baby and how to know she’s latching on correctly. If you experience any breastfeeding issues, a lactation consultant can give you expert advice. “I look at the mom’s history and how labor and delivery went,” says Leigh Anne O’Connor, IBCLC. “We have to figure out what’s at the heart of the problem, and the way to do that is to assess each individual situation. I look at how much milk the baby has been getting and how the breastfeeding has been going so far.” Once O’Connor finds out what the breastfeeding problem is, she works to create a personalized plan for approaching nursing.

There are two types of certifications that a lactation consultant can obtain: a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). “CLCs go through a weeklong training process,” says O’Connor. “IBCLCs go through a lot more training. They have to do numerous hours of clinical practice, take an exam to be certified and need to be recertified every five years.” During the training process, IBCLCs learn about anatomy, physiology and psychology, and focus on the anatomy of the breast and how milk production works.

So how do you find a lactation consultant? Ask around. Check with your baby’s pediatrician for recommendations. Organizations like the United States Lactation Consultant Association, La Leche League International and local mothers’ groups in your community can refer you to a trusted lactation consultant. Also, check out our directory of lactation pros at

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The Bump Editors

What is a lactation consultant?

I've always thought that breastfeeding is easy and I didn't know how many problems can a mother face with that until I gave birth. When I've tried to breastfeed my baby for the first time he started to cry and I didn't know what was happening. The pediatrician advised me to see a lactation consultant in order to learn some breastfeeding tips. I did that and I was very satisfied of what I learned as the problem was that I didn't keep my baby in the right position when breastfeeding. Unfortunately when my baby was two months old I didn't have milk anymore and I had to gave him an organic baby formula but he developed very well and he is healthy.

SandraMuller |

What is a lactation consultant?

If you are a new mom and want to breastfeed, having a Lactation Consultant is a smart idea. An International Board Certified Lactation Consultant is trained and can help you with any problem that you face while breastfeeding. Having at least one session will help you gain the knowledge and confidence that you need to breastfeed. I highly recommend this. Betty H. Greenman is a great one in the Houston, Texas area. Look up Breastfeeding With Love. She has loads of great information.

bluejayh8 |


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