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Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

How can I look good during pregnancy without spending tons of money on clothes I'll never wear again?

Re: How can I look good during pregnancy without spending tons of money on clothes I'll never wear again?

The Bump Expert

Go for quality over quantity. You need one pair of pants that feels good. That’s it. If it’s something expensive, splurge -- better to have one pair you love than a few that don’t feel great. The type of pants depends on your lifestyle; maybe you want a pair of jeans because you can wear them around work or home, or some other kind of skinny pant because your office is less casual. I’d stay with something slim, though; wide pants aren’t as flattering when you’re pregnant.

The great thing about being pregnant is that some of your friends are probably at around the same stage in their lives. Maybe when you’re done with your favorite pair of maternity jeans, they’re really just getting good from being worn and washed, so you give them to a pregnant friend, and then later she can offer them to another friend. Make it a funny thing -- take a picture of yourself in the jeans, put it in the pocket, and then pass them on.

--Cynthia Rowley

Kaitlin Stanford

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I am not sure how I lucked out but I did - I hit Ross while I was on our Babymoon in Waikiki and found a pair of jeans and a comfy casual topr - both for 9 dollars each :). Also i went to the Motherhood maternity outlet for dress pants, shorts, a dress and some additional work tops. I found that two pairs of mat jeans, two pairs of dress pants (one black and one another colour) one pair of shorts is working for the bottoms, tops I spurged a bit but I don't like doing laundry every other day so I have enough for two weeks. I am thinking if this is all I am goignt o wear for the next 200 days or so, I better love it. I also accessorized with some items I had prior to being prego - such as a bolero jacket (I just don't do it up), scarves, and such. Have fun with it too, it is a great way to try fashions, colours etc you may not have in your wardrobe usually. OH at motherhood maternity i found the cutest jean skirt too...YAY

zoodles |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

I don't know where you live, but where I live we have a pretty great Goodwill. I've actually purchased 3 pairs of pants, 4 dresses, several shirts, and a skirt that were all brand new Target maternity items. Some Goodwill stores get items from Target that are either slightly damaged or just overstock. I've actually furnished most of my house in Target stuff from Goodwill. So, if you have a nice Goodwill, don't hesitate to check there. I've also found a few nice items at a local consignment shop. Hope that helps!

alwaysambere |


I'm sorry, but there is no such thing as a "cute" jean skirt. Just had to say that. Ross is great. Goodwill can be amazing if you're careful. And Motherhood Maternity is a little more spendy than the other two, but still very reasonable prices.

Ch3ls3ab0t |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Where I live we have a place called Once Upon a Child. It's a great consignment shop for infant and childern's clothes. I have found maternity clothes there too, but you have to keep checking back. Their prices aren't too bad most of the time.

AleashaMarie |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Go online and check out if there are any places like Kid to Kid, or even the D.I. if you know what that is. Sometimes, perfectly good maternity clothing is sent to good will stores. I know I have in the past. I donate my clothing instead of selling them. And unless I wear them out, which never happens...They are in great shape for the next person. :)

felecia34 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Ch3ls3ab0t, sorry YOU have never found a cute denim skirt, but I have!! Old Navy is pretty great, but you cannot typically find their maternity clothes in stores. So, you have to shop online. Pretty hassle free though, and you don't even have to leave your house! Gap is nice too, if you feel like spending a bit more.

Ejocham1985 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

First off, consider your lifestyle for this pregnancy, immediately following the pregnancy and possibly your next pregnancy. I was working at the time of my first pregnancy and mostly bought work clothes. After the baby came and I was breastfeeding, I scrambled to pull together a super casual postpartum wardrobe that was breastfeeding friendly. For those thinking of breastfeeding, think deep vnecks, scoops and surplice tops. Also, now that I'm pregnant with my second baby (my little ones will be only 18 months apart) and a stay at home mom to a 14 month old, casual clothes have become my necessity. This time around, I'm buying casual items that are potentially breast feeding friendly. I've found Zulily is great for finding deals on these items as well as some of the higher end items, but check out the sizing charts and consider purchases carefully as all sales are final. I also would recommend having one great maternity wrap dress (very flattering and nursing friendly) and a couple of cute tops for going out. I also found that a minimum of 2 great and properly fitting nursing bras (sleep and daytime that could go under clothes when going out) were a necessity. I made the mistake of buying 4 at Motherhood and after 2 weeks I realized what a mistake this was. I went to a specialty shop and they properly measured me and I tried on the bras. Sure I paid more, but the difference was amazing and well worth it. Wait until right before you are due so the fit is right. Good luck!

jdklein |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

My small town has a facebook group called "Baby buy, sell, and trade". I have purchased 2 pairs of maternity shorts, a pair of maternity capris, and a pair of maternity jeans for $5-$7 each. Second-hand might not sound glamorous, but it's nice to get some gently used duds for way less than any department store could even come close to. Check within the community for something like this, maybe try Craigslist. I will definitely be re-selling my maternity clothes, not after this kid, but the next. :)

mamabellsbelly |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

Spending lots of money on clothes is not a wise decision as you will never wear them again. My aunt makes all her shopping on-line, she even bought an urn at was very glad she found that website. She presented very interesting stores that have cheap clothes for sale, their quality is great and the price is very affordable.

amyabel68 |

Q&A: Saving on maternity wear?

thrifty shopping is always a great option.. and checking the clearance isles of any stores is great just get more flow-y style shirts that can still be worn after pregnancy..GL

estefyp4 |


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