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Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I can feel my baby moving around, but I want my partner to feel it too! When will other people be able to feel my baby move?

Re: I can feel my baby moving around, but I want my partner to feel it too! When will other people be able to feel my baby move?

The Bump Expert

While you've probably felt baby moving around since sometime between weeks 16 and 22, it can take a little longer for the movements to be noticeable from outside your belly. And, just like everything else related to pregnancy, everyone experiences it differently. But don't worry -- baby should be sharing his kicks with your partner pretty soon! Most moms say that others are able to feel their babies kick sometime between 20 and 30 weeks. Some moms can feel baby move from the outside a bit earlier, and some a little later -- especially if they are overweight or have an anterior placenta (in front of the uterus). Want a more personal take on when moms feel their baby from the outside? Here are some real-mom experiences from the users on our third trimester message board:

"I would try and try to get my husband to feel the kicks and punches I was feeling for weeks but every time he would put his hand on my belly the baby would stop. Finally at week 25 he felt a big one!" -- Junebug9

"I think around 20 weeks my husband could really feel little jabs coming from my belly." -- Rosebride2006
"He finally felt her at 23 weeks, but he didn't like to push on my belly and she didn't always move when he was right there ready to feel. He really could feel her at 24 weeks." -- johnsoar
"Mine was 22 weeks. I didn't realize what it was until I actually saw my tummy move, like somebody was poking me from the inside out." -- wiglsworth26
"About 23 weeks because I have an anterior placenta (so it can take a little longer)." -- joecubed
"My DH couldn't feel her until about 27 weeks, although I had been feeling movement since around 17 weeks." -- mrsain1105
"I am 23 weeks tomorrow and still nothing." -- Soter1
"I think around 23 weeks. He could feel little taps on his hand." -- wendyj
"DH felt the baby for the first time right after we got back from our 20 week ultrasound." -- brandie_larue

"I don't know why, but DH could feel it very early (and me too, when I put my hand on my stomach) -- at exactly 16 weeks." -- kmgourley

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

i started feeling the kicks around 16 weeks and now at 20 week you can feel them from the outside. but i always wait to late to tell him and he keeps missing the kicks. she is moving now lol.

meganfablous |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

i was 18 weeks when my fiance could feel little pokes if he pressed on my belly a little

smariel88 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I'm 20 weeks now and have been trying to get DH to feel the kicks. I can feel them from the outside but DH says he doesn't have sensitive enough hands to feel them's so frustrating. I hope he can feel them soon because I want him to experience it too!

eluino78 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I'm 20 weeks today, and last night the Hubs laid his head on my stomach and jerked back really quick, apparently LO didn't like Daddy's head crowding in his/her space. She kicked him in the side of the head! Hahah

ElleC22 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I am also 20 weeks today and last night I felt one big one when I just happened to have a hand on my belly. I haven't been feeling a lot of kicks, more like subtle movements and the "fluttering" that everyone talks about, and never from the outside (I thought that was supposed to be later) but this one was definitely noticeable.

BGo |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

Ive been feeling since week 17 and I felt last night from the outside but my husband always misses it lol

djkatieandbaby |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I felt my daughter move at about 18 weeks. I'm now 20 weeks and my fiancee can already feel small kicks and jabs.

HeathaMatic |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I started to feel his kicks at 19 weeks, I am 20 weeks now and feel him all the time! The sad thing is, is that my DH still can't feel him. I hope he will be able to feel his kicks soon!

sailfishgirl16 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I felt a littel fluttering feeling that was stronger than a butterfly feeling a few weeks ago, but none since. I am 19 weeks now. Hoping to feel it again. Hubby keeps putting his hand on my belly trying to feel movement, but still waiting.

kellyl831 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

Today my husband felt the baby kick (I am 20 weeks)! I've been feeling it since week 15, but it took me a couple weeks to be sure what it was. Its gotten progressively stronger as the weeks have passed. Lately this little booger kicks me often and hard considering how little he/she must be!

gingerbabe |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

Last night my husband got a good feel of the baby kicking. But he could feel little ones since 18 weeks (I'm 20 weeks now). He thought it was his hand twitching at first till i told him, no that's the baby!

emason0327 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I'm 20 weeks and started feeling him at 17 weeks, My husband felt him moving around 19 weeks. I could see him kicking at 19 weeks too, so crazy!

NikiiLou |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

This is my second pregnancy and I felt the baby kick at 14 weeks, and then around 17 weeks my sister and i felt my baby from the outside. I was shocked it was so soon but ever since then I've been feeling the baby on the outside throughout the day!

Latimerb8by |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I'm 20 weeks and I just felt him a few days ago for the first time. it's a small jab outside but it's definitely noticeable

sadiekins89 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I first started feeling kicks on the inside at 18 weeks, and the very same evening I had my hand on my belly and felt a few from the outside too! They aren't easy to predict though, so hubby hasn't felt any yet.

oneyedsally |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I've been able to feel it for a while, but my partner? Not so much yet :/ Although he's excited to! He fell asleep on my baby bump near the baby's feet, he started snoring and it got all excited and started kicking at his head! It was hilarious for me but he didn't feel a thing lol

MonicaClaire13 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I just reached 20 weeks and finally started feeling the little kicks and jabs from outside of my belly - but of course it stops as soon as I get to my husband to come feel lol =) I can't wait til he can experience it too!

dtucci |


I am worried- I am 18 weeks and I still don't feel a thing. The Obgyn checked and all is well with the baby I just don't feel movements.

Lojosully |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I started feeling baby kick from the inside at 16 weeks exactly. It got progressively stronger until just last week, at 19 1/2 weeks I felt one good kick from the outside. Since then, haven't felt any from the outside (now 20 weeks along) so husband hasn't gotten the joy of feeling it yet either. But the kicks are getting stronger, so I have a feeling we're really going to start feeling them from the outside more often soon. ;)

dlBinger61713 |


Every pregnancy is different when I was pregnant with my daughter my husband didn't feel her kick unroll I was 29 weeks along yes she was very active until he put his hand on my stomach it was like a on and off switch his hand. Being pregnant again and at 20 weeks this baby moves and kicks like crazy this time my husband was able to feel the baby when I was 17 1/2 weeks along and my kids love feeling the baby kick them its a joy for the entire family. If your significant other isn't feeling baby yet give it a few more days to a week and he will feel it :)

agonzo83 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I just turned 20 weeks 2 days ago and I still can't feel my baby girl kick, maby cause she's a girl and she is more calmer then my two boys were, I can't wait too feel her move and feel all her kicks

AureliaH13 |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I am 20 weeks along, and the first time I felt the baby move inside was at the end of 18 weeks. I stop and try to feel it on the outside....hasn't happened yet :( it's funny because most of the women on here felt their babies on the outside at 2o weeks lol teases

MamaKelbell |

Q&A: When will others feel baby kick?

I started feeling kicks and wiggles around 17 weeks, and sometimes I can see the movement from the outside, but my boyfriend hasn't been able to feel them yet

Aoelaigh |


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