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Q&A: Pregnant with sore hips and pelvis?

My hips and pelvis are getting so sore…how can I find relief?

Re: My hips and pelvis are getting so sore…how can I find relief?

The Bump Expert

Aches and pains are (hate to say it) a part of every pregnancy, and they can certainly get worse as it wears on. Baby is growing like a weed (watermelon?) now, and taking up just about every bit of available room in your abdomen. That giant uterus shifts your center of gravity and stretches out and weakens your abdominal muscles, which affects posture and puts a strain on your back. The hormonal changes of pregnancy can make things even worse. See, those hormones are prepping for baby’s big exit, working to loosen up the joints and ligaments that attach the pelvic bones to the spine. This can make you feel unstable and cause a good deal of discomfort. Pain is never fun, but hey -- at least that means baby will be here soon! And once you're trying to push baby out, you'll be glad for every last bit of loosening up.

Paula Kashtan


You didnt at all answer this question which was how can i find some relief. Im having a really hard time with this as well and ive been told a good support belt cab do wonders but there are a lot out there and most of them are expensive so i dont really know which one will work best for these specific symptoms. Most talk about how they help with lower back pain.

Anjaliwhite |

Q&A: Pregnant with sore hips and pelvis?

I'm almost 17 weeks and have been having terrible hip and pelvis pain for a couple weeks. I saw a chiropractor who gave me some core strengthening exercises to do and adjusted my lower back- which helped for a few days. The chiropractor said my pain was coming from an unstable sacro-iliac joint, and physical therapy (core exercises) would help, as well as an S.I. stabilizer belt, and they make some of those for pregnancy too. My ob/gyn told me something similar, that any joint problems are going to be worse due to your body producing relaxin. She recommends prenatal yoga at least every other day, or if that isn't helping enough then she will put me in physical therapy. Hope that helps!

griffedme8 |

Q&A: Pregnant with sore hips and pelvis?

I am 18 weeks pregnant and have had the same issue. I have found that sleeping with a body pillow helps with the allignment of my spine while I sleep. I also have a stability ball that seems to help take the pressure off of my hips if I am going to be sitting for a while. If you are careful you can even roll around on it a little to help kind of massage your hips or help stretch them out a bit. I hope this helps.

lovelylittlenook |

Q&A: Pregnant with sore hips and pelvis?

If you are unable to afford a support band you can use an ace wrap bandage. Wrap tight but not so tight that it becomes uncomfortable.

lishparis |

Q&A: Pregnant with sore hips and pelvis?

I'm 33 weeks and have been dealing with the sacro-iliac pain since the first month. As of the last two weeks my pelvis has also been very sore. My doctor had me start physical therapy about a month and a half ago. Truly it was horrible. The exercises made it worse. I hurt IMMEDIATELY after my first visit. So I said forget it! I even tried the exercises in the pool so there was less resistance, but to no avail. I work two jobs in which I stand and move constantly. I've just been dealing with it...It sucks, wish I could give some better advice, but if you find anything that helps you, I'd be tremendously appreciative of the knowledge lol. Good luck

sarajean541 |


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