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Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I'm nervous about taking medication during pregnancy. Any ideas for treating a headache without meds?

Re: I'm nervous about taking medication during pregnancy. Any ideas for treating a headache without meds?

The Bump Expert

Good thinking -- I definitely recommend trying non-pharmacological pain relief methods first. These are also great techniques to try after pregnancy. (Though, if you do want to take medication, Tylenol is usually safe. Check with your provider before taking anything else, even something prescribed to you before pregnancy.)

[  ] Go to a room away from noise and dim the lights.

[  ] Try placing a cool compress on your forehead or over your eyes.

[  ] Eat small, frequent meals to make sure your blood sugar levels don’t drop.

[  ] Stay hydrated -- keep a water bottle with you at all times.

[  ] Consider enrolling in prenatal yoga or stress management classes, if your headaches are caused by tension.

[  ] Take regular time for low-impact exercise -- daily, if possible.

Most importantly, talk with your provider if you are experiencing frequent headaches, or the pain is not relieved by Tylenol and/or simple relief measures.  Headaches, particularly when combined with high blood pressure, can be a sign of a serious medical condition.

Maria Kammerer

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

i get lot of headache at night time and even cry about it

desireegutierrez2 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

In early Week 10 I started having really bad headaches, so bad that even Tylenol didn't help. I had to take a nap to relieve them and sometimes that didn't even help.

KaylaRo2012 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I have often migraines when I had my first one during my pregnancy I went to the chiropractor and it works very good for me I don't even took a tylenol...It works like magic!

Sheila Emery |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I also get really intense headaches, particularly brought on by being in a dim room or around cigarette smoke. I'm resistant to taking medication even when I'm not pregnant. Lying in bed with a cold rag on my eyes seems to be the only thing that brought any relief. I found that whining to DH also helped. Pretty miserable! I lived though, and you will too. :)

missmery |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I use an ice pack wrapped in a hand towel on the the nape of my neck. It works pretty well. I use this tactic for headaches and even migraines.

trogdor625 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I use a heating pad on my neck or a cold compress and a cold wet wash rag on the forehead and I make sure to sip water and get up and move around when the pain decreases

BodyModMom |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

i have found that a little lavander oil on the temples not only help the headache but also helps you sleep better. that mixed with a hot mug of peppermint tea usually does the trick if the headaches arent to to bad.

paige5486 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

Massage therapy (from a qualified therapist) can do wonders. Look for MT's trained in neuromuscular therapy or craniosacral therapy that has also been trained to work on pregnant women. It has helped me tremendously for headaches and other pregnancy woes!

jbrugal |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

I had a headache the other day and I had a couple sips of Pepsi (my first this whole 12 weeks) and my headache felt better.

nehughes85 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

Nerofeedback is a good alternative for help relieve headaches. It's a different take on biofeedback

Shelle113 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

2014- My Dad just informed me that there was just a 25 year study on tylenol and its effects during pregnancy and its results weren't great. Linkages to ADHD or cause the child to potentially to be hyperactive. I personally don't take it at all so now that i'm 12 weeks along i definitely won't be. However, Im had my first migraine in years this weekend. Alllllllll weekend. i took a hot bath with epsom salts, i got a neck massage from my lover, i tried a lil caffeine, i ate almonds, i drank so much water, even another shower.... nothing worked. any food or alternative advice organic mamas?? new mantra~~ everything will be fine!! it's just a baby!!!!

lilcornbread4789531 |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

To the Bumpie who used lavender oil... be careful! Lavender can disrupt hormone signals necessary for the baby's development, especially if you are carrying a little boy! Check out under the tab that says "side effects"

MusLibrarian |

Q&A: Headache relief without medication?

Peppermint Oil on your temples works wonders! My doctor said its perfectly safe as long as you dont eat it. If you dont have peppermint oil, vicks vabour rub has the same effect, just rub on your temples!

kelseybereti1989 |


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