Pregnancy Week by Week

Get a window on what’s happening in your pregnancy, week by week. From week four to week 42, your baby is experiencing a miraculous transformation from a clump of cells to a fully formed (and totally cute) newborn. Just imagine, as early as five weeks, your baby is already starting to form major organs (heart, stomach, liver, and kidneys) and systems (digestive, circulatory, nervous). By eight weeks, your raspberry-sized womb-mate is moving her arms and legs. At the beginning of your second trimester (week 14), your wee one is sucking his thumb. By week 28, the first week of the third trimester, baby (now as big as an eggplant) is prepping for breathing, developing his eyesight and packing on pounds in anticipation of life outside the womb. Each week is a new miracle. Less miraculous is how a mom-to-be may feel. Pregnancy Week-by-Week charts your baby’s development but also lets mom know what she might be feeling during each week of her pregnancy. Pregnancy week by Week includes everything mom needs to know to feel a sense of control over her pregnancy. Each week offers a complete guide to what you might feel, your must-do’s, your nice-to do’s, and answers and advice on everything pregnancy-related. Plus each week’s guide offers tips on maintaining a healthy and comfortable pregnancy from strategies on coping with pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness anyone?) to ideas for healthy eating, and pointers on talking to your OB. Let us guide you along your pregnancy, week by week.

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11 Weeks Pregnant

Around 11 weeks, you’ll probably notice some subtle changes, like an increase in vaginal discharge and a dark, vertical line appearing down the center of your belly (known as the linea nigra). It’s probably tough to feel calm right now, since your hormones are still haywire and you may still be feeling pretty nauseated. But know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel -- just two more weeks left in trimester one! Week 11 is a great time to start planning a babymoon: a romantic getaway with your partner. Just about everyone recommends you do this in the second trimester, since that’s when you’ll likely feel most energized (and we doubt you’ll want to do a lot of traveling once you hit trimester three). A babymoon isn’t just a cool way to celebrate your anticipation for baby’s arrival; it’s a great way to bond with your partner before baby starts taking up a ton of your time and attention. Hey, maybe you’ll also get to relax a little! So take your mind off your queasiness and start scouting some babymoon destinations. And if you need another diversion, imagine your growing baby, doing just fine in there, becoming more and more mature every day.

your baby's the size of a lime!
Your fetus is about 1.6 inches long, and she's got about a 1:1 head to body ratio. She now weighs in at about .25 ounces.

your baby at 11 weeks
  • You can't see it, but she's moving fluidly and gracefully in there.
  • Her skin is see-through, but she's on her way to looking more like a baby.
  • Her fingers and toes aren't webbed anymore.
  • Tooth buds, hair follicles and nail beds are forming.

pregnancy symptoms at 11 weeks
  • Fatigue and nausea. Don't worry, you should start to feel more like yourself soon.
  • Gas (like farting and burping -- sorry!) Are you getting used to it?
  • Mood swings. Try some mind/body exercises, like yoga, to help you feel more Zen.
  • Leg cramps, which can strike at night and interfere with your sleep.
  • A dark line may have started to appear on your belly. It's called the linea nigra and it's totally normal during pregnancy.

your must-do's
your nice-to-do's

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