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Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

I'm in my second trimester and my stomach and boobs are already starting to itch and I think I'm seeing the start of a stretch mark! I've only gained six pounds since my BFP so stretch marks this early are impossible, right?  If not, what can I do to at least ease the itching?

Re: I'm in my second trimester and my stomach and boobs are already starting to itch and I think I'm seeing the start of a stretch mark! I've only gained six pounds since my BFP so stretch marks this early are impossible, right?  If not, what can I do to at least ease the itching?

The Bump Expert

Try not to stress over stretch marks, because there is nothing you can do to prevent them. Either you'll get them or you won't, and the decision-making factor has more to do with genetics than any fancy creams or balms you slather over your expanding body. Case in point: I gained 41 pounds during pregnancy and didn't get them -- despite the fact that my boobs alone went from a 36B to a 38E. Turns out my mom didn't get them either. But rest assured I did have other body-altering repercussions, and to that I simply had to say, that's life. However, itching, which often accompanies stretching skin, is a symptom you can do something about. Specifically:

Grease up
Keep the skin moisturized as best you can. Go for unscented stuff; it's less likely to irritate.

Take colloidal oatmeal baths
Colloidal oatmeal is extremely fine ground whole oats, which is known to relieve itches and soothe skin. You can make your own if you grind the heck out of oats with a coffee grinder (essentially to powder form) and drop a couple of cups worth into a warm bath. But you can just as easily buy Aveeno Oatmeal Bath from your local drugstore. For optimum relief, make sure the bath is warm, not hot, and gently pat yourself dry afterwards.

Avoid hot showers
Yes, they're great, but they can dry out your skin, which may contribute to overall itchiness.

Wear comfy clothing
Loose-fitting cotton gear tends to work best.

Erika Lenkert

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

I am having an itchy problem except mine is all over and I have somehow developed red (really) dry patches in random places. My legs itch the worst and this hasn't happened before. I want to say it started right before I got prego but not quite sure. Has anyone else had this problem? Maybe i need to talk to a dermatologist.  BabyFetus Ticker

WelcomeBabyLanclos |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

My mom used aveeno oatmeal lotion on her belly and boobs every time she got out of the shower. She said she was back to wearing a 2 piece after she had me because of the every day use. She's irish so as you can imagine, her skins very sensitive. She didn't get stretch marks though, so I'm hoping this works for me as well! :)

lexdahling17 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

I have the itch all over.. Olive oil seems to work more than any lotion... my skin absorbs it so quickly I dont even feel greasy afterwards.. Also, using a loofah to srub away the dead skins also helps too... I use the oil every couple of days and if I notice a dry patch I just use more oil

hawaiiangurl88 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

Im having the itchy effect as well , im only 10 weeks and my whole body feels dry? i was born with dry skin , can my dry skin effect my child ? i would like a lotion advise 911. :)

Fefa92 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

Just a weird tip I found the first time I was pregnant! Witch Hazel. If you can't find any lotion to stop the crazy itching like I had try baby powder and if that doesn't work use witch hazel! It's the best ever and all natural. It does have a small amount of alcohol in it so don't use it too much if your skin is dry. I itched SO bad that I'd lay awake at night because of it and the only thing that worked was witch hazel! It pretty much saved me ;)

MollyAnn11 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

i am 10 weeks and could scratch myself till I bleed, it's terrible. I have been trying baby oil, besides sticking to my clothing afterwards I do have to say it solves the problem long enough for me to relax :)

Amandatony |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

My skin was very itchy at 7weeks. I am now 10 weeks. I switched over to Baby body wash (plain johnson to johnson).... Laundry soap (plain , no dyes , sensitive skin) && all that seem to help!!!

biglinz416 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

I am about to be 10 weeks on Friday and I must agree that itchy skin does seem to be an issue. I do get itchy with items that i wear despite the cream I use. However I have recently started to use aveeno cream and that does seem to help.

The Steph009 |


What ever u do don't use coco butter just yet. Some people may say it will help prevent stretch marks but the truth is.... coco butter shrinks you skin and doing that causes you to have stretch marks. So Waite till you have the baby to use it.

gypesy |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

Glad I am not the only one with this problem. I thought I was going crazy! The itching is terrible sometimes!

LuckyHW17 |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

Be careful ladies with itching....if it is really bad make sure tell your dr. I know someone who had extreme itching and it turned out to be a rare disorder during pregnancy that had to do with her liver!

mbeth16 |


I not only have the all over body itching, but my eczema (that I've only ever gotten on my hands) has been flaring up as well. Does anyone know if these are related? Also, any suggestions for a lotion that keeps you moisturized all day? I'm fine in the mornings right after I put on lotion, but midday and evenings are horrible!

aundrearoberts |

Q&A: Is itchy skin a pregnancy problem?

Being extremely itchy is definitely something that should be brought up with your doctor no matter how silly it seems. Right at the end of my second trimester/ beginning of my third trimester with both my sons I got itchy. It just got worse and worse and nothing helped. My doctor ordered a couple blood tests and found an issue with my liver. The problem had the potential of causing serious complications to the baby. With my oldest son, since he seemed to be stable, the did an immediate induction. My second son it was caught sooner and I was on medication and had to come in for monitoring every couple of days for the last month before he was born (I was supposed to have an induction with him as well but he came naturally 2 days before it). Definitely bring up itchiness with your doctor or midwife.

banfrog |


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