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How to Revamp Your Wardrobe Post-Baby

You have exactly five minutes to get ready in the morning and nothing seems to fit right. You don’t know how much your body will change after this (so how do you shop?). How the heck do you manage to look (and feel) hot? The answer is the right clothes! Here’s your wardrobe strategy.

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Know Which Maternity Pieces to Ditch

There may be a few things you bought while you were pregnant that you’ll want to continue to wear. A flowy, black jersey dress could be cinched at the waist with a belt and look stylish after pregnancy. Empire-waist tops and some wrap dresses may still look good on you, too. But certain things, like maternity jeans and pencil skirts with adjustable waistbands should get donated to charity or passed to a pregnant pal once you can fit into non-maternity clothes. They’ll just make you look and feel pregnant and frumpy.

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